Chapter Forty-Five: Never Let Go


‘Who the hell is this girl and how does she know me.’ I thought staying a good distance away from her.

She just sat there in shock after I asked that question. “Who are you?” I asked again more slowly this time.

“I-I’m Miyuki, your…best friend.” She answered looking down at the ground.

By the way she was acting it seemed like she wanted to say something else in the last sentence but I didn’t push the matter.

“If we’re best friends that how long have we been best friends?” I asked not really willing to move from my spot on the ground yet.

“We’ve been best friends since fourth grade. You gave me this charm for my bracelet.” She said pointing at the little sliver duck that was on her bracelet.

“Where are we?” I asked her.

She brought out her phone “We’re at the beach in the cave at the far end.” She told me and held the phone up to her ear.

“Who are you calling?” I questioned standing up.

“You’re parents.” She answered simply.

“My parents?” I said confused “Who are my parents?” something was definitely wrong with me if I didn’t know who my parents were.

“Hi, um could you come and pick Kuori and I up something happened to Kuori.” She said then she waited, as my parents must have been talking. “Alright, we’ll meet you up at the road.” She answered then hung up.

“Where are we going?” I questioned not really sure if I wanted to go with her yet.

“Your parents are coming to pick us up and we’re going to meet them on the side of the road.” She said and picked up the rod that was sitting close by me. “Follow me, I know that way out.” She motioned for me to follow so I trialed behind her a little bit.

In a way it felt like I knew her but I had no idea who she was at all. She says she’s my best friend. “So why do you still have that charm on your bracelet if I gave it to you in forth grade?” I asked breaking the silence between us as we exited the cave.

“Well it’s special to me and that way it’s kept close to me.” She answered.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked when I noticed that she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the breeze was freezing.

“A bit but I’m alright.” She smiled at me.

Out of reaction I just took off my zip up hoodie and draped it over her shoulders. I had a long sleeved shirt on under neath it anyways. “You’ll catch a cold if you don’t have something warmer on.” I told her.

“Oh, t-thank you.” She said, I couldn’t tell if she was blushing or not because her cheeks were red already as we walked up to the road I saw a car pull up on the side of the road. We got up there and I was practically suffocated by my mothers’ chest she pulled me in so fast and hugged me so tightly.

“Are you two alright, you had us worried sick when Miyuki called.” She said and let me go.

I took a deep breath or air when she did. I couldn’t breath at all she was hugging me so tight. “I really don’t know who this girl is, she say’s she’s been my best friend since fourth grade. And I’m guessing you’re my parents.” I said and my mother looked at me shocked, then like she was going to cry.

“He has amnesia.” Who I presumed was my father said.

“Then what should we do?” My mother asked him.

“Get him home and have him get his body temperature back up first of all before he gets hypothermia and same with Miyuki.” He answered and I looked over to see her shivering gripping onto my hoodie tightly.

I don’t’ know why but I just got out of my mothers grip and went over to Miyuki and pulled her towards that car. “You look freezing.” I said as we got to the car.

“S-sorry.” She stuttered as her teeth chattered.

“Get in first.” I stated and opened the door to the car.

“Thank you.” She got in the car and I shut the door after she got in then went over to the other side and sat as close to the door as I could when I closed it and I just looked out the window the entire ride back to what was apparently my house.

I slowly got out of the car and looked at the house. It was a nice one-story house it was probably pretty long too. I wanted to go and look around outside of the house but I figured I should just follow everyone into the house. I don’t think that they would like it if I were out in the cold any longer then what I already was. I was the last one into the house and I shut the door behind me and took off my shoes.

“Miyuki, can you show him where everything is please?” My mom asked her.

“Of course.” Miyuki smiled and I was really confused. The house was a lot bigger inside then I thought it was. “Come on Kuori.” Miyuki waved for me to follow.

I did and she showed me the house and where everything was. Once the tour of the house was over we went back to what was apparently my room and we sat down on the bed. “Are you hungry?” Miyuki asked.

I shook my head “No, I guess I’m just tired.” I told her.

“Alright then get some sleep. I’ll stop by after school tomorrow to see how you’re doing.” She said and stood up.

“Night Miyuki.” I said standing up. After she left I went through my drawers and found some different clothes to put on. Changed and went to bed.


It has been a few days now and I still can’t remember anything about my parents, or my best friends. I haven’t gone to school, of course I wouldn’t know what I would be doing so what was the point in going to school. I was becoming more and more comfortable with Miyuki coming around. I’ve actually gotten the timing down for when she would come to the house. So that’s what I was doing now, I was waiting in my room staring at the ceiling and occasionally at the window to watch the snowfall. It seemed like it would never stop snowing.

“Kuori?” I looked up to see that Miyuki was standing at my door.

“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in. Sorry I didn’t meet you at the door I was distracted.” I smiled at her and sat up on my bed so she could sit down.

I couldn’t help it but for these past few days I really haven’t been able to take my eyes off of her. She was very pretty. I don’t understand how she was just my best friend.

“No it’s fine, I figured that you were sleeping or something like that.” She stated. “So how was your day?” Miyuki asked placing her hands in her lap.

“Boring, I just wandered around the house and laid in bed.” I answered.

“Well that’s not fun, come on lets go out side and play in the snow.” She offered and stood up then stuck out a hand for me to take. I stared at it for a few seconds then I took her hand and she drug me out of my room and we got our boots on and went and played in the snow. We were out there for a couple of hours. It was sun set when we went back inside and got some hot chocolate to try and heat up. “Thank you Miyuki, that was fun.” I smiled at her and handed her the hot chocolate.

“Thank you and you’re welcome.” She smiled.

We sat there quietly for a while. It was a comforting silence. “Hey Miyuki…” I said looking up at her.

She took a drink of her. Hot chocolate and then looked at me. “What?” She asked.

“You have a chocolate mustache.” I laughed a little.

“Oh…” She blushed and whipped it away “Thank you for telling me.”

“You missed some.” I told her even though she didn’t.

“Really where?” Miyuki questioned.

I got up and leaned over to her. “Right here.” I whispered and kissed her. Suddenly everything rushed into my head. The information about my families curse, about Miyuki, everything. I pulled away from her and my heart was pounding.

“K-Kuori…” Miyuki said and blushed.

“You’re so cute when you blush Miyuki.” I smiled.

“Kuori…” She said surprised.

“I remember, I remember everything.” I smiled at her.

Her face lit up and she jumped up and hugged me and we both fell to the floor. “I’m so happy.” She chirped.

“I love you Miyuki.” I whispered in her ear and hugged her.

“I love you too.” She said through her tears.

“I’ll never let you go.” I said.