Konnichiwa!!! I think thats how you spell it. Anyway this is my world and since it's my world I'll be talking about me and I'll add pictures and stuff to make it colorful! If you have any opinions just comment and it's your opinion. I hope you like it so enjoy! I also LOVE cats so you know meow! (=^^=)

STAAR tests!

Finally I'm finished with all tests and wish to celebrate only to be reminded of...Finals! Yes finals those tests that make you want to throw them in the garbage and get on with your life. Forgetting about the finals I am still happy that I'm finished with the tests I'm proud to say that I know I passed my reading and writing STAAR! My math? not so sure about that one I tried my best on the math one but I sorta guessed in mostly all of them. I gotta say math isn't my favorite so lets hope I at least passed over a 70 ( I doubt it ) If you took testing this week I hope all of you guys passed and that all that studying payed off so enjoy yourselves!!


I never had a boyfriend before. I was shocked and surprised how nice and caring he was. He was perfect towards me and we'd talk for hours without even realizing it. But I noticed that he changed and talked to me less and less. I knew he would leave me for someone else and I'd look like a fool. So I broke it off and deleted everything: his text messages, contact number, photos just anything. I pushed him away and had found out that he really was starting to love another girl. Not just another girl but my best friend and she had been keeping it a secret from me. The conversations they would have together everything she showed me and I knew I made the right choice since he was planning to break it off too. My feelings were hurt and I didn't want anyone to be too close to me. Even though I acted as if nothing happened in the outside in the inside I'm slowly breaking away until there is nothing left but a shell. I pushed both of them away just like in this picture but I hope that one day I would forgive them both and keep on going with my life