Hello Hello! This is my contest world! every month or so this world will be posted (once the contest has ended it will disappear. But let's get down to business! The theme is: Cutsey Putsey! you have to draw the cutest thing (or @ least what you think is cute) and make it explode with cuteness! But here's the catch, it CAN'T BE CHIBI!!!! *crowd gasps in horror* Here r the people who r joining
bolded 1s r the people's with complete entries

  • pilar
  • Sakura Kokoro
  • Jigoku Sakura
  • zapexme
  • ichitaka05
  • Squee-Neji
  • IchigoShirayuki

But here r the rules and stuff
1) nothing dirty, dirty is not cute, it is dirty
2) anyone who joins gets a guest poster to this world. so you have to post it on here yourself, sorry!
3) like 2, you have to post it on here it can also be on the otaku but it still has to be on here
4) if i don't know you @ all ( i dont sub to u, u dont sub to me, never heard of you in my life) you cant join
5) you have until the 3rd of september to JOIN i will tell you about the actual deadline in a bit
6) if I blocked you, well you get it.

1st place: 1 of your ocs will be a major character in my upcomming manga (that i will actualy do!) and a subscription to you
2nd place: 1 of your ocs will be a very minor character in the same manga and a subscription to you
3rd place: a colored skrtch of your entry (my way) and a subcription to you
4th place: a noncolored sketch of your entry (my way) and a subcription to you

honorable mentions will be mentioned

if you have any q's pm me

And the winners are.....

yay! the moment we are all waiting for!
1st: Sakura Kokoro with her peppermint bunnies entry!
2nd: pilar with her OMG! Puppy entry!
3rd: Ichitaka05's Neko nap time entry!
4th: IchigoShirayuki's Sam the wonder seal entry!
congrats to you guys (im sad, no one else turned theirs in :'()
but eventualy, I should have your guy's prizes!

Ichitaka05's entry...

Yes, I'm way late on the entry... Sorry, BUT here it is~~~!

External Image

8 more days

almost there, get ready, if you submitted your work to the otaku, but not onto the world, I would go ahead and do that now!

12 more days ((holy shitalke mushrooms!!))

u get the piccy hurry u silly goosies!!

IchigoShirayuki's Entry

External Image
this is IchigoShirayuki's enrty for the contest!