Oh man, I cant stop now!

Don't worry its nothing bad>< My friend was a bit sad that he couldnt go back to college in the spring because of a classes he got out of in highschool(dual crr=edit) and he dropped a class in the fall. so now he has to pay the classes...

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oh freaking cosplay

Just like the title says. Oh freaking cosplay.
My friend helped me do my first cosplay(we ere assassin creed)and we didnt do it exactly like the outfit,we had out own touch. But now i going to improve it. Need to fix the hood and the bottom. But now i want to be Finny from Black Butler!!!>< I just freaking love that dude. The only thing I really need is the hair...I have short hair so I can just dye it yellow or try out a wig. Speaking of randomness something funny happened the other day.
I was eating with my lil sis and i had said something with food in my mouth.
me: "mumble respond"
lil sis: "I can't hear you when you don't eat"
me: .........
lil sis: ......
me: *swallow and starts laughing, she does as well*
made my meal 10x better




Hey my fellow otakus!!!! as the title says i am spreading the word of the new anime club that is being made at Del mar(east campus) at Corpus christi Texas.Sadly unlike otaku,its not online(i sorry everyone else*bows)
but to the ones that lve in corpus christi and go to del mar(east campus) let me know if you want to join or just see if you are interested in it or not.
have a great day everyone!!!!GAARA FOREVER!!!


ok tothose that just get on,read what i put and leave,thats ok.
To those that come here see what i write and not care, thats fine to.
I made Curse about 5yrs ago(vocally) and then about going on 2yrs here on theotaku. I had said before that Curse is part of my Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic but it was so awesome(friends said that) that it couls be a story on its own. Well i finally started writing down my fanfic.im debating of posting as i go or wait until its completely down. just going to say a little about it.
It techanically starts with Curse and the setting is after Yusuke and Kuwabara "defeat toguro" and save yukina. but its 6months before the Dark Tournement and they arew not told until 2months before it.so thats all for now!!