Welcome to my world.

I'm Chero Aoyama, well that's what my friends call me. ;) I'm 20 years old and attend a Christian university for Middle School education! My dream is to become a great teacher of science and history. :)

Favorite anime/manga: HETALIA, Durarara!!, Tokyo Mew Mew, Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Blood+, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Yugioh! (original series), Case Closed and more.

Bishie obsessions: Italy Veneziano,Itachi Uchiha, Dino Cavallone<3, Allen Walker, Hajii, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki

Favorite Book series: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and a bunch more

Favorite Movies: DISNEY<3 Beauty and the Beast and Howl's Moving Castle <--not a Disney Movie

I do not tolerate mean comments because I am a Christian, nor do I tolerate mean things said about anyones religion. I do not support yaoi nor do I support yuri PAIRINGS...when characters are confirmed straight.
I will do request or art trades if wanted.
If you have a birthday coming up tell me and I'll make you a present.
Art Trades:Open
B-Day gift:Open(you must tell me atleast 2 week in advance...I tend to forget...^.^;)
Current theme: Hetalia: Italy Veneziano/ Hetaoni

Here's my Host Club Membership card!
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If My life was a movie!

It would be sooo animated....and my crush's voice would be played by Crispin Freeman. -w-b IF YOUR LIFE WERE A MOVIE, WHAT WOULD THE SOUNDTRACK BE? So, here's how it works: 1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPo...

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Yes you! HI! *laughs* You subscribed to me, yes? SO...I want you to listen up and listen well.

I am restarting an RP my friends and I made a while back...HERE on theO. Now this RP also exists in the Proboards world. (A proboard is a site where you can create your own forum or RP site) But I decided that I want to start this over HERE on theO! You can read more about what I want to do Here<3

Lemme explain what The Originals is. This is basically a branch off of the RP that used to be Anime Academy and is now Otaku High. After some issues with a few members we had to change the site name and URL ect.Basically what this RP will be here is a collective story about anime characters and OC's going to high school together. You do not have to follow everyone else, but it would be nice to interact with them. ;) Basically I will be in charge of this (with help from my fellow admins) and will make plots up after each plot is wrapped up. So, my main OC Chero will kind of lead the way. Like I already have an idea for a teacher conference plot. lol so since my OC lacks parents her over protective older sister will come in...Chaos ensues.

But what makes this different than other RPs is how I want everyone to take part. SO...if you join this you will lose complete control over your OC. I might use them in MY part in which you can elaborate on in your part....for example:

Chero was running down the hall when she ran smack dab into Hime.

See? I used Hime who is my friend's OC. This makes it so Hime has to respond to my OC. But there are limitations. You cannot kill someone else's OC or make them do something OOC. If you want to do that...contact the RPer and ask for permission. Like I plan on talking to Hime a lot whenever I write parts of this with her character in it...just so we are on the same page. I'll show you what I mean when I make the first post...

ANYWAYS...what I was here to ask...is...does anyone want to join? It will not take up a whole lot of time and you would just post when you can. Once I know who all is in it...I will personally make sure your OC is not forgotten. :) Like...if you go on vacation for a week...I will include your OC in the plot occurring. So, please think about it. I know the page needs some redesigning and I will work on that with Wander Chan when I get the chance. :) The beauty of this RP is that most of the cannon characters will be played by US. (though if you make cannon characters TOO OOC then we will talk to you) And I say most because I know of at least TWO characters from the PBs that have accounts here and help out with our sister site, Little Tokyo. And please know I will not let this RP die. If no one posts...I will spam you with updates. 8D

SO...who wants to join?


P.S. This story will be UBER fun and cute. Even if you do not want to join please subscribe to Wander Chan so you can read the cuteness and hilarity. I will tell you one thing...my OC Chero...her sister tends to attempt to poison people she hates...(meaning the guys she THINKS like her little sister)...that right there is enough reason to subscribe and read. ;)


Hullo hullo! Long time no post, ne?
So...today I was a Princess. I'm legitly (<---?) serious. My friend Johanna and I wore mini tiaras on our head today for fun. Because...Sekai de ichiban ohime-sama *SHOT*
Anyways...people kept asking me why I was wearing a tiara or if it was my birthday. At first I just told them it was for fun, but then I made up a reason to why. "It's a political statement..." "of?" "how absolute monarchies are almost non-existent...so every one can be their own princess!"
My professors kept complimenting me. lol
"Nice tiara..."
"Are you two competing royalty?"
ahhh that was fun.
I REALLY wanna go to the zoo...cause I hear they got a bunch of new Jellyfish in the aquarium part of the zoo. It's been so long since I have been to the zoo and jellyfish are very pretty. :) I always think of Spongebob. bwahahaha..."JELLYFISHING!"
That's all there is to really share. Valentine's Day was pretty uneventful. I got food. YAY FOOD. And a few cards...

How was your day?

what's this? a POST?

Hey all! I'm sitting here in my snuggie....procrastinating doing my homework. haha ;) What else is new?
And I'm waiting for my friends to pop by for dinner. YAY FOOD....
So...i redesigned my world a little. Nothing major...edited my intro and changed the BG pic. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST<333
It was beautiful in 3D<3 I felt like I could walk into it...WAY better than any other 3D movie I have seen...
The scenery was so pretty and during the song Gaston? That was great in 3D<3
I CAN NEVER THINK OF WHAT TO WRITE. XD I should spam this with a picture...

Oh hullo Dino<3 kufufu<3

Anyways....J-term is almost over! Only a week left! Sooo that means J-term break *4 day weekend* and then Spring Semester starts! I'm nervous, yet very excited.
My classes sound like a lot of fun.
Western Civilization 1
History and Faith
anyways...imma go eat! *runs off*


Mwahahaha<3 *tag*

Everyone has 15 names
Chero Joy Aoyama

2.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(father and mothers' middle names)
Glenn Kay

3.NASCAR NAME:(first name of your mother's dad, father's dad)
John Richard

4.STAR WARS NAME:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name)

5.DETECTIVE NAME:(favorite color, favorite animal)
Blue Neko

6.SOAP OPERA NAME:(middle name, town where you were born)
Elizabeth Shelby

7.SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning)
The Purple Dr. Pepper

8.FLY NAME:(first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)

9.STREET NAME:(fav ice cream flavor, fav cookie
Mint Chocolate Chip peanut butter

10. PORN NAME: (1st pet's name, street you grew up on)
Bagira National

11.YOUR GANGSTA NAME:(first 3 letters of last name plus izzle)

13.YOUR IRAQI NAME:(2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name):

14.YOUR GOTH NAME:(black, and the name of one of your pets)
Black Lucy

15. YOUR STRIPPER NAME: (name of your fav perfume/cologne, fav candy)
Cherry Blossom Starburst