This is mainly a world created so it will contain many things like polls, guides, Q&As,advice, art and last but not least my bragging. Feel free to leave comments and express your opinions! I'll be happy to talk with everyone.It almost feels like I have my own variety show!

I'm home! Finally!

The truth is , and I’ve said that many times, that theO is the ideal place to make friends with the same interests as you and also practice your drawing skills.

In regards to that statement I missed my sanctuary here and I don’t want to go on a long hiatus again! It feels so nice to be back!

To celebrate I started a new world called short guides and I will try to post some sort tutorials tonight!

Also I am open to requests (fanart , ocs , etc) until the 18th of April so go ahead and don’t be shy if you are reading this! I will take requests again but depending on my studies I’ll see when I’ll be able to do so again!


I’ve noticed that my art has improved and I have become more confident working like that so I would like to know if you guys would like me to make a tutorial on how to color line art and basically explain some anime anatomy if you’d like!

I’ve been helping some of my colleagues and they said that some small tutorials I made helped them a lot so if you want me to create something like that for theO community just leave a comment, ok?

I am so glad that these 3 years I’ve managed to do so much here! Thanks for your endless support and your kind words!
Here is something extra:

My favorite shoujos

So I am a huge fan of well-written and nicely illustrated Shoujo mangas so I decided to make a list with the ones I consider top. This is again my own opinion; you are free to suggest your own favorites or some that you think I should read.

1.Tsubaki love (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu) : You’ll follow a girl through her everyday life as a dedicated student who fails to go to the school that was her first choice and ends up in an unfriendly environment in her new school. Her classmates tease her because of her appearance and a boy that soon becomes her nemesis ends up picking her interest.

2.Kill me Kiss me :This is actually the first manga I got and I only had one volume of the series (it has 5 volumes in total). The story contains two different plots that are connected with each other. However because I started the series from the second volume the second story caught my interest first. The main protagonist is a girl that has been born having too much strength for a girl because her mum was taking pills in order to have a boy. That girl is obsessed with the most handsome boy of the school boy what she doesn’t know is that her childhood nemesis is going to cause trouble for the boy she likes and her in order to pick on her interest. Plus he is a gang member. I didn’t want to say too much so that you could read it yourselves and be amazed.

3.Say “I love you” : This manga has become an anime also but I just couldn’t help and include it. It made me cry a lot and I could relate to it easily. The protagonist is a high school girl that is almost invisible and has no friends when suddenly an incident involving her and the most popular boy in school makes her the center of attention. She falls in love with him as he struggles to get closer to her and you get to experience feelings from both sides. I highly recommend it!

4.Kamisama hajimemashita : This is very popular also and even though I stopped reading it after a long time because I discovered new mangas I have to say that it is really interesting and easy to read. The protagonists are adorable and the plot contains many mythological creatures from legends. It is like a fairytale. The female protagonist is a poor girl that is forced to move out of her house and live in an old and run down temple. She then meets a spirit that bestows upon her his mark and makes her the earth deity of the shrine. That way she meets a yokai (ghost/demon) that takes the form of a charming young man and although she is reluctant at first she starts falling for him as she learns how to manage her duties as an earth deity. Read and find more!!!!!!

My SS event wishlist

My list for the SS otaku event!

1.1(full body) fanart of Daenerys from game of thrones.

2.1(full body) fanart of my OCs, Ciel and Imogene.(reference here)

3.1(full body) fanart of Violet Baudelaire. You can find references on google and there is one on my portfolio also.

4.1(full body) fanart of Hermione Granger.

5.1(full body) fanart of Mello from Death Note.

6.1(full body) fanart of Subaru Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers.

Attack on Titan review!!!! It is time!!!!!

This is a review on the anime/manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” also known as “Attack on Titan”. So let me start by saying that before I even started watching it I caught glimpse of some scenes that I either saw on memes or AMVs. At first I was stubborn and didn’t want to watch it since I was not interested it its theme which is of course humans trying to fight in order to regain their territory from a profound menace, the Titans.

SPOILERS FROM EPISODE 1(if you are new to this anime please check out the first episode)

At first I didn’t like many things about the anime such as the era, the way that Titans were depicted and the fact that it was focused on battle and even had a special developed gear. But then Evalinna pointed out that I should see it. We were talking about new anime and she said, you should definitely see Shingeki no Kyojin. At first I declined saying I was not interested but then realization hit me. I said to myself “You have nothing to lose.” And so I pushed the “play” button on my screen and it happened.

From the first scene my mouth fell open for a couple of seconds. You see there are a couple of things this anime has which make it really intriguing and original. This anime or rather those who worked on it , really know how to use the elements of surprise and contradiction.

First you have two kids on a field full of flowers living another day of their lives under the sun, then out of nowhere lightning strikes and a Titan appears which is the worst thing that could happen and also unexpected since Titans didn’t appear for a hundred years. With no boring scenes and useless dialogues, it gives the viewer the feeling of fear and suddenly they are filled with adrenaline as they watch humanity being in danger. So first you have the image of total peace, a sense of routine and then you face true fear and death.

Titans are depicted as cruel creatures that kill humans in many cruel ways and at that point the anime captivates me. You see it is at that moment when I start thinking that this is not fair and that I hope for the main hero to fight back. That is until I see his mother being devoured by a grinning Titan which I’ve come to hate. The depiction of loss and anger throughout the beginning is very important because it transmits the same feelings to the viewer who wants to see humanity win against this enemy. This is the part that defines the anime. It made the fans feel that for the first time no matter their differences humans could unite in order to defeat the common enemy and I have to say I love that feeling.

Another great asset to this anime is the soundtrack. From the opening theme to the ending titles there are songs that give you the feelings that image alone can’t such as anger, fear, awe. They make the tragedy more tragic, the fear stronger and also the fight scenes more intense!

Finally, an anime that depicts hope as a form of survival and will as a form of strength. I have seen this before in anime but here it is even stronger seeing as you get a taste of the power of the Recon troops and I learned my lesson and started appreciating the 3D maneuver gear. It is really genius and I like the scenes where you can see them using it! I love gadgets!

All in all this is a general review of the anime, I’ve finished it and I can’t wait until season II!!!
I am so excited!