Secret Santa Event!


Well, I hope you all got my message that talked a little about the event, so as I said, I'll have all the details here~

So, pretty much if you haven't been in one before, than I'll explain it quick. You'll have until the 25th to contact me if you would like to participate. If I don't get very many, than I might move the deadline, or I might cancel. Once I have all the people in who want to participate plus all of their wish lists, than you will get another PM from me telling you who your person is (the person you're giving the gift to.) and you'll have until the day before, the day of, or the day after Christmas to submit it.


-Try and make it something close to what they asked fore >.>
-When making the lists, give a little variety. Don't pick all OCs or all animes/mangas, put other things you like, or other categories you like. Or things in general.
-PG13 please >.>
-You can do pretty much any gift besides a virtual gift. So, fan art, wall paper, or ecard... That's pretty much all I can think of. I guess you could also write a story if that's your forte.
-The cut off at the moment is going to be the 25
-During that time to the 3rd of December, please post your wishlist. PLEASE MAKE SURE IT'S A WORLD EVERYONE CAN SEE IF YOU AREN'T SUBBED TO EVERYONE!
-Contact me if you can't make the deadline.
-Contact me also if you want to be a sub (someone drops and you end up doing two gifts.)

I think that's it for now.. I might update late if I think of something..


Sign Up!

1.) Littlepooch-Wishlist
2.) HalfwayVamped-Wishlist
3.) MoonsMedly-Wishlist
4.) Amestar-Wishlist
5.) XxraindropsxX-Wishlist
6.) HanakoanimeAddict-Wishlist
7.) Tutcat-Wishlist
8.) Eiri Yuki s Lover-Wishlist
9.) GreenLeAfe-Wishlist
10.) Kayuki-Wishlist
11.) Shom-Wishlist


Alright, so I've gotten a few responses, and I'm glad to see that some of you are still living! *looks at the other half that appears to be dead in a ditch* o^o;; But anywho, that's my problem to deal with.

So, I'll update again Friday and see how everything is going. (Like, I've gotten only 10 replies so far.) and than see how many people we have signed up (I'm going for 11 so I can just lead and don't have to fill in.)

Until than, start on your wishlists :3 I've tried to remember if people have posted them yet, but I might have missed yours. Just let me know if you posted your and I don't have it linked~


Hmm, so today was supposed to be the cut off, but I guess I'll keep it open until the end of this month. Or until I get all the wishlists in. :3 But this is good! If we stay at a odd number, that means I can drop out >3 I kind of only want to host, cause it would be kind of weird for the person who got me xD;;

But anyway, could you please all try and get your wishlists in by the end of the month? Thanks!


DUN'T FORGET! Post your wishlist soon please :3 Cause the first of December it'll close and you'll get your person!


Hay :D So, I have all the wishlists! (besides Shom's... Talking to him right now >.>; got it~) Other than that, I'll assign partners tomorrow once I get home from school ^^ ANY LAST MINUTE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE APART, PLEASE CONTACT ME NOW AND HAVE YOUR WISHLIST ALREADY POSTED SOMEWHERE!

Since I have all the wishlists now, and I don't think anyone else will be joining, you'll get your partners tonight. (I hope you're happy, Shom.)

Hmmm... Otherwise, any questions, comments, concerns revolving around the rp or event?