Chapter Forty-Seven: The play


I think that last night was some of the best sleep that I’ve gotten in years. It was surprising actually, until I was woken up in the morning by my cell phone vibrating next to my head. I groaned and grabbed my phone slipping it open to see who was texting me. It was Miyuki.

Morning Kuori

I answered back then plopped the phone down on the bed.

You should get out of bed now.

I looked at the phone confused. ‘How the hell did she know I was still in bed?’ How do you know I’m still in bed?

I heard a knock on the window and Miyuki was waving at me. She motioned for me to open the window so I got up and did so.

“Morning.” I greeted and kissed her lightly.

Can I come in?” She asked.

“That depends, which do you want? Do you want to go through the door or window?” I questioned deciding to be a smartass.

“Um…door is fine.” She responded and made her way to the front of the house. I closed the window and went to the front door and opened it for her. “So how long were you standing out there?”

“Not long, the car is gone so I figured your parents were at work.” She said taking off her shoes and coat as I shut the door.

“Right, I forgot they had work today.” I stated, “So do you want hot chocolate?” I offered going into the kitchen.

“Of course!” She exclaimed.

“All right.” I laughed lightly and went into the cupboard that we had all of our sweets in.

I made her some and sat down at the table with her once I grabbed the spell book from my room.

“What’s that?” She questioned pointing at the old leather covered book that I placed on the table.

“Well you could call it a spell book.” I mentioned.

“Cool, like in Harry Potter?” She said.

“I don’t think that Harry Potter had books in this language.” I stated opening to a random page and showing her the strange writing that have the curse or have studied the curse can understand.

“Can you even read it?” She asked suspiciously.

I turned the book back to me, “Transformation, this is an ability that is difficult to master. In order to be successful with this you must have a clear mind and stamina.” I read to her.

She looked at me surprised and I sighed, “My great grandfather found this book in a tomb and when he picked it up he inherited the curse.” I explained.

“So if I touch it then I’ll get the curse too?” Mi asked.

I shook my head; “No one else can receive the curse until the book is returned to its proper place. But from what I was told that is a lost tomb, no one has ever found it again.”

“So your family will probably be stuck with this curse forever.” She said.

I nodded and closed the book.

“Guess what?” Miyuki stated.

“What?” I asked.

“I know something you don’t know.” She smiled.

“What do you know?” I questioned.

“I’m not telling.” She laughed.

“Come on tell me.” I said.

“Well…okay but on one condition.”

“Shoot.” I leaned back in my chair.

“If I tell you then you have to give me back all of my memories that you took from me.” I sat there in shock

‘How did she know that?’ I thought.

“So do we have a deal?” She smirked.

“…Fine.” I reluctantly agreed.

“Taisuke has the curse too, he is Kenji.” She told me, which explained how she knew about her memories.

“That makes since.” I said.

“Now give me my memories back please.” She smiled.

As promised I got up out of my chair and walked behind her. I snapped my fingers next to her ears then grabbed the ring that formed around her head and pulled. It sounded like glass shattering when it broke. Then I went into the living room and grabbed the tissues and set them down next to her and sure enough tears started forming at the corner of her eyes as her memories came back to her.

“I…I found out so many times before…and you didn’t let me.” She Whimpered.

“I wasn’t ready to let you know. I didn’t want to hurt you.” I answered.

“But not letting me remember, Kuori…don’t you trust me?” Mi cried.

“We had fights that I didn’t want you to remember that was the first memory I locked away, then when I was sick and kept switching back and forth I believe was the second time.” I mentioned, “I just didn’t want our friendship to end because of the stupid things that I did.”

“Kuori everyone fights.” She stated.

“I know, I just didn’t want you to be mad any more.” I got up and hugged her, “I’m sorry.” I muttered.

After that day, time just seemed to fly by and before I knew it, we were in April. The night of the play; I just finished getting my costume on and I was walking around making sure that everything was in it’s place and helping out with whatever I needed to help with.

“I’m going to forget my lines I know it.” Miyuki said pacing back in forth in the hall.

“You’ll do fine.” I told her making her jump a little bit.

“How do you know?” She asked.

“Because, we’ve practiced and I know that you’ll get it right.” I smiled at her.

“Oh you two are so cute!!” My head snapped to where the voice was coming from and it was Miyuki’s mother.

“M-mom! Audience people aren’t supposed to be back here.” Miyuki stated.

“I’m sorry sweetie but I wanted to see you.” She said and walked over to us.

“Please, Mrs. Diwari we don’t want you to get in trouble, can you go back to your seat?” I asked politely.

“Oh…alright. I’ll see you kids after the show.” She giggled and walked back out.

The play went by quickly and the next thing that I knew the entire cast and crew were on stage and we were bowing in front of the crowed of parents, friends and faculty. After we stood up again, I pulled Miyuki closer to me and kissed her the crowed cheered as I pulled away from her and then we raced off stage.

Kenji ran over to us and picked Miyuki up in a hug. “You two did amazing.” He exclaimed.

“Thanks Tai…Kenji.” Miyuki caught herself.

“So have you told Miyuki’s parents that you two are dating yet?” He asked letting go of Miyuki.

“Um…we were going to tell them tonight.” I stated rubbing the back of my head. We’ve been dating for five months now and we still haven’t told them that we were dating.

“Well then you better get out there and tell them.” He said and pushed us towards the door to where all the parents were waiting and talking to the rest of the cast.