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Chapter 2

Ellis was leaning against the wall in the hallway, waiting on Mr.Burkis. Her heart was rapidly beating as if it was going to pop out of her chest. The door opened and Mr. Burkis stepped out. Ellis ran over to him with a big smile and such high energy.
“Mr. Burkis!” she shouted as she tried to contain her excitement. He chuckled and patted her head. Mr. Burkis walked back into the room as Ellis followed after him like a duckling. He offered his student a seat and she sat down. He sat down moments later and began to speak.
“Your assignment will be to go and retrieve some documents and a gun.” he began. Ellis nodded as if the assignment was going to be very easy.
“Now the hard part is this: Those items are in the Vocal department, the strongest department out of all of us.” he said with a serious tone. Ellis gulped hard and stood up. She then saluted him and nodded.
“Yes sir! I’ll do my best!” she said with a hint of confidence and courage. Mr.Burkis saluted back in return and smiled.
“Good luck, rookie. Come on, I’ll show the secret entrance.” he said as he walked out the door. Ellis followed closely behind her and as she headed out of the door, she got mean glares from everyone around her. She felt uneasy but kept walking.
A few moments later, they arrived at a hallway with a vent. Ellis tilted and thought for a moment, and then she understood what she had to do. She turned to her teacher for final instructions.
“Just don’t get caught, okay?” Mr.Burkis sighed. Ellis nodded and got down on all fours. Mr.Burkis unscrewed the vent and pulled it back. Ellis began to crawl through the tight space and kept at it for a few moments. In the distance, she saw a bright light. She kept continuing towards it as the brightness increased. The light was then divided into 3 bars and Ellis saw a strange room where she had never been to before. At this moment, she understood that it was the Vocal department’s room.
She then began ramming the vent as hard as she could. She stopped after a few minutes. She then, proceeded to kick the vent with all of her might. A few kicks and the vent went sliding across the floor. Ellis then got out of the vent carefully and quietly.
In the distance, she saw a few papers and a black gun on a desk. She immediately knew that it was the documents and the gun Mr.Burkis asked for. She tiptoed toward it slowly and trying her best to keep her breathes quiet.
She was inches from it and then, suddenly her leg was caught by a rope that pulled her upside down. She screamed and began to freak out.
“Well, what do we have here?” a person said from the shadows. A chill was then sent down Ellis’ spine as she turned to the figure in the darkness slowly. The person began to walk towards her and Ellis began to freak out more and more.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me!” she cried as the person got closer and closer. The light then shined on the person who appeared to be a beautiful blonde woman wearing a nice outfit. She then, flashed a refreshing smile at the terrified Ellis.
“May I ask what you’re doing here, young lady?” she asked. Ellis didn’t know how to respond to the question. The woman then began to walk around Ellis as she began to freak out even more.
“What department are you from?” she asked with a serious tone in her voice.
“I.T!” Ellis shouted. The woman then smiled and untied the rope from her leg. Ellis dropped to the ground softly and got up quickly.
“I’m sorry! I just wanted to get some documents and that gun over there!” Ellis began to explain. The woman looked over at the items Ellis was pointing to.
“You want those? Who sent you?” she asked.
“Mr.Burkis!” Ellis replied with a big smile. The woman tilted her head and sighed.
“Go on and take them.” she said. Ellis began to get confused for a moment.
“HUH?!” she exclaimed as she began to understand. The woman went over and got the items. She then handed them over to Ellis who was still confused.
“T-Thanks a lot…miss...”
“Tina. My name is Tina Kolton. Pleased to meet you, young lady.” the woman said with a gentle smile.
“I don’t know if you want to trust her Teach. Maybe she’s a spy or something.”, someone said from the shadows. Ellis turned to the voice as a girl stepped out from the shadows.
“I’m not a spy! I swear I’m not! I’m just a freshman!” Ellis exclaimed as her hands were flailing all over the place. The girl let out a small laugh as she came closer to Ellis and held out her hand.
“It’s nice to meet you then! The name’s Bridget.” the girl said with a cheerful tone. Ellis smiled back and shook her hand. She gathered the items in her arm and headed out of the door.
“Thanks by the way you two!”Ellis shouted as she ran out. Bridget and Tina waved back to her as she ran back to her department.
“Was it okay to let her take that thing, teach?” Bridget asked. Tina turned around and began her nail.
“So, John didn't leave after all. Bridget! Get some of the seniors. We're going to pay our old friend a visit.” Bridget commanded with a sharp edge in her voice. Bridget was then shocked and hesitated.
“Y-Yes ma'am!”
Ellis was walking back to her department when she all of sudden hears a shout.
“Excuse me!”
She turns around and suddenly, a girl jumps onto her. Ellis starts freaking out and the girl keeps hanging on to her. The girl then jumps off and gives Ellis a big smile.
“Hi! I love your bag by the way I'm Macey!” she begins. Ellis looks at her camouflage messenger bag. Ellis smiled and held out her hand.
“I’m Ellis. Nice to meet you Macey.” she said. Macey then shook her hand and the both of them laughed.
After a few minutes, Macey left and Ellis continued back to her department in such a good mood with her successfully retrieved items in her possession.
After getting caught by the Vocal teacher and meeting two new friends, Ellis has successfully completed her first mission.
“I have retrieved the items you asked for, sir!” Ellis announced as she spread out the documents and the gun down on a table. Mr.Burkis chuckled and patted her head.
“Good job rookie. You did well.”