Whoo! One of my old projects has come back to life. A bunch of short stories following Julia Founders (a normal human girl) after she and her mother move to Dawn City (a not-so-normal community of unearthly creatures). Luckily for Julia there's a "friendly" group of students who are willing (or otherwise) to help her settle in. After all, once Julia falls into a magic pond in the park, she can see the terrifying citizens for who and what they really are.

Table of Contents

7. The Darker Arts

Part one: Fully Recovered Myself the human, David the half vampire/demon, and Kit the fox beast stared at Dianna (aka Cherry) Glen the hamadryad in pure wonderment. “What?” She frowned at our gawking and crossed her arms...

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Power Play

Story 6: POWER PLAY Part one: Canary “Achoo!!!” “Coming down with a cold, Julia?” David asked as he handed me a tissue. I took it to hide my embarrassment. I hated cold weather and my sneezes tended to ...

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5. Yesterdays Evening Star

5Yesterday’s Evening Star Part one: The fox and the goddess Kallan examined us calmly from his reading chair as we frantically whispered a retelling of what we had observed earlier that day. After we had first knocked on the Fo...

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Sunrise Vampire (Davids story)

Sunrise Vampire (Davids story) Prologue: David Gawd, I hate vampires. Nothing says “cliché” like a couple of fang-faced blood suckers. Tall, dark, and handsome playb...

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3. Glitz and Glamour of Twilight City

Glitz and Glamour of Twilight City Part one: A “Normal” Field Trip I pressed my nose against the window of the school bus to look at the drab sights of the main city. It looked like any othe...

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