my crazy adventures!

Hello my wonderful bunnies! Today I'll tell you my struggle to go to the park..3 miles away. It's not that bad but the heat is bad! I live in Texas and the heat there is sometimes unbearable! I decided to ride my bike and that was a mistake. It was faster but I had many problems going there. I am a very clumsy person. I am basically wrapped in bandages. So getting there on my bike I fell 5 times! 2 going there and 3 going back. While coming to the park there is an intersection and I crossed it but I went to fast. Going to fast I saw a bump and hit the brakes too late which resulted in me falling and flying off my bike. I got up kept on riding my bike and it happened again! I went to the park came back 2 hours later and I was going to cross the same intersection when I noticed many cars on each lane (4 lanes). They let me go pass and when i started riding my bike i missed the pedal with my foot and fell. I got up waved a bit and missed the pedal again! I was so embarrassed I got on watched my step and rode really fast. To my luck there was another bump and guess what? I hit it and flew off my bike! I ended up going home with 2 huge bruises and many cuts. I also saw a dead animal! It was all crushed up So my little clumsy life ends with today when I thought I was a ninja and started to kick high in the air and I jumped in the air and got my foot stuck in a trucks thing in between the tire and car well it was there and it hurt like crazy! I ignored the pain and several hours later while taking a shower I noticed this huge hideous bump on my leg. It was so scary! Now i'm all bandaged up and writing this at 11 pm not that late but you know I sleep like a log so goodnight! I hope you have the sweetest dreams!