I'm roronoa leah, but you can call me either Yasu or Leah. On other websites my username is usually Yasuhime like on my deviant art account. Please visit me on my deviant art account because I'm more active there. If you have an account there also feel free to watch me and I'll watch you too :3

My deviant art account: http://yasuhime19.deviantart.com/

Anime: I watch a variety of genres of anime. I like both yaoi and yuri. <3 I do tend to watch more anime then I read manga. I like to keep up to date with my anime, so feel free to talk to me about any anime new or old because chances are I've heard of it or seen it. :] Currently I'm watching Ga-rei and Umineko no naku koro ni.

Music: I'm all over the board with my music as well. I like just about any style of music except for country. I listen to German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese bands.

Hobbies: My hobby is obviously drawing. I draw all the time. I especially love drawing in photoshop with my tablet <3 As you can probably tell from my art work I'm a big fan of lolita fashion. I'm also a big cosplayer, but you wouldn't know that because TheOtaku doesn't let you post cosplays D:


School is coming to an end and when it does I'll have A LOT of free time and I always need interesting ideas of stuff to draw to keep me busy. If anyone would like to request a picture from me just mail me or post a comment here~

Also I'm going to ACEN this weekend! I can't wait 8D


I finally have a pretty good idea of who I will cosplay as for this years conventions. :D
I'm going to cosplay as:

Lambdadelta from Umineko (My friend will be Bern)

Izaya from Durarara! (My boyfriend will be Shizuo)

Sounds good? What do you think? My friend doesn't really want me to cosplay from Durarara! because she's afraid no one will recognize me (and I'm too fruity to cosplay such a gangster chara) But I think Durarara! is pretty popular unlike Baccano! You guys know about Durarara! right? XD


I want to post more on this thing, but I don't think anyone really cares :d LOL I wish I had more online friends that cared, but I'm bad at making online friends XD

Anyway, I've been drawing a lot of things for school in photoshop. I think it's funny that some people assume I drew the pictures with pencil and marker until I say something about my computer/tablet.


Lately I've been keen to point out all of my friend's faults because she's a big hypocrite and super religious, so we haven't been getting along lately. I doubt I'll be friends with her once she graduates because she pisses me off. >.<

Anyway, at my school we have this thing called the joke of the day. It's displayed on a digital board in the commons area. My friend submitted a joke today. Her joke was, "Why don't you play cards in the jungle? Because there are cheetahs!" This makes sense if by jungle she means the sparse trees of the savanna. XD

LOLz I'm a biology nerd :d

Screen Shots D:<

There are few things that anger me. One thing that really annoys me is people who draw screen shots. I'm surprised that there are so many that do this and there are some that only draw screen shots. I don't think this is really art. Also I think it's immature. It especially pisses me off when screen shots are on the popular page. I mean seriously? They didn't put any creativity in to this picture at all. They just copied something and as far as we know they could have just traced it! D: I know when I was little and immature I would trace screen shots all the time and claim I drew it, but since then I have graduated to creating my own art.