How I Got Here: A Waller's Story

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This felt like the right thing to do after organizing my vectors and wallpapers by year. I feel like a dinosaur. I've been around for more than six years, seen a lot of trends go by, witnessed the explosion of vector artwork and the downfall of celestial-themed walls. Joined the walling scene barely five years ago. At first, they were all crappy, but after a while I started to actually put some thought into them and made a name for myself (or at least that's what I like to tell myself as pep talk lol)

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Basic meme (worst and best spots): 4 years | 6 years
Extended meme (worst, medium and best spots): 4 years | 6 years
Meme was made by yours truly. Feel free to distribute it and pass your knowledge and experience along :D Of course, you may modify it to add more years or remove some.