You have now entered the Original Character Poll and Countdown (OCPC)! This is where you enter your OCs in a contest to find out which one is the best of the best.

This event will have five phases.

Phase 1: Sign-ups! Comment on the Sign-Ups post from now until the end of February.

Phase 2: Enter your OCs! Give a list of at least five (5) OCs and tell the other participants about them. The post introducing all your OCs must be made in this World. For extra AwesomePointz (TM)* You can write from the OCs' perspectives or do an interview with them. Make your post between the beginning of March and the end of April.

Phase 3: Vote! PM each of the OCs' creators with a list of which OC(s) you will vote for. You may vote for multiple OCs-- just not all of them. This will run throughout May.

Phase 4: Make a comic! Reveal each OC in the comic starting with who had the least amount of votes and ending with the winner. Show your OCs' reactions to how well they did in the comic. Other than that, the comic is very open-ended. You could make a story, list some fun facts, or whatever you want! This will start when you have received votes from all other participants and run until the end of September (hopefully).

Phase 5: Post your comic! You can post it page by page or all at once. Post between the beginning of October and the end of December.


*AwesomePointz (TM) are not actually redeemable for anything. They just mean that you're AWESOME!

FYI, Fiction Feedback Central is still open! Read the rules here and don't forget to title your posts appropriately so that they don't get confused with the OC Poll and Countdown.

This World was originally the 30 Days of Art World. For those who have not finished the event (or would like to try), I have a post with all the prompts.

If you would like to view the 4-Koma Round Robin completed comics, click here.

To see the completed sketch collections for the 2015 Sketch Marathon, click here.

TDE's OC Poll & Countdown

So here's my OC Poll & Countdown. I'd like to thank Keba for this opportunity for me to try to develop some of these characters more. I've done a bit of contemplation on which of these characters I want to deal with, and also mana...

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Kita Mikichi's OC Poll

Hi, everyone! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's OCs and participating in the poll. ^^ This post will introduce each of my participating OCs one by one. It'll periodically be updated with their info and interview. So, wi...

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Phase 1 Complete

As the title says, sign-ups are closed. Now it's time to introduce our OCs! You can pick and choose whom you want to compete in this poll... or you can enter them all.

We're still doing this, right?

Sign-Ups [CLOSED]

Please comment between now and the end of February if you would like to sign up. I will list your name in the intro and give you permission to post in this World.

Fiction Feedback Central Rules

At Fiction Feedback Central, you can post snippets of writing, OC bios, and more. You can post as much or as little as you want. Just be prepared to give some input and help others with bouncing around ideas.

Types of posts:
1. OC bios. You may only have one of these posts for all of your characters. Just use the BREAK tag whenever you want to add a new page for a different character. This is only for characters that need development.
2. Story snippets. You may make one post per story. If it's a continuation of a story you've posted somewhere else, start off with a link to wherever you posted the beginning of the story so that no one gets confused/spoiled.
3. Idea development. You may make/update as many of these as you want. This is for those ideas you're throwing around that aren't quite stories. They can be under-developed plots, worlds that need to be built up, or anything you can think of.
4. Story links. You may only have one of these posts. The purpose of these posts is to link to your already-made stories or comics that you want people to read.