*I Need Your Help!!!*

I hate to write this but I'm looking for a publisher for my comics. I'll be writing sample chapters of my stories to send to publishers and was wondering what I could do to improve my comics. This means I want constructive criticism. Take this for example: "I like the way you draw __________ but I would suggest working on _________ and _________. Try this or that instead." If something needs improvement, tell me what it is and how I could possibly fix it. If something is good, tell me why its good and I will try to improve that too. I'd like some suggestions regarding these particular subjects aswell:

  • Should I change the font?
  • Should I try harder to make the paneling straighter? (No wait, nevermind. God knows this needs to be done)
  • Should I switch the direction in which the story is read?
  • Should I add more backgrounds?
  • Should I do less screen tones?

Keep in mind that I am NOT looking for a list of publishing companies. I would greatly appreciate your help!