"*" Mean it's optional cause this profile ended up kind of long...

Your Username: (^^' It's easier for me to remember. Just give your full username and then behind it anything you want to be called. Like a shorter name. ex: Littlepooch shortened to Poochy)

First Name:

*Last Name:


Type of Animal(s): (You don't have to go into detail, like bred or such. Also as I would like to stick to real animals, if you want to have a nonexistent animal ask me :3 For we do have some in the club...)

What They Look Like In Animal Form: (Like do they have a certain pattern, clothing from when they are human? If you chose to have a Cross Breed, then you’ll have to pick a dominat trait. Ex: A Cat and a fish Cross Breed: The dominant trait is cat, so it’s animal form would be a cat.)

Age: (^^U No one under 10 please!)

Birthdate: (You don't have to give the year owo')

Eye Color(s):


Hair Style/Color:

Full Outfit: (Please don’t just put they change outfits a lot, just make something up.)
Tails, Ears, Claws, Tattoos, Piercings, Distinguishing Marks, etc?:(like when they are in their human form, do they have tails, ears, fangs, claws, etc? Maybe they have a tattoo or something?)

*Weapon: (...Just make it appropriate to their age -__-)


Height/*Weight: (Only weight is optional.)

Interests, Dislikes, Fears, etc.: (Just to give us a little more info on them~)

Past: (-__- If it's a "to be revealed in time" please actually make it be reviled in time....*had problems with people doing this*)

*Relationships/Crush: (Mild yaoi/yuri is alowed)


Reference Picture?: (If you have a scanner/camera, please include ;3 I don't care if you don't think it looks good or not, were all nice here! You can either post it in the world or you can link it ;3)

*Etc.: (Whatever you like can be put here, if you’re a new member, do a quick intro, if I forgot something, add it here, little side notes, really, whatever.)


If you are interested in joining Community Fusion, please comment here with your profile, or you can PM it to me~