Chapter Forty-Nine: Just Like Brothers


I shot up in bed. I could feel beads of sweat slowly sliding down cheeks. I was breathing heavily, so I took a couple of slow deep breaths to relax a bit. I pulled my legs up to my chest and light rested my forehead on my knees. “It’s happening again, and this time…I don’t think I can stop it from happening.” I muttered to myself. ‘But why does it have to happen…in front of her?’ A few days past and I was still having the same dream. I couldn’t sake it. I thought that I was hiding it form Miyuki and Kuori when we were in school, but I guess I was wrong.

My parents and Kuori’s parents went out on a double date weekend so Kuori and I told our parents that we would just stick together for the weekend. It was a better option then staying home alone. We decided that we would spend the weekend at my house. So we had to go to Kuori’s house first to get his clothes for the weekend.

“You two have a good time this weekend. And Tai don’t for get to finish your final paper, for our History class. Finals are next week.” Miyuki scolded as she went to turn down her drive way “Oh I mean Kenji, sorry.”

“I won’t I promise.” I laughed as I brushed some of my black hair out of my eyes. I was still looked like Kenji, with my black hair and fire red tips. They knew that I could change my appearance just like Kuori can. It’s a part of our family curse, even though it was originally supposed to go to one child in the family every generation it somehow managed to split into two. “And you can call me Tai when it’s just us three around and I’m in this form, I don’t mind.”

Miyuki quickly kissed Kuori when she thought that I looked away then she somewhat skipped to her house and went in. We continued onto Kuori’s house, in silence.

“So will you tell me what you won’t say in front of Miyuki?” He asked me and I jumped from the sudden question, but I quickly smile and let out a light laugh.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him and didn’t look at him.

“Something’s been bothering you, for the past few weeks.” He commented.

“It’s just all the finals coming up is all, and the fact that we’re graduating in two and a half weeks, from now.” I lied.

“You’re a horrible liar Tai, considering that you have it too, I thought that you would have been a bit better at it.” I looked at him and he had a very serious look in his eyes.

I sighed and looked down at the ground as we walked up his driveway, “I know that I finalized with quitting from the police force a few days ago but it just feels like I’ll never be able to get away from them.” I said honestly, that was one of the many things on my mind lately.

I was met with Kuori slapping me in the back and smiling with his goofy smile at me, “I’m sure everything it fine.” He told me and we walked into his house.

Kuori walked into the house and went right to his room to get his things and I went to the kitchen to see if there was anything quick I could grab because I didn’t want to wait to get back to my house to make something to eat. His parents weren’t home yet but they were going to come over my house and pick up my parents for their weekend get away so we didn’t have to worry about waiting for them to get back to say good bye to them.

“Come on Kuori, your as bad as my mother when she says she wants to go shopping.” I commented after I pealed an orange and walked to Kuori’s room to see him pulling out some decent clothes from his closet. “What are those for?” I asked.

“I’m moving them so I can get at some of my other clothes.” He commented and tossed them on his bed and continued getting clothes for the weekend.

“If you and Miyuki had something planned for Saturday, I really don’t mind stay at my house alone for a few hours. You two are dating you should have fun together.” I told him.

“You sure, I mean we were going to go to the amusement park on tomorrow if you wanted to come with us.” He offered.

“Oh so are you saying I can personally stalk you?” I asked as a smirk slipped across my lips.

“No, I meant come and have fun with us.” Kuori mentioned as he tossed some clothes at me.

“I’ll be fine on my own I promise. You two go and have fun.” I smiled at him.

We dropped the subject after that and he finished packing and we went to my house. My parents were home by the time we got there. It was nice to be able to relax and act like an almost normal family. Whatever your definition of normal is anyways. Kuori’s parents came over around five in the evening and we said goodbye and told them to have a safe drive then they left. Of course with them gone it still meant that Kuori wasn’t off of duty of being a thief. It just meant that he was probably going to get a call form his parents that there was another Item that was activated and he has to get it and seal it himself. But form the last little incident that happened he was cutting it a bit close. He was almost caught. I wasn’t about to let that happen.

Saturday came faster then I thought it would and sure enough when Kuori was in the shower his phone rang. I picked it up for him and answered it.

“Hello?” I said.

“Oh morning Tai, where’s Kuori?” His mother answered.

“He’s in the shower, why what’s up?” I questioned, but I knew by the tone of her voice that there was another artifact that had activated.

“Oh it’s nothing really, I can give him a call later.” His mother laughed.

“Another item has activated hasn’t it?” I stated and she remained silent on the other side of the line, “I felt it’s magic when it activated, I’ll tell Kuori don’t worry about it,” I said.

“Okay, thank you Taisuke, you two try to have a relaxing day alright?” She said with a bit of worry in her voice.

“Okay, will do.” I answered then she hung up.

“Let me guess that was my mom wasn’t it?” Kuori asked walking up to me drying his hair.

“Yea, another item has activated.” I told him.

“This sucks now Miyuki and I can’t go on our date.” He sighed.

“No you can still go, I can take care of the item and seal it.” I said with a straight face.

He stared at me shocked for a minuet then shook his head, “It’s alright Miyuki will understand.” He smiled.

“And I’m saying I’ll do it. I’m not going to let something so simple get in the way of you two having fun today. You haven’t been able to go on a date with her in a while because an item keeps activating every time. I’ll take care of it this time don’t worry about it.” I explained.

“Thank you, Tai…it really means a lot to me.” Kuori smiled gently at me, “I’m going to head to Miyuki’s in a few then.” He nodded then went to the guest bedroom and got ready to go.

I went to my room to see if I had any dark clothes that I could wear in order to get around with out hopefully being noticed. Kuori can into my room wearing a black button up shirt and jeans. “My mom just called back and said that I can steal it at any time and that she’s not too sure what the object is but I should be able to sense the magic coming from the object.” He explained.

“Alright, that’s not a problem then.” I answered, “It shouldn’t be too hard for me to find considering I can sense the magic in a object a little better then you can.” I commented.

“I’m going to head over to Miyuki’s then. Thank you again Taisuke.” Kuori said completely ignoring my last statement.

“Okay, have fun, then. I’ll try to avoid you two so Miyuki doesn’t find out.” I nodded and then Kuori left.


It was around seven in the afternoon when I finally decided to get ready to go and get the item. It was my first time going to steal something but I was hoping that I would alright. I found some clothes that look close to what Kuori would usually wear when he went out as Zero. I put on a cap to cover my now crimson red hair and I went to the amusement park. There were so many people here but I had to look for the item.

‘Damn it, where is it? I know it’s close.’
I thought to myself as I walked into one of the tents. I finally found it. It was a necklace on one of the actresses here. I followed her into the back and watched her take off the necklace. Once she left to go into another room I grabbed it left as quickly as I could. ‘That’s a bit harder then I thought it was going to be.’ I thought to myself and looked at the necklace.

“There he is!” I heard behind me.

‘Shit.’ I thought and took off running. It was dark out now so I figured to create a little distraction, so I snapped my fingers and all the lights in the park went out. The rides halted and I heard people screaming. I couldn’t really do anything about it at the moment. I just needed to get away from who ever was chasing me.

I turned the corner and hid between two rides as the people who were following me went past. For some reason they didn’t look like normal cops. There was something different about them. I just shook my head and jumped up into one of the baskets that were on the farris wheel.

Some one squeeked form the sudden movement of the basket. Then I realized it was Miyuki.

“Hey Miyuki, Kuori, how did you get her on the farris wheel?” I asked curiously.

“Zero?? No wait Tai? What are you doing here and why do you sound like Zero?” She asked as her voice was shaking.

“Hehe that’s a long story, I’ll tell you later. Kuori do you have that wing necklace on you?” I asked.

“Well yea I do why?” He asked.

“Can I use it, to get home, I’ll give it back once you get home and I’ll turn the light back on once I’m up in the air. I was kind of being chased so I thought quickly.” I said.

“Sure.” Kuori handed me the necklace and I put it on.

“Tank you, and sorry I scared you Miyuki, I’ll see you two later.” I waved and then jumped off the basket and activated the wing necklace. Once a got above the park I turned the lights back on and the ride’s started going again. Then I went home and sealed the newest item that just activated.

“That was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. I don’t know how Kuori managed to do that for so long.” I laughed a little at the thought, “But he’s probably use to it, so then again it’s not surprising.”

I sat down on the couch and relaxed for the rest of the night and I ended up falling asleep before Kuori got back.