Konnichiwa!!! I think thats how you spell it. Anyway this is my world and since it's my world I'll be talking about me and I'll add pictures and stuff to make it colorful! If you have any opinions just comment and it's your opinion. I hope you like it so enjoy! I also LOVE cats so you know meow! (=^^=)


I was in google looking for new wallpapers when i found this cutie!!
isnt he cute??


so its been forever since I've been here I've been busy with my love life and a friend whos been helping me with him. I know you want to hear all about it so I'll tell you all about it!!! So I have been having a crush on this guy for a year but due to some difficulties we couldnt get together.So one night I saw him and his friends talking and decided to join in cuz my friend Abiel was in there too. while we are all talking and having fun, Hanan (my crush) kept on staring at me and when I would look he would smile so innocently and super cute and I'd blush which would make him blush and just smile even bigger and turn away!!! He's just super cute and after that day we would always talk all the time and once he tried to talking to me alone but he got a little nervous and called Abiel over to join the conversation. But the deal is that Abiel is super mean and loves to tease us saying ridiculous things which made us just feel really awkward and embarrased, but tragedy soon struck Hanan stopped talking to me all of a sudden and wouldnt even look at me at all!! That got me really depressed and I just got angry and thought to myself "Well if he doesnt want to talk to me then I dont either) well after that we never talked to each other again!! and I will never know why he won't talk to me the end!!


So you know I failed my math STAAR....just like every year :P well I went to summerschool for three weeks and had gotten my test results I got a....69!! One more question and I would've passed! Haha just kidding just kidding I'd never fail twice I passed with and 89! Yay!
I was so happy to pass but so sad to leave my friends >.< I'll miss them especially my big bro and my sister Susie it was so much fun hanging out with them but I know I'll see them again soon..I hope! Well I know I still have the otaku to turn to and I have great friends here so I'm not too depressed! Well thats all for today I mean it's 1:00 in the morning I gotta go to sleep! Goodnight!

Bathroom laptop!!!

So me and mi sister were just hanging out in our room when she gets up saying she needs to go to the bathroom so I'm like ok and I turn around and she's taking her laptop with her and Im like you are not going to take your laptop with you?! You're nasty! She says I don't care I'm bored. ~ that's pretty much it. Sorry people I didnt write about summer cuz summer didn't exactly start for me. I go to summer school so meh at least I'm with my friends X3. Also I'm sorry for not posting alot ive been in the hospital for two weeks so couldn't exactly post anything there. Im better now so don't worry peeps I'm just glad to be alive and well~ bye friends


Everybody goes to church,right? Well except for a few people I know but everyone who is in a religion goes to church(maybe). It's about to be my fourteenth birthday and in my church it's when I start to participate in church more and get this and that. Well since my fourteenth is coming up everybody has been pressuring me to go to church everyday for the pastor may say that I am a good person and bless me...and that's what I'm doing. I go to church everyday now and every time I miss a day everyone looks at me like "I am such a big disgrace because I'm too important to even go to church" but they are wrong it's because my mother is the only driver and even though I have an older sister she is never home and doesn't like church so can't ask her. I guess you already know where this is going and if you do great you get an invisible cookie enjoy! but I missed church today. My mother who has been telling me that I'm the devil and I summon demons and crap like that was found sitting at the computer at Facebook. And the little demon going to church and is crying right now has missed it and I know everything will change when I go to church. I can already feel the stares in my mind and can already feel the disappointment in their eyes. I guess this is goodbye for now I'll tell you what happens tomorrow when I get humiliated for not going to church until then I'll write you guys later.