Fiona's profile

(wtf I had a recipe here I'm laughing so hard)
Name: Fiona

Pokemon: Flaaffy
National #: 180
Title: the Wool pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Electric

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Birthday: Dec 5th

Birthstone: blue zircon
Sign: Saggitarius
Nature:Timid- Because of Fiona's generally avoidant personality, she's quite speedy (as she uses this advantage to escape from not only battling, but any social interaction as well). However, due to her constant running away and her pacifism, she's not had much experience fighting and therefore her attack strength is significantly less than mediocre. And although she enjoys almost all foods, she tends to favor sweets, but cannot stand spicy, hot things.
Held Items: N/A

Ability: Static

Attacks: Growl, Cotton Spore, Tackle, Thundershock, Facade, Rest, Attract, Mimic, Substitute

Weak Against: Ground

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 134 lb

Hair Color: Snow white with a slight pink tint (like cotton candy!!)

Hair Length: to her butt (really it's longer, but it's very curly and thick); she cuts it often because it grows at a ridiculous rate ((you know, because wool))

Eye Color: Pinkish-red, similar to angora bunnies

Skin Tone: super pale caucasian

Build: hour-glass shaped. She has a relatively strong core, but you couldn't really tell under her soft pillowy layer of chub. She carries most of her weight in her bust and hips, but she still has a bit of a tummy, too. (Bust- 34D)

Markings/Scars: N/A

Tattoos: N/A

Piercings: N/A

Appearance: Fi has a round face, large, wide, doe eyes with slightly soft-angled eyebrows that are a bit thick (as opposed to having think eyebrows, anyway) and match her haircolor, if not a bit pinker. Her nose is average sized, round, and somewhat upturned. She also has smallish but not thin lips that are a pink nude (she wears a transparent pink gloss) Her faaffy "ears" are located smack-dab on either side of her head. Her tail often curls upward, unless she's frustrated or sad.

Full Outfit: (put links if possible please!!!)

Personality: Fiona is a gentle, pacifistic, avoidant. She's horrified of pretty much everything, and therefore attempts to hide from everything. Her hiding is often just an initial response and she will later come out after observing someone for a bit of time. While she'll still be timid, she'll make an attempt to sit close to whoever she was watching while she continues to eat (she eats all the time, for your information).
Over long time exposure, Fiona may become more nurturing towards that person, acting as somewhat of a stand-in mother (by means of being willing to do their laundry, cook them food, give them reassurance).
In situations where she must speak to people she had not formed a nurturing relationship with, she'll begin crying from stress and say whatever she needs to get away.

Orientation: Pansexual (worth noting that she's never really so much as held a lad or lady's hand-- ah, the virgin-white southern bell!)

Significant Other: N/A (bit of a crush on Nyarth, tho)
Rival: N/A

Family: Mama (the Miltank), Pa (the Tauros), Grandpa Whiley (the Stoutland), and Bessie-Lou (the Ponyta)

Relationships: -see map-
Hometown: Route 39 (MooMoo Farm)

Job: gourmet chef (no longer working)
Song Name: --
Song Artist: --

Likes: cooking, sweets, frilly and cute things, people-watching, toasty fires, sparkles

Dislikes: being made fun of (even in a joking way), fighting, bullies

Fears: fights, loneliness, generally scary things such as the dark, urban legends, etc

Strengths: Her cooking, and her peaceful, non-extreme nature (people tend to leave her alone just because she doesn't seem threatening), she very quiet and is very good at moving silently, so it seems although she just materializes

Weaknesses: rather naive, almost too shy to function, bad at lying, scared easily

Battle Style: because she hates fighting so much, she'll attempt to hold against them until they give up with basic defense moves. If that doesn't work, she'll attempt to incapacitate the enemy with as little damage as possible before fleeing.
--unless she's set off by something; then she'll bog them down with cotton spore and then attack them quickly to get in as much damage before they can move again.

Food: most anything, but sweets are her all-time favorite!

Drink: milk tea
Color: pink
Flower: bleeding heart and queen Anne's lace

Tree: Birch

Season: Spring

Activity: Baking or people-watching


Being that she grew up on one, Fi is farm girl all the way. Though she can speak well without the down-home accent, she has a hard time fully understanding "city folk", never realizing that people aren't inherently good. Being that she was such a good cook, the farm herd was convinced that Fiona should go off into the city were she was sure to be a success.
However, it only took not even a week for her to be tricked, robbed, and left for broke on the side of the road after being told by said hoodlums "you're too sweet for your own good!"
Embarrassed by her complete and utter failure, she managed to scrape enough cash to buy a ticket to Sinnoh, hoping Ma, Pa, and the rest would simply forget about her.
(there's a bit more, but I'm revealing it later :*)