Here I shall post random creations like Poems and similar creations.
You can do too, if you would like!
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Not often do people make up poems about nature like lightning so here's one I made up! Yes yes I know... very random.... But that's just me!


Lightning comes in fast!
Like a cheetah dashing away from danger.
It awaits the answer
Of thunder.
By lining a stunning streak
Up, in the blue sky.
And then it leaves, by fading away
Like a cheetah camouflaging.

Just Because...

First let me say thanx anna!

Just Because

Just because I’m nice
Don’t assume that I am fake.
Don’t believe I am always obedient.
Don’t even get the thought that I am two- faced.

Just because I’m nice
Doesn’t mean I can’t change my ways.
I give adults respect.
And I have many friends.

Just because I’m nice
Treat me as I treat you.
Do not take advantage of me.
Just because I’m nice, Respect me or let me be!

Hate? Or...

Well, it's been a while since I've shared a poem, so here it is!!!

Hate? Or...

I hate you, that is all,
Whatever you do, I'll never fall,
You are nothing to me,
To you, What am I supposed to be?

If what it is, is really hate,
Then why, do you not slow down at a rate?
I love you, is all,
Hear my call.

But I hate you,
Why would I love you?
Whatever you do,
You're just a fool.

As he draws her into a kiss,
The fact is that he doesn't miss,
She doesn't deny that very night,
She responds to it with all her might.

(Thats a heart...)


Alright, so since I've finished this story, I shall now put it all together for you guys. Hope you will all enjoy. Also, this is my first story with a sad ending... forgive I ...

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Moonlight - Chapter 5

Ok, I admit, this whole story was a way to get me working. Now in my whole life this is my first endind to a story!!! X_X So be nice please, and if you think I spoiled this I for one agree with you!! So here is the last chapter...


I felt cold, I was scared, and for the first time in my life I didn’t see the difference, between a nightmare, and the life I was living in. Every ounce of my body was stiff, and only the wind broke the silence. My eyes flew open in a flash, wasn’t all this a dream? No, it wasn’t a dream, it was reality, and I was asleep. I had seen what was happening. Now, I was awake, in the arms of David, I was pale with only the blood running down my neck that made the difference in colour. He kept drinking, that was what triggered my thoughts; I was scared to die. I lifted my hand weakly, grabbing a flock of his hair, and pulled, trying to hurt him, to annoy him, so that he would stop. But he didn’t, so I decided.
I would finish my fall.
I lay my hands on his chest, and pushed, and tripped, and fell. He hadn’t expected I would choose to end it all, and lost grip. I was once again falling. I felt everything was in slow motion.
Jake threw them off, and ran to the open space, where my blood lay stained on the floor. He was weak, so he couldn’t fly, but right now, he didn’t care less. He jumped, and was soon falling with me. “Hold me!” He yelled, arms wrapped around my body. He curved into a ball, keeping me within his hold.
I was covered now in more blood than before, and only when I looked up, had I realised where it came from.
“Jake!! No, please, jake!!” He couldn’t breathe properly, blood was leaking from his forehead, and he couldn’t move too much.
“How did this happen? What made him like this…” David said, landing lightly on the floor. “He is the worst vampire, who is not afraid to kill, but instead… he kills himself for a human!”
With the little strength I had, I whisked round, making contact with his cheek. David was shocked of my reaction, but did not react, for I was but a mortal, and he was immortal, nothing would hurt him anymore like it used to.
“That’s our difference, Jake and I, I feel no more pain like I had once before, but Jake feels it like any other day of his life.” David muttered, I calmed down a little, but tensed when he grabbed my wrist. “And you are the one who changed him, you!! Your foolishness is but too much of a pain to him!! You’re the one that makes him suffer!!”
In one split second, you were crashed against the wall. This was pure torture, first you were bitten, then you heart silently cried for Jake’s condition, and now, I was going to get beaten by a vampire. Everywhere I looked there was blood, on me, on Jake, on David’s fists. Everything was finished.
And one night I awoke, under the starry moonlight. I was laying beside Jake in an ever-lasting dream. Everything had gone out of plan, but what was left of me didn’t mind the pain. For I was dead and with Jake, under the moonlight that shone above us, we smiled.
“This is where we first met, isn’t it?” Jake cooed, burying his head on my chest.
“Yes, and this will be our dream…” He looked up at me, and as our lips touched, time felt like it stopped, in that one moment that has been repeated, each time I wished for time to stop, and this time, it did. Time had stopped just for the two of us to enjoy our deep, passionate, and forever-long kiss. And as we were bound together, I whispered my last words to him…
“I love you, Jake…”