What's up?


Hi everyone and happy very very belated new year! Thank you for all the birthday gifts for those of you who sent me one, reminded me that I turned 20 this year actually lol my mind shouldn't be slipping at this age now should it. Ah, but I've been really well so far, and I have not forgotten this place or you all here :) life is still very busy at the moment. As far as anime, it feels weird that I keep slipping out of and into a watching phase... I've lately just been watching shows on Netflix. My love for anime hasn't fallen yet though, I've been watching Kuroko No Basket, and it's pretty good. I'm not into sports anime, but I got hooked on it, and all the characters are adorable haha. I do recommend watching it, even if you're not a fan of basketball, you'll get hooked, trust me.

That's really all for now. Again, thanks to those who still remember me even if I'm gone for the most part :)

Oh hey

I've logged in just in time for the holidays lol.

Glad to see everyone is doing well!

I have been tagged in some stuff, so I've decided to do them since I don't really use this site for much else anymore. I won't post rules since I think it's unnecessary, but if you want to post the questions be my guest.

1. what's you're favorite subject in school? OwO

I would have to say it's currently Psychology

2. How old are you? if it's touchy you don't have to answer


3. if you were a monster what would you be?

Bigfoot would be cool haha.

4. if you could get away with any crime what would you do?

I don't know if I would want to.

5. Favorite tv show?

Don't watch a lot of TV. Maybe something on Comedy Central? They have that one show on Animal Planet about the baby animals lol we'll go with that.

6. what do you look for in a date/ relationship?

Are they focused and dedicated to their future? Are they mature enough to be in an actual relationship and know what they really want? Are they open-minded?

7. biggest fear?

Hm.... I don't really know, I've had everything I could imagine happen. I guess being bit by a spider and dying from it, I hate spiders!

8. weirdest dream?

Don't even go there LOL

9. top five animes in you're book :D

1. Monster 2. Yu Yu Hakusho 3. Naruto 4. Hetalia 5. Excel Saga

as of right now

10. biggest pet peeve? *hope its not chain letter spam hehe*

I have too many lol, but a big one is when people don't chew with their mouth closed it public? It grosses me out lol.

11. last good deed you did or have received

A year ago I had helped an old man who had serious injury from a fall. That's all that really happened as I can remember.

Also tagged in another one:

1. How would you describe yourself in one word? Prudent?

2. What other websites do you visit besides TheOtaku? Youtube and Netflix

3. What was the last movie you watched? Crawlspace. That was creepy.

4. Do you watch the series "The Walking Dead"? it seems popular right now. Nope.

5. what role do you think you'd play in a zombie apocolapse? (leader, loner, etc)

I'd be the person who'd find the friggin cure so there isn't a zombie apocalypse lmfao

6. would you rather go to an Amusement park or a Water Park? Amusement park, haven't been to one in a while

7. What anime/manga character do you think resembles your personality the best? Can I get back on that one haha.

8. Are you more Outgoing or reserved? Pretty reserved.

9. What is your favorite board game? Apples to Apples, although it's really a card game than a board game.

10. Do you like card games? If i can understand the rules lol.

11. What are your top 3 favorite candies? Reese's, Snickers, Butterfingers

anyone can answer these if they want:

1. What would you like for a job
2. Favorite hobby
3. When did you join theO and how did you find out about it
4. Favorite medium of art/favorite artist
5. Genre of music you like
6. All time favorite anime
7. Favorite season
8. Favorite food
9. Can you do my algebra homework
10. pretty please?
11. j/k. What is/was your favorite school subject

from last time

@Pleiades Rising - yes, my account was signed in for the whole time. I forget to logout sometimes lol. Sorry for the late reply!

I've been quite busy with school, but I have not abandoned this place just yet!

It feels so different, as if I am losing touch with all the places I used to go online, I guess I'm growing up. Surely I don't think I'll ever leave this account, but I may not be as active...

The only thing really worthy for me to talk about is I guess I've still been watching some anime. There's a club at my college where I went with a newly made friend (yay friends), and we watched Fate Zero, Sword Art Online, and Tiger and Bunny (we watched another, but I can't remember). I instantly fell in love with Tiger and Bunny, it's pretty cool. Sword Art Online was also pretty awesome, still a bit undecided about Fate Zero. It's a good anime, a little dark, and harder to understand the plot at first, but it seems OK. So that's what I've been doing, besides studying and trying to get a job of course.

That's really it, not much else. I hope everyone's beginning of the school year turned out to be good.


I can't believe that I was gone for so long (and I had my account open...)

My second year of college is about to start.

How is everyone??


I. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your profile page
II. Tell you a color you remind me of
III. Tell you to which element I think you belong (earth, wind, water, fire)
IV. Tell you what comic, manga / anime, or videogame character you remind me
V. Ask you a question and you must answer
VI. Tell you something I like about you
VII. Give you a nickname
VIII. Tell you the object that is to the left of me
IX. Tell you what food, flavor, or smell you remind me of
X. Tell you to put this in your world too

because I was told to.