Welcome to my world.

I'm Chero Aoyama, well that's what my friends call me. ;) I'm 20 years old and attend a Christian university for Middle School education! My dream is to become a great teacher of science and history. :)

Favorite anime/manga: HETALIA, Durarara!!, Tokyo Mew Mew, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Blood+, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Yugioh! (original series), Case Closed and more.

Bishie obsessions: Italy Veneziano,Itachi Uchiha, Dino Cavallone<3, Allen Walker, Hajii, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki

Favorite Book series: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and a bunch more

Favorite Movies: DISNEY<3 Beauty and the Beast and Howl's Moving Castle <--not a Disney Movie

I do not tolerate mean comments because I am a Christian, nor do I tolerate mean things said about anyones religion. I do not support yaoi nor do I support yuri PAIRINGS...when characters are confirmed straight.
I will do request or art trades if wanted.
If you have a birthday coming up tell me and I'll make you a present.
Art Trades:Open
B-Day gift:Open(you must tell me atleast 2 week in advance...I tend to forget...^.^;)
Current theme: Hetalia: Italy Veneziano/ Hetaoni

Here's my Host Club Membership card!
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My power is back....yaaay
Bad week at camp is bad....There is one person's hugs I want... :I But I can't have them. OH WELL

My Luck

lol the time I can be online with internet is when everyone is still asleep. I am in my mom's office now...It is closed due to it being Independence day...
INDEPENDENCE DAY...the day we remember when we kicked British butt. 8D


Making an uber quick post.....I HAVE NO POWER WHICH MEANS....NO INTERNET....SAD...</3


KISHIMOTO WHY YOU SQUEEZE MY HEART AND MAKE ME SOB AGAIN? It's so rude...I feel I have cried more for this series than any other I have read....ever...EVEN HARRY POTTER. :I
Kishi is mean.
My Sasuke plushie is mean...he always pushes my other plushies off the bed...Sometimes not Itachi....but always Naruto. <.< It fits. XD


I dunno why....I am very excited for camp in two days....But yet I am nervous since it's camp. XD;; And...NEW PEOPLE... :I AND....it's upsetting because it will be my last summer at that camp....and this will be my tenth year there total....and my second year on staff. *SIGH*
And I'm missing a few people....so....bleh....</3
I feeeeellll ughish :I