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Name : Jamie.
Age : 13 - 17.
Height : 5'4''.
Weight : 105.
Hair : brown.
Eye : light purple.
Hometown : New Bark Town, Jhoto .
Family : Older brother, younger sister, mother, father .
Pokemon :
Bayleef, Raichu, Purugly, Dragonite, Furret(shiny), Skarmory, Weavile, Rotom, Phanpy, Glaceon, Flareon, Altaria, Dewgong, Gengar, Squirtle, Absol, Gyarados, Zangoose, Ampharos, Togekiss.
Bio :
( Jhoto ) : Jamie is just now starting her journey at the age of 13 and starts with a Chikorita . She makes her journey through the Jhoto region , competing in contestes and winning the whirl cup . Even though she loses the grand festival and gets knocked out of the pokemon league , shes still optimistic about traveling more and travels with her friend Silver . After her journey through Jhoto , she spends some time at home and than leaves for Kanto with Silver .

( Kanto ) : Jamie , now 14 , shes decided she wants to travel through Kanto and Silver joins her , wanting to no more about his father . Jamie first arrives at Pallet Town and pays Prof . Oak a visit , where he gives her a Squirtle as a gift for filling up a bunch of pages in the Pokedex . She leaves all her other Pokemon and home and just brings her Raichu . She competes in the contest in this region and the pokemon league , she wins the grand festival , but again gets knocked out in the pokemon league . she returns home again after this journey where she travels around Jhoto some more for seeing more of the sights and such and than hears about a boat to Hoenn for another journey .

( Hoenn ) : She now travels to the Hoeen region . Silver does not travel with her anymore and remains in Kanto . Jamie travels through this region with her Raichu competing in more contest and battling the gym leaders . she does not win any tournaments and decides to challenge the battle frontier . she wins all the symbols and declines being a frontier brain , saying she might reconsider it later in life . She doesn't spend much time at home and travels to the Sinnoh region about a week after arriving home . Shes 15 when she travels through this region .

( Sinnoh ) : Jamie , now being 16 , decides to leave Raichu at home and bring Sneasal to the region with her . Her sneasal evolves into a weavile here , and she meets Paul , she occasionally travels around with him , but only to where shes going she will . Shes still comepeting in contest and the gym leaders where she finally wins the pokemon league tournament and challenges this battle frontier also . she returns home after winning the symbols and stays there for the next two years , she plans on traveling to the Isshu region .

Facts :
- All of her Pokemon have nicknames .
- Even though shes had her Bayleef for so long , it refuses to evolve into a Meganium , her Bayleef wants to remain cute seeing as she finds Meganium unattractive .
- Her Sneasal was a gift from Silver , and she received her Raichu when it was a egg from her father .
- She marries Silver when shes older and they have a daughter named Kaze .
- Furret is her only shiny Pokemon currently .
- She started her journey a lot later because she didn't really want to be a Pokemon trainer , and didn't want to end up like her brother who hasn't seen them since he left for his journey ( he is not missing or dead ) .
- These are not all the Pokemon she has , just her main ones . She has a bunch more in their Pokeballs , which are at her house .
- Her family owns a house in Sinnoh and her father and little sister go there a lot .
- Her younger sister is the only one to have started her journey in Sinnoh , in her family .

Kaori Dobutsu.

Name: Kaori, Dobustu. ( kai- orey ), ( doe-but-sue ).
Age: 13-14 ( Part I ), 16-17 ( Part II )
Birthday: October 19.
Village: Hidden Leaf.
Kekkai-Genkai: Dobustu Kei. ( Animal Spirit ).
Gender: Female.
Height: 5' 0'' ( Part I ), 5'54'' ( Part II ).
Weight: 100 ( Part I ), 111 ( Part II ).
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Green.
Skin Color: Pale.
Personality: Adeventurous, outgoing, courageous, protective.
Story: Kaori is a kunichi, the same age as Ayumi, and there best friends. Kaori has known Ayumi since they were practically born, their father's are very close friends. Kaori is courageous and will stand up for her teamates, she never lets anyone get away with insulting them or anyone one else that is important to her. Her family uses animals as fighting companions, and she uses a Ninken named Oki. She received Oki when she was 6 and there always together. Oki has always been pretty big so she can always ride him, even now. Kaori's bloodline limit always her to be able to looks into animals spirits and feel all their emotions and talk to them, she does not need to do this with Oki since they are bonded together.

- Kaori is afraid of losing everybody.
- She wears her headband around her neck in Part I, and wears it around her Kimono in Part II.
- Kaori is extremely loud, and this is to her teams disadvantage.
- Her father uses a Eagle, while her mother does not have a animal.
- Kaori has a little brother, and is extremely protective of him.
- She doesn't have any of her parents features, but instead her grandmother's on her father's side.
- She gives Ayumi a kitten.

Ayumi Satome

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Name: Satome, Ayumi(Sah-toe-me), (I-yumi).
Age: 13-14 (Part I), 17 (Part II)
Birthday: June 2.
Village: Konoha.
Kekkai-Genkai: N/A.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5'1'' (Part I), 5'3'' (Part II).
Weight: 103 (Part I), 120 (Part II).
Hair Color: Pink.
Eye Color: Light purple.
Skin Color: Tanish.
Personality: Cheerful, happy, outgoing, gets angry easily, always thinks positive, never gives up.

Part I: Four years prior to the story, Ayumi's older sister, Sarah leaves Konoha at age 15 and becomes a missing-nin. Ayumi is greatly affected by this since she loved her sister and would never want her to do that, it becomes her goal to bring her home. Since that day, Ayumi has trained very hard and got top grades in the academy. She becomes a member of team 6, along with Kaori Dobutsu and Kai Mono. Ayumi has been good friends with Sasuke since they were children and started to have a crush on them, when Sasuke left the village, she also tried to go by herself to find him, but Kaori and Kai found her and told her they'd go with her, they eventually reach Orochimaru's lair and see Sasuke, but Ayumi is badly beaten and Kaori and Kai save her, Ayumi, even after that day still continued to love Sasuke. She participated in the Chunin Exams along with the rest of the rookies, but does not become a chunin until age 15. Ayumi also has a little sister named Reka, and her older sister Sarah. After all that happened, she continued to train and try to get stronger till part II.

Part II: For the past three years, Ayumi had been searching for her sister and Sasuke. When she was 15, as a gift Kaori gave her a kitten and she named it Torti, Torti goes with her every where and is very useful in her battles. One day, Ayumi and her sister Reka are told that her father and mother were killed in a mission, but their mission wasn't completed because Ayumi's sister, Sarah and her partner killed everyone on the mission. Ayumi and Reka decided that they would go and find their sister and have their revenge on her for killing their parents. They succeed in this and kill their sister and her partner, but feel guilty for it after finding out that the Akatsuki would of killed Ayumi and Reka and the rest of their clan if Sarah didn't kill their parents. They returned to the village and find it destroyed because of Pain, but praise Naruto when he saves everybody and kills Pain. Ayumi and her team take part in the Fourth Ninja War and ends up fighting against her parents & her sister, but succeeds in defeating them, but is injured and can't battle anymore until she is healed. Ayumi starts to develop feelings for Kai, but still loves Sasuke and does not want the Leaf Village to kill him.


- She wears her older sister's ring on her left thumb.
- She wears her headband on her head in Part I, but wears it around her waist in Part II.
- She still has feelings for Sasuke and wants to bring him back.
- Even though shes always liked Sasuke, shes always gotten along and Ino, and Sakura.
- Her kittens name is Torti.
- She has pink hair because of her mother.
- The Satome's are known for having light purple eyes.