my life up until now

So life has been going a bit well. I've shared stupid things here like who i like and stupid stuff like that but today I'll be sharing about one experience I had recently. So if you would know me in real life you'd say I was a really nice girl,very loud very friendly and just your run of the mill ordinary girl. I am not anything normal sadly. I have been diagnosed with depression and that I show some personality disorders. Not really fun, it was recently discovered after I went to a mental facility for two months straight. Of course, it was not my first time being in a mental facility but it was a different one then the ones i was in before. They were actually nice and cared for their patients. I was their as an Inpatient which meant I practically lived there. To be honest it was really fun being there. I was there for reasons a young girl shouldnt be there for. 1 is they found out that I had tried to take my own life 7 times and succeded in some attempts but was revived. Rasons why I did that was stuff that was inhuman what I was surrounded in. I was always called a devil but I didn't care and actually played along with it. Bullied of course but never tried to take my life for those stupid kids can get a pleasure knowing I died and was revived because of them. 2nd reason was because i was extremely violent and was dangerous in the world. When I was in sixth grade I was trained to kill people by a person. I never ever killed someone I was not going to be controlled. I can't say that I have never hurt someone though um I kinda did stab three people and was in huuugggeee trouble!! so embarrassing i was caught >.< um I have been in fights recently with guys who are actually willing to punch a girl in the face...I won all fights but I didn't mean to!! It was cause they went up to me and started hitting me to see if I'd hit back..and i did. um hehe yeah the hospital was a bit cautious towards me and I did get into fights while I was in there. Slapped a girl in the face, several times. But recently I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Anorexia and Bulimia. It got so bad that the doctors had told me that if I dont eat I'd die in less than two months so you know they forced me to eat. Now I am recovering greatly and I feel much much better than before. It felt nice to share this small slice of pie called my life heehee. Alright guys bye Love you!! Wish you guys the best!