A Come Back for Death Penalties?

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Now comes another controversy; The Death Penalty. [Warning: May be sensitive to some people]

I know in the USA, there are many states that still use capital punishment as a mean of punishing those convicted of aggravated assualt (the crime of physically attacking another person which results in serious bodily harm and/or is made with a deadly or dangerous weapon such as a gun, knife, sword, ax or blunt instrument) and in some cases, felony murder (a crime sufficiently serious to be punishable by death or a term in state or federal prison, as distinguished from a misdemeanor which is only punishable by confinement to county or local jail and/or a fine; considered 'high crimes'), but recently in Canada, there has been some talk about making capital punishment a reality to those that when there is irrefutable evidence that a child was murdered with forethought, the murderer should lose their right to live within our society and should be put to death. There is currently a petition going around about making this proposition a reality.

Do you believe that we have the right to take away another person's (no matter how horrendous) life?

If you haven't heard/read the details, the overview of the story can be read below:

Victoria "Tori" Elizabeth Marie Stafford was an eight year old Canadian girl abducted from Woodstock, Ontario on April 8, 2009, and murdered. She was last seen on security camera footage walking with Terri-Lynne McClintic.
Her disappearance and the subsequent investigation and search were the subject of massive media coverage across Canada. The search for her body ended on July 19, 2009, when a child's remains were found in a wooded area in rural Ontario and were immediately believed to be those of Tori Stafford. This was confirmed in a news conference held July 21, 2009. The police response to the situation as it developed and their failure to announce an Amber Alert has been criticized by the public, and has recently been the focus of a review of the Amber Alert system in Canada. The circumstances of her death were a mystery until a publication ban was lifted in December 2010.

She was seen for the last time at about 3:32 pm Wednesday, April 8, 2009, on Fyfe Avenue, walking past a high school up the street from Oliver Stephens Public School. She was wearing a black Hannah Montana jacket with a white fur-lined hood, a green shirt, denim skirt, black and white shoes and carrying a purple and pink Bratz bag.

A security video taken from the high school shows her walking with a person of interest. The person of interest is described as a white female aged between 19-25 - 5'1 to 5'2 tall and weighing approximately 120-125 lbs with straight long black hair worn in a pony tail. She was wearing tight black jeans and a white puffy jacket. The case was later featured on America's Most Wanted.
The initial investigation was led by Oxford Community Police Service, but then turned into a joint operation with the Ontario Provincial Police.

On Tuesday, July 21, 2009, at 9:00 am police confirmed the remains found near Mount Forest, Ontario, approximately 500 meters from Concession Road 6, were that of Tori. Video and photographs of the scene where the remains were discovered Stafford was found naked from the waist down, wearing only a Hannah Montana T-shirt and a pair of butterfly earrings that she had borrowed from her mother.
During an autopsy it was determined that Tori had suffered through a beating that caused lacerations to her liver and broken ribs. Her eventual death was the result of repeated blows to the head with a claw hammer. It has also been suspected that she was sexually assaulted (raped) before her death by her killer, Michael Thomas Rafferty.

Michael, though charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, and first-degree murder of Tori, has claimed he is 'not guilty' and so, the trail resumes presently. It is beyond a reasonable doubt that Michael is guilty of this crime, yet still he denies the fact, despite biological proof, DNA tests and witnesses. He has been seen to causally listen to the jury during court and even mocked Tori's family by wearing Tori's favourite colour T-shirt on her 3 year anniversary of her death. To read more click here. Warning: Graphic content!

Many Canadian's are asking the Prime Minister for this man's death. What is your take on it?