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When people finally stopped introducing themselves, they kept talking to each other quietly. I looked up over where Moon was and sighed. What in the world possessed me to act out like that?! I shook my head. Things were so confusing right now. I laid down on and watched and listened to the others talk. Every seemed pretty stressed and on edge now. I mean, who wouldn't? This whole thing screamed "Harmony is almost here!!!".

I closed my eyes. I wondered what Harmony was like. I wonder if my old group will be there too. I shut my eyes harder and rolled over on my other side, swishing my tail impatiently.

What I really wanted to do, was fix things with Moon... But I doubt that he would be willing to trust me again. I tried to lead him and everyone else to their death, but he still trusted me again. And then, now this....

I kept thinking about him until I feel asleep.


The next morning I sat up and yawned. Looked around, before stretching. I looked around and some others were already awake while some where just out. I smiled. It had been good to hear everyone's introduction, but now that I think of it, I don't think I remember very many of the names...

I looked around and at the entrance of the cave, I saw Sen. He was looking around and kept walking in circles confused, or pondering something. I flicked my ears in annoyance. Something about him just made me mad...

I quietly but quickly made my way over to him and slap him in the arm. He stopped pacing for a moment and looked at me. "Yes missy? You need something?" he tried to smile, but I could tell something was up. He was pale(er) and his eyes kept flicking around.

Normally I would have hit him, or something if him, or anyone, had called me 'missy' but I needed to see what was up with him. I sighed and put my hands on my hips. "Okay, spill it. What's wrong."

Sen looked at me and tried to smile. "Oh, nothings wrong." he waved it off. "Nothing that I can't handle anyway..." He started pacing again and talking to himself. Was this guy mental or something?

I twitched my tail, "Come on! SOMETHINGS wrong!" I said trying not to yell. He looked at me for a moment before looking back at the ground. "I can't help think that I forgot something last night." he rubbed his head. "Something, you know, important..." I rolled my eyes. He forgot my name, so obviously this guy sucks at remembering things.

"If that's all, than quit pacing already!" he stopped. "Than last night I had this crazy dream.." he looked at me. "It was like you were in it, but you were a lot nicer, and didn't have a temper." my ears twitched and I swished my tail. I growled, "Annnddd? Your point?"

He shrugged. "I dunno, didn't really have one." I sighed. "Whatever.. We're going to be leaving soon." I said and started to walk away.


I bit my lip... "Sky..." she glanced over her shoulder, "Huh? You going to tell me that that also in your dream, I was prettier oh, or smarter." she rolled her eyes at her sarcastic tone. I laughed nervously, okay, maybe that part wasn't the greatest thing to say to someone. "No. Nothing like that.."

She turned around and put her hands on her hips. "'Kay, than what?" I looked at the ground. "I can show you guys how to get out of here." I looked up at her. She seemed confused. "Huh-" "I mean, I know where the entrance to Harmony is."

She looked at me like I was crazy. "What? How do you know?!" I shrugged. "I dunno, but I just do!" She looked at me doubtfully. "I wouldn't lie about something like this. Really." she looked at me before going to talk to some others who were awake. I looked at the ground. It was a good question. How the heck did I know all of that?


I felt someone tap my shoulder and I opened my eyes and looked up at them. “We’re leaving!” they said happily. I sat up, “Okay….” They ran off excitedly and went to go and wake up and tell other people. I blinked slowly and wondered what everyone was so excited about. I listened in on a conversation as others talked excitedly.

“I can’t believe it!” one of them said. “We’re finally going to get to Harmony!” I turned around and listened to the group. “I know! It’s about time.” Another one said. “It seems like we’ve been traveling for ages.” Someone else chimed in, “But I dunno. The fish guy seems kind of suspicious.” The first one laughed. “I don’t care if he is or not! Any lead is good enough for me!” So.. They finally know away out of here?

“Hay! Come on! We’re moving out!” The three of them jumped up quickly and started to follow. I got up more slowly, finally starting to remember what happened yesterday. I looked around for Moon. It didn’t take long. He was at the back. I dropped back next to him, but he didn’t look up.

I wasn’t really sure what to say for the longest time and we just walked next to each other. “Rika…” he said suddenly, I stopped and looked at him. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have-“ I cut him off and smiled, “You don’t have anything to apologize for.” He looked at me.

“I hope you can forgive me.” I said before I kissed him.


Harmonyyyyyyyy! Harmonyyyyyyy! I can’t believe we’re almost to harmonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I sang in my head as I skipped beside David. Even if I didn’t like this place, I didn’t care! We were almost there! I smiled and looked over at David. I didn’t say anything, but I knew he was exited too.

“What do you think it’ll be like?” I asked him and he just shrugged, “How should I know? I’ve never been there…” I nodded. No one had… At least, as far as I knew. I continued to smile even though I had doubt that this place still existed. But still, the thought that it might be there was still thrilling!

I looked over and saw the guy who I guess knew the way to Harmony and skipped over to talk to him, “HI!” I greeted him loudly. He jumped and looked at me and smiled, “Hello miss.” I laughed. He called me miss! “I’m Sora!” I smiled and he nodded. “Sen.” He looked back at the ground. Not very talkative. I tipped my head to the side, “So, do you really know the way to Harmony?” He looked up at me “Huh? Oh… Well… Maybe… I guess….” He didn’t sound too sure of himself.

“How do you know how to get there anyway?” He shrugged. “I guess I’ve been here longer than I thought.” I looked at him. He sure was a weird one!


I looked at the ground as this girl, Sora I guess, kept talking about something… I couldn’t pay attention much longer though. But I had been thinking about all these people, that I hadn’t ever meet before. One of them reminded me of Sky, but I knew it wasn’t her… I could almost picture her.. She had green eyes, kinda like Sky’s, but brown hair… But who the h*ll was she? Who the h*ll was I?!

I sighed and rubbed my head, why all these people and memories now? I looked around. We were almost there now. “Hay Sen-kun? What’s wrong???” I looked at Sora and smiled, “I think we’re almost there. I’m going to go and tell Sky. She nodded and smiled, “Bye byeeeee! I’ll talk to you later!” I laughed and waved. She sure was talkative… And cute..

I walked up to where Sky was talking to some others and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up at me and sighed before stopping and putting her hand on her hip. “Yeah?” I laughed, “Just dropping by to say hi!” she rolled her eyes, “And?” I shrugged, “And, that if we turn that way, we’ll basically be there.” I told her and pointed.

Her eyes widened. “So soon?” I nodded. “Pretty sure that’s the place you guys are looking for.” I nodded and she smiled. I guess others had overheard and soon people seemed to be rushing faster until everyone had come to this large open area. There was a crystal clear lake and a waterfall that poured down into it. Everyone murmured and looked around confused.

Sky didn’t look happy, “What now-“ I cut her off and smiled, “Just wait. I told you I wouldn’t lie to you.” I said as the current started to change and a fin came out of the water before sinking back down. Some people took a steep back but continued to watch with interest. A large head came out of the water, it’s eyes were gold and the fins on its head were a light and almost clear blue.

It slowly lifted its self out of the water and stretched up over us and towered. It’s tail behind it floated on the surface and almost seemed to blend and melt into the water. The sea serpent like creature looked down at all of us as if surveying. It curled it’s lip back and showed off rows of pointed teeth as a voice rang out. “You dare think you all are good enough to enter Harmony.” It hissed. Some people took a steep back.

The serpent turned away before diving back into the water, creating a large title wave that, somehow stayed confined to the pool. Everyone murmured and seemed to panic that they weren’t going to be able to get into Harmony. I looked around until another shape, now smaller formed in the middle of the water. It was clear, and seemed to be made out of water its self. It slowly moved towards us, not really walking, more like gliding.

As it got closer, it took a more fuller shape, and soon appeared as a beautiful woman. She had fair olive skin and piercing green eyes that seemed to shift back and forth from green to blue. Her kimono blew around her as she drew closer, she looked at the group. “Why have you come here?” she said in a much louder voice that didn’t seem like it could come from such a small and frail looking body.

~Third Person POV

The serpent woman surveyed the group with unblinking eyes. “Well?” she said with a bit of edge in her voice. She tipped her head to the side as a girl steeped forward. She seemed nervous and her green eyes kept glancing around, “W-We came here to get to Harmony…” she trailed off. Nervously, she played with her black hair. The woman’s expression didn’t falter. “Many have come here to get to Harmony. What makes you so special?”

The girl looked at the ground, not knowing what to say. “…Because.. We’ve been looking for a long-“ the woman cut her off and the water started to stir around her. “Many half breeds have searched for years, decades, it means no difference to me!” She hissed and started to turn away. The girl bit her lip as she watched the woman just walk off like that. How could she?

She growled as her ears and tail twitched. “How can YOU say that?! I thought Harmony was the one place we could be free! I thought it was peace, no some place where you would just be rejected and thrown away! You don’t know how long we’ve traveled or what halfers died or just gave up looking for this oh-so sacred place! Who do you think you are judging us like that?!”

The woman stopped and smiled as the waters calmed. She glanced over her shoulder.. “I see now. Is that was you truly think? Is that what your heart says?” The cat half breed spat, “Yes, that’s what I think! Now if you’re not going to let us in-!” the woman cut her off, “Now, calm. Whoever said I wouldn’t let you in?” she said as a small smile crossed her lips.

The girl seemed taken back as the sky rumbled and a winding stair case started to build its self. The half breeds watched in awe as it slowly descended and rocks floated to the top of the water, creating a path to the stair case. Once the stair case had stopped building its self, the half breeds didn’t know what to do. They all seemed in partial shock.

She tipped her head to the side and arched her eye brow, “Well?” she out stretched her arm in the direction of the stair case. The woman watched as they seemed uncertain, but soon seemed to be buzzing with excitement and approached the edge of water, jumping from one stone to the next, slowly making their way to the stair case.
The woman looked back as the ones who seemed unsure yet. “You have doubts.” She said less as a question and more of a statement. A girl looked up and seemed to kind of scowl at the woman. She had big brown eyes and shoulder length beige hair with a paper boy’s cap. “I don’t have any doubts! I just don’t wana!” the woman laughed. “W-what are you laughing at?!” the girl said and made a face at the woman. “You have reasons. You wish to stay in the human’s world. One big game, one big challenge, correct?” she blinked in shock at first before looking away, “So what?”

“Nothing makes you continue on, Colette.” She blinked and looked up at her, “How did you…” she trailed off. “If you wish not to go to Harmony,” the woman extended her hand and pointed to a cave that didn’t seem to be there before. “Continue through the cave. It will lead you back to the human’s world.” Colette looked at her unsure before taking off running for the cave. “W-wait! Colette!” a boy yelled, but she already seemed to be swallowed up by the darkness of the cave. The woman looked down at him as he nervously looked up at the woman. “Something pulls you towards the human’s world as well. Your family. Your past….” She said as he slowly nodded. “You wish to proceed to Harmony, but the gaps in your past, and your family pulls you away. Follow the tunnels…” he nodded and ran the way Colette had.

“…You…” she looked up to see a boy narrowing his eyes. “Who are you?” she just smiled at him. “I see the centuries you’ve spent here, you’ve accomplished nothing.” She took a step towards him and he moved away. “Forgetting those around you, focused only on yourself, and arrogant.” She said. He took a steep back. “The people you swore you would protect, the promises you said you would never forget; now it is forgotten. And now you are lost.” He looked at her with wide eyes and seemed to go pale. “…But… Who are they?” she shook her head. “One such as yourself shall never learn…” he looked down at the ground, “Leave.” She said with authority and dominance. “Continue wandering, lost in time within this labyrinth until you’ve learned the true reason.” He seemed to zone out, turn around and start walking the way he came, muttering to himself. Even when someone called out to him, he didn’t flinch or turn around. Simply continued on like nothing had happened.

Than something seemed to catch her eye as she looked back at two others. She hissed, “Impure tries to penetrate the safety within Harmony’s walls.” She muttered partly to herself as she moved to block the way. They both seemed shocked to see her block her path before one with bright orange-red hair seemed to look down.

She looked at him first. “A human travels within the group.” She narrowed her eyes and seemed to be looking past him, “You participated in the hunting of half breeds….” She trailed off and turned to the octopus half breed. “And one that is impure. Born from experiments….” She watched as the color of his hair seemed to change from a brilliant silver to a dark brown.

“…W-we din’ want ta be livin’ ina place like yers anyways!” the human yelled at her as she turned away and the stones sank. “In the end, Harmony will not have a place for humans….” She said before walking back to the center of the lake and slowly sinking down. The stair case started to disappear and fade too..

“C-comeon Kai! We didn’t need th’ likes of ‘er anyway!” he said and pulled his friend towards the cave before disappearing into it as well.

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