Moonlight - Chapter 2

For those out there reading this, I thought I'd finally let this out! Hope you like! The previous wa a real cliff-hanger... I'll also say the meaning of each chapter name. Dark, was for the dark alleyway which she met him. And Shadow, (Read after story) when he said my girl, that he would watch over her like her own shadow. Enjoy!


I struggled endlessly, but I made no progress. He licked some blood from my neck that was spilling out, as I closed my eyes in fright. It’s going to end; it’s all going to end! I kept repeating those words again and again in my head. The vampire paused, and silently whispered in my ear.
“I won’t kill you like I have with the others. Don’t worry, because now you are my girl.” A smirk spread across his face, as he bent over my neck to start feasting. My whole body started to become weak, as blood was slowly drained from my body. But was this boy really not going to kill me, or was that just an excuse?
The vampire lifted his head, and saw how weak I had become. He picked me up, carrying me to someplace, somewhere… but I couldn’t tell, for at that moment, I fainted.
I woke up in my room, seeing the time. It was half-past midnight. Only then had I realised that I was leaning on a cold body, with two arms holding me close. I looked up to see the boy who attacked me. I tried to move, but I was too weak to even try. A voice wafted into my ears, “Are you awake?”
With all the strength I could muster, I nodded, uncomfortable of my position. I suddenly didn’t care what happened to me, I knew my soul was drifting to death, and we can’t change someone’s death. Exactly like mother, she couldn’t stop herself from dying. All I would have to do know is just get to know the boy before I die. “What is… your name?”
“Jake, yours?”
“Laura.” Even though his body was cold, he was soft, and was more comfortable than it seemed. But I still thought I was in the wrong position.
“Laura, you are now my girl… I shall be your shadow…” He licked my cheek, laying his head on my shoulder. I couldn’t do anything about this, whether I liked it or not. I couldn’t move, nor did I have the voice to scream. Now I started to ask random questions that popped up into my head.
“Do you ever sleep?”
“No.” He held on to me tighter, as if he’d never let me go.
This time, I tried, his grip was strong, but if I never tried I would never know. Though I must say I was disappointed that I was leaving this cold that had turned to warmth. I had somehow succeeded, but didn’t last long as I lost my balance, and collapsed just onto my bed. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t move, he just watched with amused eyes.
I was very tired, and considering I was on my bed, I decided I would have some rest. Jake walked over to me, lightly touching my neck. I was soon drifting into a deep sleep.
I woke up the next morning, feeling very hot indeed. I looked round, but Jake had gone. Or maybe that was just a dream? Well, if it was, it was a pretty scary one! I slowly got up, exhausted. Much to my concern, I found I still had my school clothes on. I also realise I was late for school! I got up, picked up my bag, and ran to school.
The day went smoothly, and all those thoughts of yesterday didn’t crowd my head as it had done the day before. As I was walking out of the school, and about to head home, I saw a boy. Of course! There was a new boy in class, but I hadn’t said hello to him or paid any attention. So I decided I would do so now.
Walking up to the boy, I saw he had dark red hair, with orange, dark eyes. “Hello there! You’re new aren’t you?”
The boy looked at me, but didn’t say anything. He just ignored me and started walking the other way. I ran after him shouting. He led me into a shaded place, and finally turned around. I stopped too, hands on knees and breathing heavily. “Hey, why didn’t you stop when I asked?”
He picked up a strand of my hair, gently smelling it. “My name is Elliot. Do you know someone called, Jake?” I stopped to think for a second. So it wasn’t a dream?
“Yeah, I think I do… I don’t know…” He grabbed my shoulders roughly shaking me back and forth.
“Yes, Or no?” I didn’t reply this time, but unclenched his grip and started running for all that I was worth. I turned a few corners and found a dead end. I couldn’t go back, he would be catching up with me. Without thinking, I gripped onto bricks that were sticking out of the wall, and started climbing. Soon Elliot was visible beneath me. He jumped up high and pushed me down with one hand.
I landed on the floor with a thump, and he came down to, grabbing at my neck and pulling me up. I was now hanging in mid-air, struggling for breath as his vice grip knocked it all out. From Orange, his eyes turned into pure blood red. Rain started to fall, just as I lost all hope, I was pushed out of his grip by Jake himself. “Nuh-uh, no one hurts my girl like that!”
“Jake!” Elliot Screamed, smirking for the first time. “So you finally came out of hiding, did you? David will be happy!!”
“And so I am…” A voice ripped through the rain, and I saw the vampire from that first night, which had drained the woman to a pulp! It seemed like this ‘David’, saw me too, and staring at his eyes I was instantly terrified.
Jake grinned, but I noticed a pinch of worry in his eyes as he looked at him. That’s when he made his decision. He picked me up and sooner than I had noticed we were jumping up to high places unreachable to mankind.