My Poor Little 6 yr old Mouse Died!

I accidentally broke my computer mouse while trying to fix it and without this trusty device I can't make comic pages! I'm using a mini laptop mouse as a replacement but it's so small (something like 3" long and an 1.5" wide) that my hand cramps just holding it.

My old mouse has been with me for six years and worked great until these past few months. It started double clicking things when I only wanted to click once so I decided to break that thing open. There was a seemingly useless wheel in there with a spring; stupid me decided to pull this spring off but bent it. This "useless" wheel actually helped keep the trackball in place for smooth movement. With a messed up spring the wheel was nearly useless which means my pointer doesn't move right.

I didn't realize that this wheel and spring were important so when my mouse was acting even more weird I did the ole 'smack it 'round a few times' trick AND... now it won't work.
I just ordered a new one that should get here on Friday, and this one is fancy with optical scroll! No more dirty old trackballs. And it's a sleek black and silver so I'll be stylin' and it was cheap.

TL;DR I broke my mouse trying to fix it, now I can't make comic pages until my new one arrives on Friday.

R.I.P. 6 yr old HP trackball mouse. You will be missed!