I would like to rant about my boyfriend nows.

First, whenever we go to an anime convention he goes into the artist alley and spends A LOT of money on commissions. Which is good I guess to support the artists, but the thing is he never asks me to draw him anything! D: It makes me jealous when he goes around and asks random people to draw him things, but never me. It also makes me kind of dislike my art.

Second, he just moved into his new apartment a while ago. He was so excited about it, he put up all of his anime posters on the walls right away. It's been a week since he's gotten settled in, but there is still one thing missing from the walls. He has put up all the commissions he's gotten, but he hasn't put up my pictures that I've drawn for him for his birthday/holidays/anniversaries. I pointed it out and he was like "Mehhh, I'm lazy" DD: Wow, way to make me hate my art even more.

Yep, that was my rant.