Hello, my name is Angeline. My deviantart account is Sympatichna Czarina; if you are interested doing an art trade or commissioning something from me just pm me!

My New Tea Cup!

I went to the Goodwill yesterday and found an antique Flow Blue tea cup for 99 cents! It has quite a bit of damage such as chips and dirty scuffs but it looked so cute with another Flow Blue dish of mine! ...

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I Am So Sad

This rant was brought on by one of my most recent clients (in real life, not deviantart). A local petitioner commissioned me to make a sign for them. They wanted me to paint the logo of their organization and mission statement. I tried talking...

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I'm drafting up ideas for the new Valle Lacrimarum story. I was thinking of possibly throwing Amelia into an academy! Actually, putting her in an academy was one of my original ideas for Valle Lacrimarum, but I abandoned the idea at the last minut...

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Valle Lacrimarum Reboot

I've been thinking lately of rewriting my Valle Lacrimarum series. I know I've been working on it since 2011 and have put a ton of effort into it but there are so many problems with it. Here are few things I don't like: ...

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Sorry I'm late!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything in forever! I've been really busy with school (full-time student) and I have been preoccupied working on a Hobbit fancomic on Deviantart. Take a look at one of the panels:

The story focuses on Maronna (my OC), a young basket weaver. She is a very grumpy person who lies and gossips and brags about how high her bride-price is. An all around unpleasant lady. One day Azog's orc pack attacks and he loses his pretty white warg! He pays Maronna to free his warg from within the village. It backfires on her though and she's exiled for helping orcs. She explores Middle Earth and discovers whether or not she has a heart as cold-blooded as an orc.

In the story she'll encounter Beorn (I love him so much), a bunch of elves like Haldir and his brothers, maybe even Celeborn and Galadriel! I thought about throwing some more popular characters in there too like Thorin or Thranduil but I wouldn't know how to incorporate them into the story.
The comic is in full color and is a different art style than Valle Lacrimarum or Monarchy X Anarchy.