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A realm for cosplay fans and cosplayers alike. Get cosplay advice, help and suggestions here as well as show off your cosplay. Get your costumes critiqued as well as see Japan86 make a complete fool of herself being dressed up in interesting attire.

NOTE: If you wish to help with this WORLD please send a private message to Japan86 and she will get back to you. And if you are a Cosplayer, She would LOVE to have you as a guest poster as well. The cosplay section of TheOtaku may be gone but let's not let it's glory be forgotten.

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Adobe photoshop strikes again ! (not me in pic)

Ok i thought i would bring it to your attention that i have been noticing more and more of acurate but unrealistic cosplay photos . I deided to look into it and found that there is a huge demand for cosplay photos to be photoshoped !!!! when i began to see the befor and after pictures i was disappointed in what cosplayers were doing to there own image in order to obtain the unobtainable looks of there beloved characters both our friends toe east in japan and in our own friends in the US. Enlarging eyes,breats and butts to reducing cosplayers to half their weight ! I understand that there are a few things we wish to improve a bout ourselfs but please be reasonable and dont go splicing your photos to the point were you dont look like you any more. be comfortable with yourself because cosplay is for un and making friends not competion and self neutalation. the link below leads to a site were you can see all kinds of cosplay photoshop .CLICK ON THE LINK !


Advice for Female Cosplayers

A very neat video for female cosplayers.

OtakuCon Report

Spokane, Washington just finished their second year of their baby con, OtakuCon. It was this past Saturday and Sunday at Spokane Falls Community College. Compared to last year (Which was their first year) they had voice actor, David Trosko (Hetalia Spain) as well as a wide variety of panels. They even had a concert by a band called Storm in a Teacup which is an local Indie band that is heavily influenced by Japanese rock. They performed pretty awesomely.

I apologize for not really going to many of the panels. I was hired as a photographer and felt like I had to be everywhere at once sometimes, lol. I did have a lot of fun with the same gal friends at Sakura con as well as many new friends from the Fashion show in April. I had a loooot of fun with the Hetalia cosplayers. Cosplay Chess went surprisingly well. France (girl cosplayer) was a pawn and I moved right in front of him on the board. He kept going oh ho ho ho!! Oui! Oui! He kept checking out my bottom. I originally smacked him with my hat. (I was Sheryl Nome, a Diva) Then when he kept checking me out, I kept flaunting and flashing him like....I know you think I'm hot! Give me love!!!!!!

I went up against Hotohori on the chess board and he killed me. We circled each other a couple of times, glaring at each other like we were at a beauty standoff. Then I started to dance saying, You can't defeat me! Then Hotori whacked me with his fan, I spun fainted saying...I don't feel good. My hat flewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww across the board, wig fell off and throughout the entire time I was on there, people were laughing at me hehe. Ever since the chess game ended, I stayed in character with Sheryl by calling France my pimp.

I gave this gal my Chef Italy cosplay to wear and my pasta specially made from Germany. She went around and tagged all the hetalia cosplayers with it. Then Romano got mad at her and chased her around. Chef Italy was going whack, whack, whack then David Trosko comes over to save Romano from being beat up by Chef Italy by taking the pasta.

David Trosko was amaaaaazing. Yes he violated me. My friend on the committee bought a vuvuzela or however you spell it. He went up to me, pressed it against my boob, and blew.

Another time I was dressed as Sheryl, I was dirty dancing with my friend, Jess who was dressed as Lavi from D.Gray-Man. David Trosko comes in a maid outfit and starts dirty dancing with us. Fun times.

I finally found a L cosplayer that is as good as Ryu. Skinny, tall and he was hot! He was the drummer for the band, Storm in a Teacup. There were also taiko drummers, kendo, etc. There was even a maid cafe too. When I got bored or too hot, I just hung out with my maid friends in the cafe. Guys kept getting my pictures too.

After this con, I need to finish Hetalia and watch Black Butler. My Facebook photo album can be found here

I will edit this post later with a con video

My cosplay has arrived!!!!

Here is my Sheryl Nome Cosplay and just in time for my city's anime convention!

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Cosplay Update: Sheryl Nome

Yeaaaaah there hasn't really been a post here for ages. I just got my Sheryl Nome wig and I thought I would share with you all:

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Hahaha just kidding, that is not me. That's my friend being silly. Finally, here I am with the wig on. I really ought to get around to buying the outfit now, you think?

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