I'm roronoa leah, but you can call me either Yasu or Leah. On other websites my username is usually Yasuhime like on my deviant art account. Please visit me on my deviant art account because I'm more active there. If you have an account there also feel free to watch me and I'll watch you too :3

My deviant art account: http://yasuhime19.deviantart.com/

Anime: I watch a variety of genres of anime. I like both yaoi and yuri. <3 I do tend to watch more anime then I read manga. I like to keep up to date with my anime, so feel free to talk to me about any anime new or old because chances are I've heard of it or seen it. :] Currently I'm watching Ga-rei and Umineko no naku koro ni.

Music: I'm all over the board with my music as well. I like just about any style of music except for country. I listen to German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese bands.

Hobbies: My hobby is obviously drawing. I draw all the time. I especially love drawing in photoshop with my tablet <3 As you can probably tell from my art work I'm a big fan of lolita fashion. I'm also a big cosplayer, but you wouldn't know that because TheOtaku doesn't let you post cosplays D:


I recently came across this great manga called The Genetic Sodom Ilegenes. It's sooooo beautiful OMG! All of the characters look so nice, and their wardrobes are lovely.
It's about an island called Ilegenes which is known for its genetic engineering research and technology, but it is a breeding ground for illegal clones, which are sold on the black market. After witnessing the death of his parents by members of the black market, Fon Fortinbras Littenber joins the Ilegenes Military Academy to rid the island of both its connection to the black market and its tainted name: The Genetic Sodom.
It reminds me of Code Geass except without the silly giant robots and more shounen ai <3

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(I get out of school early, so I have a lot of time to doodle now) This is Fon. He's said to have peacock eyes :0 Can not capture his beauty... I wish I could draw bishies D:
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This is Fon's seme Jacques. He reminds me of a puppy. Again, I wish I could draw pretty mens =_=