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I do not tolerate mean comments because I am a Christian, nor do I tolerate mean things said about anyones religion.
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Don't read if you don't want a rant

I found this post on tumblr

queer people don’t exist only for your shipping
queer people don’t exist just so you can fap to the latest fic
queer fetishizing is offensive to queer people because you’re dehumanizing them and using them as props to your shipping only
queer-baiting is NOT QUEER REPRESENTATION and it’s offensive to actual queer people because it’s just two white het dudes dudes having imaginary sexual tension
fandom doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it reflects society
writers know the crazy fangirls love homoerotic subtext and they use that to lure in more of them but in reality they won’t do anything because heh heh those silly fangirls
how about you actually support actual existing queer characters rather than white cis het dudes

Claps to that post. First. I want to say...that just because someone does not like yaoi...does not mean they are homophobic...OR...mean that they hate gay people or gay rights. It just means they don't like you pairing their favorite characters in a pairing that could never happen or...want to keep the character to themselves.

...This here…is one reason why I dislike YAOI. There is a distinct difference people between Yaoi and BL. BL is PLANNED and written in….while Yaoi is made up by the fans. If a character is obviously NOT GAY….or their sexual orientation is not stated please be careful. I know you might think just because two characters hate each other….*coughs*Shizaiya or ItaDei*cough* then they belong together. OR just cause they are best friends *coughs*NaruSasu*cough* ….It’s a known fact that Naruto is a HUGE perv for girls. Why else would he peep in the girl’s shower house? He likes Sakura. That means…OMG he’s not homosexual.

While we are still on Naruto…INCEST IS WRONG EVEN IF IT IS YAOI. :I If you married your sibling irl…even if it was boyxgirl…THAT WOULD BE FROWNED UPON. Genetic diversity is the reason we frown upon it. AND yes…I know that two guys together cannot have a child. But Incest is ALWAYS wrong…

AND FOR REBORN…The manga that seems to have the most Yaoi pairings EVER. I neeeevveeerr see very many straight pairings… TSUNA IS NOT GAY. HE IS IN LOVE WITH KYOKO…WHO IS FEMALE. The rest, minus Colonnello (cause we know he is forever Lal’s)? Go ahead and pair them up with whomever you want. But if their sexual orientation is ever stated…You should probably stop.
And…my question is…why do we have such an obsession for yaoi and irl most of us would look away when two guys are kissing?

AND FOR ME….A straight girl who loves bishies. -w-b I get sad when I see yaoi…cause…WHEN I SEE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER MAKING OUT WITH A BOY….IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I CANNOT HAVE MY STUPID FANGIRL FANTASIES. Like…pairing my OC Chero with them. :I If I wanna pair my OC Chero with Dino…THEN all the D18 stuff just annoys me. “But Dino’s not gaaaayyy…to meeeee…” Do y’all think of that? If all the guys are gay…then who will we be with? Cause I highly doubt every single yaoi fangirl is a lesbian. Y’all wanna make the saying true, “All the good looking guys are either taken…or gay…or taken and gay.”

Just please think about your yaoi pairings please…And respect the fangirls who don’t like yaoi….cause sometimes…They just wanna see a cute BoyxGirl pairing… ;A; Think about yourself. If you were straight and people started to tell you that you would be better suited to be with a person of the same gender…how would you feel? OR if you are homosexual…and someone told you that you would be better suited with the opposite gender…how would you feel?

Stop following me if you want…But You cannot frown upon me for having an opinion. If you think about it...It is right to at least consider the characters.


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KISHIMOTO WHY YOU SQUEEZE MY HEART AND MAKE ME SOB AGAIN? It's so rude...I feel I have cried more for this series than any other I have read....ever...EVEN HARRY POTTER. :I
Kishi is mean.
My Sasuke plushie is mean...he always pushes my other plushies off the bed...Sometimes not Itachi....but always Naruto. <.< It fits. XD