hello !

Hello my little cupcakes! I've been so good lately I haven't had time to come to theOtaku. I hope that I will be coming here more often maybe I'll show you how I look someday too! I've always wanted to see how everyone in theOtaku look like! Wouldn't it be fun? I was reading a manga about a girl who was also apart of an online website but she was really popular! But in the manga everyone in the website had set of a date and all met up in a city! It looked so cool I always wondered, but of course everyone here has their own world and probably wouldn't make it I don't remember what the manga was called to recommend so sorry. I hope everyone is doing just fine too, what will you guys be doing over the weekend? Im going to California for a wedding and I'm so excited to ride my first plane it will be so fun.I always go online like at 1. Today at art this guy told me I always have a blank expression on my face, he told me to look at a mirror and talk so I did and it was true! I looked likei had no expression at all. I couldn't help but laugh and he laughed and I punched his throat. He wouldn't shut up about it, it kinda got me annoyed 😜 he says I'm too violent but I mean its been a while since Ive done any real violent things. So I hope I'll post more stuff later ! Bye love you guys 😘