Welcome to my world.

I'm Chero Aoyama, well that's what my friends call me.

Favorite anime/manga: HETALIA, Durarara!!, Tokyo Mew Mew, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Blood+, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Yugioh! (original series), Case Closed and more.

Favorite Book series: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and a bunch more

Favorite Movies: Mulan, Beauty and the Beast and Howl's Moving Castle

I do not tolerate mean comments because I am a Christian, nor do I tolerate mean things said about anyones religion.
I will do request or art trades if wanted.
If you have a birthday coming up tell me and I'll make you a present.
Art Trades:Open



I am soo happy right now!!!!
Devyn has one out of six my vids up on Youtube so far!!!!
I'm very excited!
Please watch My Wish For Mew( yay mew pun!)
My first AMV!!!

Tell me what you think!

That's it for now!
Over and out!

Purple Nail Polish

Ok, so yesterday at school my BFF who is also a pretty big Iatchi fan came into to school wearing purple nail polish saying it's her tribute to Itachi since he Dies
She's like, "I'm the bigger Itachi Fan!!!"
I'm like no way!
So, today I come in with purple nail polish on and shoved it in her face. She told me I was stealing her idea.

"Well my nail polish looks more like Itachi's!" I said.(which is true)

Her's werew slightly pinkish.
So we decided to ask my two guy friends who also like naruto who was the bigger Itachi fan and showed them our finger nails.

Bozo-kun(nick name I call one of them)said, "Well, Chero's nails are closer to Itachi's...."
They looked at each other and said, "Chero."

"YEAH! In your face!" I said.

"Why?!" My BFF demanded.

"Well..." Bozo-kun explained, "Chero's nails are better, she has pictures of Itachi on her binder, and her phone and she just made an Itachi video...."

"This is true..."I said, "Oh! And I have a picture of him on my wall and have an Itachi icon on theO and have an Itachi background on my computer!"

"See? She's the bigger fan. You can't win." my other guy friend said to my BFF.


Ah victory is sweet.....

In other news I have a horrible cold and want to destroy my sinuses!!!

It was funny cause this one guy in my class, Jimmy, also had a cold.
Everytime I coughed, he did too. Everytime I got up for a tissue, a minute later he needed one too!

Crazy huh?

Well That's about it for now!!!


Muh Luckeh Penneh.

Well I'm happy because one of my friends gave me a penny!
It has a hole in it!!!
I put it on a chain have been wearing it ever since!
I luv muh penny!!!

I swear this freaky person who used to be on the KOL message bored has horrible memory loss! (Kasa-you should know she changed her username)She used to be Buggy or boggy something... then she was something about Sasuke now it's like ahizzy or somethin like that...
Today's conversation
ahizzy94 [3:21 P.M.]: this song
ahizzy94 [3:21 P.M.]: is awesome
DetectiveCJB [3:21 P.M.]: ok...
ahizzy94 [3:21 P.M.]: XDD it is!!!
DetectiveCJB [3:22 P.M.]: Ok
ahizzy94 [3:22 P.M.]: ^_^
ahizzy94 [3:22 P.M.]: whats up
DetectiveCJB [3:23 P.M.]: not much....u?
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: music
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: and thats about it
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: XD
DetectiveCJB [3:23 P.M.]: sweet
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: yes
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: you want to hear it
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: I'll get a good link on youtube
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: and the lyrics as well
DetectiveCJB [3:23 P.M.]: No thanks.
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: just keep this in mind: the vocals are all the same guy
ahizzy94 [3:23 P.M.]: why not
ahizzy94 [3:24 P.M.]: D:
DetectiveCJB [3:24 P.M.]: Youtube is blocked for me. Parental blocks... *rolls eyes*
ahizzy94 [3:24 P.M.]: DDDD:
DetectiveCJB [3:24 P.M.]: I kno
ahizzy94 [3:24 P.M.]: and I dun have the song on this computer so I can't email it to you...
DetectiveCJB [3:25 P.M.]: That's too bad
ahizzy94 [3:25 P.M.]: It is!
DetectiveCJB [3:25 P.M.]: *nods*
ahizzy94 [3:26 P.M.]: XD
DetectiveCJB [3:26 P.M.]: ^.^
ahizzy94 [3:26 P.M.]: ^_^
ahizzy94 [3:26 P.M.]: so whats up..(second time she asked me)
DetectiveCJB [3:27 P.M.]: I'm just updating my site on TheO
ahizzy94 [3:27 P.M.]: TheO?
DetectiveCJB [3:27 P.M.]: Anime - theOtaku.com
ahizzy94 [3:27 P.M.]: nah I'm good
ahizzy94 [3:27 P.M.]: -to busy lookin up goministries stuff-
ahizzy94 [3:27 P.M.]: D:
DetectiveCJB [3:28 P.M.]: I just put it there instead of explaing what it is...
ahizzy94 [3:28 P.M.]: huh
ahizzy94 [3:28 P.M.]: o_o
DetectiveCJB [3:29 P.M.]: What?
ahizzy94 [3:29 P.M.]: -lost-
DetectiveCJB [3:29 P.M.]: Oh...... How? *confused*
ahizzy94 [3:29 P.M.]: Exactly.
DetectiveCJB [3:30 P.M.]: @[email protected]
ahizzy94 [3:30 P.M.]: @[email protected]
DetectiveCJB [3:30 P.M.]: ..........
ahizzy94 [3:30 P.M.]: XDD
DetectiveCJB [3:31 P.M.]: ^_^
ahizzy94 [3:31 P.M.]: XD
ahizzy94 [3:31 P.M.]: so hows it goin(third time!!)
DetectiveCJB [3:31 P.M.]: Good I guess..... U?
ahizzy94 [3:32 P.M.]: eeh
DetectiveCJB [3:32 P.M.]: Oh...
ahizzy94 [3:33 P.M.]: XD yeah
DetectiveCJB [3:34 P.M.]: ^_^

O.O; She's a freak.... and yesterday she asked me like 5 times!!!!
Then she insulted ITACHI!!!!!!
She then said that she thinks it stupid when people "love" cartoon characters!!!!!
1. Itachi is not a cartoon character! DO NOT INSULT ANIME BY SAYING IT'S THE SAME AS AMERICAN ANIMATION!!!!! >.<
2. She is going to have a million angry fan girls attacking her!!!!
3. That was NOT NICE!!!
4. I'm not stupid cause I'm a FAN GIRL!!!
5. My friends who are fan girls of character off anime or video games are not stupid either!!!!
I told her that was uncalled for.
Then she IM's me today like nothing happened!!!
I gave her the angry face folks! >.< and >..< Ebil person......

I decided that I will try to update my fan fic atleast once a week, mainly on the weekends. But since my sister is done with her 10 page report I may have more time on the computer so I may get more up!
Oh and I updated my Crystal Mirror story!!!! Yay!
Well I guess that's it for now!!!

Sorry I haven't posted

Guess who PMed me?!!!!
Give up?
I'm soooo happy!
Kera-chan is back and trying to figure out how to use VV.

In other news I was going to post more of my fan fic....BUT my sister needs the computer so I only have time to post here.....
*sigh* Oh well.

On the MMPU(Mew Mew Power Uncensored) site I go on my BFF got into a fight with one of the members.
Well the other member did start it and was really mean to my BFF.....
I'm not going to take sides....

In school today we had to get into groups to do this time travel project were you have a company that can go back to any one place in time.
I wanted to go back to talke to Jesus, but no one 'cept my BFF liked that idea.....
Jesus is awesome!!!!
So, instead we're doing either World War II(I want to shave off Hitler's mustache! XD)or the Titanic right before it sinks.

Oh and it was sooooo funny! Cause we have this one REALLY shy kid in our group who almost never talks. Plus, I really don't know him since he's new this year....
Anyways, my BFF was making up stupid ideas. So, I turn to the shy kid and was like, "Is she scaring you?"
He nodded.
I started to laugh and then my BFF moved her chair closer to his.
"Buddy!" She said.
He moved his chair away.
I was laughing soooo hard!!!!
Then I asked him, "Would it make you happy if I knocked her out?"
He nodded!!!! XDD
I was dying of laughter.
My teacher gave me the weirdest look which made me laigh even more!!!

Well that's it for now!

New theme and what not

Yay! My new theme is: Akatsuki! I luv my icon! ^_^

Um... today we started this activity in History where we got a made up country.
We have to make alliances and got to war and stuff....
My country is Yorkton!
It rocks!
Our flag has an Apple on it...(don't ask)
so, it's really funny cause all the countries are ganging up on one country(Penland)
My country shall defeat all! MWAH HA HA!
*cough* *cough*

In other news the funniest thing happened in Spanish...
We were talking about how in Mexico they do not have school sponsered teams so they have companies instead.
Senora gave us and example.
She was looking at our shirt and said,
"Take for example... if one Baseball team was sponsered by.... Hooters! and the other.... Girl Scouts! Of course they would be rivial! And then in the fall during soccor they would have to be on the same team because Hooters wont sponser soccer. That would be baaaad..... "

It was sooooo funny! I was practically dying of laughter!

Well I'm going to go post more of my fan fic!
P.S. If anyone can guess which anime character's death I'm sad about I shall give them a cookie and a hug!
P.S.S I'm still sad about it....