so i watched a new episode of dragonball Z abridged until i saw......
THIS!http://teamfourstar.com/forums/showthread.php?1054-Episode-15/page2 *scroll down until you see freiza's head on a mans body* i was like External ImageMY EYES!

making lyrics for MXC theme

does anyone know of MXC (most extreme elimination challenge)? well im gonna make lyrics to the song and see if i can put my voice in it. so wish me luck people, my lyrics will be on here next post see ya.

Good2games OUT!

1st post: Introduction

HELLO THEOTAKU!!!!! ^_^ good2games here (cody) i'm glad this is my 1st world post,i like to thank my friends on theotaku (i will get tired to get all of them on but i know who is my friend here) so i hope anyone will see this and think for the future for this post of my new world.

Good2games OUT!