Today was the first day I came back to school ever since the trip and it was a pretty good day. All my friends thought I was not coming back since what happened in October and were scared so when I came back they were all so happy and I got all these warm welcomes. Well not all of them were warm. Well I have this so called "best friend" and she didn't seem that happy but whatever sometimes stuff happens. Well it was such a good day until the end of the day and I was walking to my bus this random guy smacks me in the back of my head! I am one to not ignore and I turned around and started yelling at him and I punched him several times before he slipped and ran, I just turned around to keep walking and one of my friend goes " Aren't you bus 680? Your bus just left!" I looked and it drove away. I almost blew my head off cuz of the anger. I didn't know what to do. I have no one to take me home I'm all alone who's taking me home!! then as it left I decided I had to walk home. By car the school was only 30 minutes but by walking it was an hour and 10 minutes. I just thought fuck it and started walking. There is this guy I know who teases me alot and saw me walking. He asked why and laughed when I told him what happened. I was already super pissed so I started yelling at him and he threatened to punch me blah blah I chased him away and when I turn around my friends saw it. Take notice my friends think I am a sweet naive girl not a loud,foul mouthed girl who only likes to fight so this caught me off suprise and I walked away hoping they wouldn't say anything the next day. I walked a long fucking journey and half of it was in a forest and I was not ready to be raped and killed so I grabbed a huge rock and started walking. Alot of people were staring at me while I walked for ages! There was even police but no one seemed to care. I almost got ran over as I crossed the street. It felt like years but I reached my home safely and alot of people I knew saw me as I walked home in the scorching sun. I am just ready to tell my story tomorrow at school to my friends. Little note I forgot to add I did see people at the road long story short I got into a fight with one of the guys and had to run for my life thinking I was going to die because it was all forest and one old and cracked up street. I was very frightened and am glad I am here to write it to you guys. Any questions,insults, or comments gladly tell me I'm just happy I was not ran over because it was more than once bye guys hope you all also survuve another day!