OtakuOni: Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11: Not Alone

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“We’re back, Chero!” Hime greeted.

The adventurers walked back into the safe room. Everyone spread out to check on different people. Hime went straight to Chero.

“Oh! You’re back! Hello…er….Hime!” she said.

“Chero…thank God. You seem to be doing better…and your memory does as well,” Hime said.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble. I still don’t remember everything…but things are starting to fall into place.” she said, “I talked a lot with nee-chan and Master Leon. They helped me remember little by little…”

Francis spotted Hime from the kitchen.

“Oh~ You’re back. The food will be ready in a minute,” he said.

“Thank you. Chero? Do you have a minute?” Hime asked.

“Yeah, sure. What’s wrong?” she asked.

Hime led Chero to the back of the safe room where she sat down. Chero sat down next to her.

“You see…I have a letter I found that was addressed to you.” Hime said, handing it over, “Read it out loud please.”

“For me?”

“Yes…Do you remember what happened in this mansion?”

“Yeah…about half of it…I guess…But I am still a little scared…” Chero said.

“All the more reason for you to read it.” Hime replied, “I have not read it myself, but I am sure you will find it useful…”

Chero nodded and opened it.

“It’s….my….handwriting…” she said.

Chero cleared her throat and started to read it aloud, “‘To the me who lives at some point in time…and who isn’t alone—‘”

Once again, I’ve made some mistakes, and also some progress. Meanwhile I slowly, but finally began to learn…To…rely on my friends. I was constantly afraid that everyone would get mad at me or blame me for dragging them into this…or be appalled at me… or even…leave me. But then I was told that I had the wrong idea. They were very mad at me…and it hurt. Not that they hit me…but it really hurt…Unfortunately I can’t pass this onto my next self. I have finally learned something…but since I am about to die again…I cannot pass this on…That’s why I’m writing a letter! Thank Kiki. Tell them the truth. I’m sure they’ll get mad, but it’s not that they hate you…or think you’re a pain. Why didn’t you rely on your friends sooner? What are friends for? That’s what they told me…And that is what they will tell you too.

I’m sure I’ll cry…and then…and then…

“Chero?” Hime questioned.

“What?” Chero asked.

“I’ve been thinking all this time…wondering what we’re going to do now. What do YOU want to do?” Hime asked.

“Er…Investigate someplace…or…”

“No, no…I meant once we get out of here. I was thinking about having a party at my house or something like that,” Hime said.

“At your house? That sounds like fun!” Chero smiled.

“We would stay up late and sleep into the morning. I could go to the village early in the morning and gather up fresh ingredients for food,” Hime said.

“Hey! That’s a nice idea! I’ll go with you!” Jenny said, walking over to join the conversation.

“When we get back…We’ll make breakfast.”

“That’s my cue~” Francis said, joining them, “I can cook breakfast while Miss
Jenny wakes up the others.”

“Yes…And after breakfast, maybe we can all go out somewhere?” Hime suggested.

“Let’s go to the amusement park!” Danni cried, hurrying over.

“We could go shopping! I could dress you up like a doll!” Hime grinned.

“I want to look at some cute steampunk!” Kiki joined.

“I’ve always wanted to wear one of those male kimono…a Yukata.” Dante said, “We should all buy them and watch the fireworks together.”

“I can hardly wait! And when we come back to my house…We’ll have a banquet!” Hime said.

“With lots of food from all over the world. Let’s see…what should I make?” Mocha added in.

“Um…Well…I’ll make…oniigiri! And dango!” Chero said.

“Bene! And I’ll bring the best Italian food,” Dino said.

“And then we’ll all sleep together in a huddle!” Leon suggested.

“I’ll lay out futons. Then you can sleep whenever you would like,” Hime said.

“Sounds interesting…Hmm…What should we bring as a gift? Maybe we should send it before hand, don’t you agree, Chero?” Tsukino contributed.

“Yeah! We can bring a lot of movies to watch together. Until the wee hours of the morning,” Chero said.

“I’ll bring the popcorn!” Dino said.

“It will be fun. Really fun. That is why, Chero…” Hime said.


“That is why we have to escape. With everyone who is here. We cannot lose a single person…” Hime said.

“Yeah…YEAH!” she said.

I’m sure I’ll cry…and then…and then…Look around yourself!

“Ah…That’s right…I…have many…friends…This close to me…All this time…” Chero thought as she looked at her hands.

“Chero? Why are you looking down? Are you still feeling sick?” Hime asked.

“No…I’m fine…there is something… I want to tell you--”

The song “I’ll Make a Man out of you” blared from Tsukino’s pocket.

“AAARGH! Dammit!” Leon cried, “What are we going to do, Tsukino?”

“What are you going on about?” she asked.

“We forgot to call Luna and the others when we found Chero!”

“Euh, quoi, is she coming, too? Wait, the “others”? You mean?” Francis questioned.

“Almost the entire Host Club…” Tsukino said.

“Tsukino threw a fit back there! She was so desperate to save her little sister. I had never seen her so non Tsudere before!” Leon laughed.

Tsukino bashed his head, “Shut the hell up! There is nothing wrong with asking for help to save my sister!”

“Yeah you’re right, Sister dearest~” Danni teased.

“Onee-chan…thank you…” Chero said.

“I just want you to come back home. I don’t want you to go through that again…”

“Since we fixed time, our phones should work quite a bit, right?” Dante said.

“Good timing. I am sure we will be able to hear their angry voices, even from
here!” Kiki teased.

“Alright! We’ll all watch Tsukino and Leonides get an earful of it!” Jenny cheered.

“Oh God….Tsukiiiinoooo!” Leon whined.

“Just answer let me answer it already!” she said.

Tsukino answered the phone on speaker.

“H-hello…Long time no see?” Leon said.

“Yes…LONG time…” an angry male voice said.

“Ichigoooo! Give me my phone!” a female voice called from the background.

“So….How are you?” Tsukino asked.

“I’m fucking angry!” Ichigo tsked.

“I’mreallysorryweforgottocallyou…I BLAME TSUKINO!” Leon cried.

“YOU MADE US WORRIED SICK, YOU FOOLS. You were supposed to call us hours ago! Do you have any idea how worried you made Luna and the others?” Ichigo lectured.

“HA! I got the phone! I WIN!” Luna cried, “Cheeerrrrios! Can you hear me? Come down for a bit! Look outside from the window! Boss-chan wants to show you something!”

“W-what? Ok…” Chero said.

“Wait! Don’t go by yourself.” Mocha said, “Let’s all go together.”

“Hold on. Don’t walk in the front, you’re being targeted right? Walk behind me,” Kiki said, leading the way.

“Yeah. Let’s go quickly before the angry Strawberry gets the phone back!” Danni said.