My first post

If your´re reading this, you have no idea who I am, so just call me Vladof. So yeah, I love zombies as much as the next guy (likely much more than the next guy) and I wanted to make a blog-thingy about it. So what should I post first (info. on characters, easter eggs, guns, etc...)? Have fun and remember, ¨You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets¨.


So today I just realized that people are actually reading this so I figured "Screw it, give 'em what they want!" So I'm going to give you all five tips 'n tricks every wednesday. So, here goes.

1. Be nice to your team. They might just return the favor.
2. There are no bad weapons, only bad soldiers. This actually is quoted by Nikolai himself.
3. If you're stuck on an easter egg, it never hurts to ask a teammate or look it up on youtube.
4. The starting pistol turns to be more powerful than the ray gun itself apon Pack A Punching it, but it tends to kill you if not used cautiously.
5. Don't be fooled by size! The smallest guns may pack the biggest punch (Ahem Ray Gun).

If you found these tips useful in anyway, check back next week for more and be sure to follow if you want to.
Have fun and remember, ¨You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets¨


Hey, sorry it took so long to post something else, but I just found out I'm pretty damn busy on Wednesdays so I might just switch the date to Fridays. Anywho, let's get started.

1. Ever since Black Ops 2, double tap has managed to double the damage of bullets as well as increase fire rate, but the first version from World at War or Black Ops only increased ROF
2. A down will make you lose all your perks. Remain vigilant.
3. Explosive will always kill you, but that's easily fixed by PHD Flopper or the gobblegum Danger Closest.
4. Headshots award more points as well as deal extra damage, which means more points for less bullets.
5. Juggernog increases your health, making it top priority to acquire it.

1. Did you know that in Tranzit, Buried, and Die Rise there are secret permaperks that make the game that much easier?
2. Speed Cola increases your reload speed, making LMGs much more useable and effective.
3. In BO3, double Pack A Punching a gun gives it a bonus effect, making for an incredibly powerful weapon that can rival the Ray Gun.
4. Most maps have a wonder weapon that's more powerful than anything else, but only on specific maps.
5. What an SMG lacks in power, they make up for in accuracy and the ability to build up points much faster then any other type of weapon.

1. Nacht der Untoten was the debut of Call Of Duty: Zombies in which you play as a soldier who crashed his plane and must survive as long as he can. Here's a tip, in Nacht der Untoten, they have to stop in order to hit you.
2. The Thundergun first appeared in Kino der Toten, where it was able to kill zombies with one hit no matter what round you're on. Watch the ammo, though, it goes faster than you expect, it has short range, can "miss" occasionally, and can't be reloaded in the middle of the clip.
3. If you're ever out of ammo, make sure you don't just wait for a max ammo. It's better to get a new gun.
4. Ever feel like Reviving takes way too long, Quick Revive has your back! Just purchase it for 1,500 points in a multiplayer game and a revive will only take half of the time it should and revives you three times for 500 points each on a solo game.
5. Need points? Then whatever you do, DO NOT activate a trap. It kills 'em, sure, but you get nothing back from that and risk killing yourself.

So, almost 200 people have seen this. Well, I guess that'll happen when I haven't been on for over a year. Guess people care here, eh? Anyway, you guys wanted some more things to read and maybe help you out, so I'll just give it to ya.

1. So, you're out of ammo, surrounded by a horde, and have no way out. Move a little to the side. Their programming will make them follow your exact movements, creating a narrow, but passible, opening to get you out of there.
2. I know this sounds ridiculous, but DON'T use the Wonderwaffe from WAW. It'll take away your Juggernog if you hurt yourself with it, but the Icon will stay, screwing you over in single player games.
3. Know your map. If you have no idea what to do, then you should pause, take a look around, and make the best course of action. Or, you can get a friend who knows the map to show you around.
4. There are three variants of the ray gun, each more powerful than the last, but the downsides are also just as bad! Don't be fooled!
5. Learn your guns. If something doesn't work for you, then remember what it's name is or what it looks like so you remember not to use it.