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riddle me this!

okay peoples! if it's unlimited then i'm gonna go and go and go for the first post and stop after that. theese are old btw my mother used to ask them to me.

1. Railroad-crossing without any cars can you spell that without any "R's?"

2. you come across a river with only a boat as transport. you have to get a tiger, a goat, and a head of lettuce. you can only take 1 item with you when you cross. now what's the best way to get all 3 across with the fewest number of trips?

3. a store is holding 2 diffrent sales. the first is a 5 pound sack of breaded chicken patties for the price of $5.00. the second is a 5 pound whole chicken for $0.90 a pound. witch is the better deal?

my brain is coming up with no more riddles so good luck.

naruto your a looser

okay so he isn't my fav. character but i can't just pick 1 because i'm way too into this so here's my list.

1. your loud and obnoxious (Seriously man shut the F**K UP!)

2. your power only spikes when your angry. (that's a great message to the younger viewers, "Hey kids if your mad about something or at someone go out and just beat the Hell outta them.")

3. your totally clueless! (Naruto: hey hinata why are staring at me? Hinata: *faints* Naruto: that makes no sense.)

4. your totally obsessed with sasuke. (Naruto: Sasuke come back to the village. sauske i'll drag you back myself if i half to! sasuke sasuke sasuke) seriously shut up!

5. you've got a demon inside you, yet you're too stupid to learn to controll it. (Naruto: hey can i have some of your power to stop the bad guys? Kyubi: No! Naruto: dang!)

6. you refuse to get help, even when you need it. (Hinata: Naruto you're whole left arm is missing! Naruto: don't worry it's just a flesh wound)

7. you can't do anything right. (Naruto: can so! Random guy: you messed up my whole shop! I hope you can pay for this! Naruto: umm... gotta go!)

8. when in kyubi form you practically kill anything that moves! (KyubiNaruto: Grrrrrooowwwllll!!! Villagers: GAH! *Dies instantly*)

9. you try soo hard and still your rank never increases. (Naruto: Does too! Proctor: you're still Genien no rank ups for you!)

10. you still don't realise your true rank even though it's not official! (Naruto: what rank? ME: Jr. Sannien cause you were trained by a sannine. Naruto: oh yea.)

my digi

okay so when i first saw digimon my reaction to it was, as anyone els can tell you that i liked it. but then as i started getting into it more and more i begain being able to tell what sucked and what was totally kick-ass for example tai might have been leader of season 1 BUT! (and i'm aware tai said diffrently) Davis was too stupid to be leader of the groupe in season 2. frankly Davis had title while T.K. was the one who acted in best intrest as a leadership role also i began to carry what if scenarios in my head. my digimon are like willas twins hatched from the same egg. they later became "Black WarGreymon" and his brother "Shadow MetalGarurumon!" Black Wargeymon like agumon of DATS called me Boss while Shadow Metal Garurumon called me Sir like Gaomon of DATS. In addition they had no Digiarmor abilities, though I myself began to exibit digital behavior, being so strongly bonded with them that i could use attacks myself and also the DNA digivolution took hold to create Dark Omnimon, then it was Biomerge Digivolution combined me with Dark Omnimon to create Dark Omegamon. we're litterally an unstopable force and could destroy anyone who would try to attack us. though that's getting off track. I instead was dissappointed with the endings of seasons 1-3 and season 4 just plain old flat out "SUCKED!" and DATS wasn't much better. though it did just barely manage to make up for the level of suck in season 4. my oppinoin... THE HEROS DON'T ALWAYS WIN! let the world be destroyed for all i care after all it's be a way to keep from ever being bored again. sure we'll all be dead but hey can't keep in controll forever right?


challenge met


It was christmas time at the orginization and everyone includeing Zemnas was decorating the halls and getting ready for the party. They alwayse loved to party and Christmas was the best of all. They alwayse went all out for the holiday partys, and if it was your birthday you were alwayse in for a surprise. But enough of the long drawn out speach of what's going on it looks like Axel and Roxas are getting into the holiday spirit.

Hey Roxas can you hand me that hammer and pack of nails please. I gotta hang this banner. Axel said waving at Roxas. No prob. Roxas said handing the tools to Axel. So Roxas any Idea what you want Santa to bring you this year? Axel asked Roxas as he jumped off of the latter. I'm alittle to old to believe in Santa, don't you think Axel. Roxas said walking beside Axel. Hey I still believe he's there! Roxas come with me there's someone you need to meet. Axel said gently tugging Roxas by the arm as he opened a portal. Huh? Where are we going? Roxas asked as they started walking to the portal. Hey Axel you taking off to help him? Luxeaus asked walking up to Axel and Roxas. Ya and I'm taking Roxas to meet him. Axel said to Luxeaus while walking closer to the portal. Go meet who? Roxas asked really confused. You'll see. Axel said as the portal closed behind them.

Several minutes later they came upon a place that was compleetly covered in snow.....

Okay where are we? Roxas asked as he looked around in confusion. Roxas welcome to the North Pole, we're in Christmas town. Axel said walking up beside Roxas. Ya...ya right you want me to believe.........Roxas said histarical as an elf walked by carying a box of toys. C'mon Roxas you still gotta meet him. Axel said walking to a house and knocking on the door. Axel I'll admit this is a pretty good cherade but there's no way that..... Roxas said as the door opened. Oh hello Axel. It's nice to see you again. Oh! and you must be Roxas. A kindly old lady said answering the door. Hello Mrs. Clause Is Santa here? Axel said to the old lady. Oh yes he's just checking his list. Come on in, you'll catch a cold out there. Mrs. Clause said opening the door wider so that Axel and Roxas could come inside.

Later inside.........

This is crazy Axel! Elves, the North Pole, Mrs. Clause! those things don't exist. Roxas said slightly angerly. Roxas there are other worlds than just ours, you remember Jack Skelington? Axel asked looking at Roxas. Ya? Roxas said confused. Well this is the other side of his world. Axel said to Roxas as a man all dressed up in red walked up. Why hello Axel it's nice to see you again. The man said to Axel. Hey Santa this is Roxas he doesn't believe that you exist, I'm trying to prove it to him. Is it okay if he comes with me to help the others? Axel asked Santa. No problem just be careful the machine isn't working properly. Santa said opening the door to his workshop. Maby I can fix it for you. Axel said as they all went into the workshop. Thank you Axel you alwayse were good at fixing the machines in the workshop. Santa said as they walked over to the toy machine. So Roxas do you believe now that you are in Santa's fabled workshop? Axel asked as he got the machine working again. I'm about to beleive but there's still somthing missing. Where's the Reindeer and the sleigh? Roxas asked looking around. There out back being prepared for the long night ahead of us. Santa said opening the door in the back revealing the sleigh and Reindeer waiting for them. Well Axel. Roxas would you like to go with me for the night? Santa asked them as he climbed into the sleigh. Sory I gotta get back for the party but Roxas can go with you this time if he want's to! Axel said to Santa. That would be fun, but I'd rather be with my friends tonight, thanks for the offer though. Roxas said as he and Axel went back to the Orginization's base.

Later back at the base........

Hey guys Axel and Roxas are back. Marley said pointing to Axel and Roxas walking through a portal. Well, well you two got back just in time it's time to open presents. Xemnas said as everyone sat down by the tree. Wait! Do you see where Axel and Roxas are? Vexen said pointing up at the celing. What? Don't tell me! Axel said looking up to find misletoe above him and Roxas. (Gulp)... What do we do? Roxas asked Axel in a whisper. {Roxas has never been under mistletoe before.} We burn it. Axel said getting redy to burn the mistletoe from the celing. No Axel remember no powers against Mistletoe we all agreed on that. Marley said to Axel keeping him from burning the mistletoe. Damn. Axel said in a sigh. What is mistletoe for anyway? Roxas asked looking at the plant hanging from the celing. Well if two people end up under it they half to kiss! Vexen explained to Roxas. Huh? No way? Roxas said in confusion. It's true Roxas. Axel said to his best friend. You gotta do it! Luxeaus said with an evil looking smile on his face. {everyone started chanting} Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss! Okay fine geeze! Axel said kissing Roxas on the cheek. Now Shut Up Vexen if you or anyone els notices that again Keep your mouth Shut! Axel said draging Roxas away from the mistletoe.

Well I'm not going to get into the detail of presents for the simple fact that the names in this story are all the orginization 13 members I can remember but there was one detail I didn't mention is what happened later that night when Roxas was by himself in his room. And no I won't tell you he woud beat me if I said anything see ya_ from Chumble Studios and remember that I will not recieve anything for this story I just made it up because I was bored Mery christmas.