I Cost 4110 A Night :D

stolen from Vacuumology whom I was creeping on about 5 minutes ago /cries at loserness Natural Hair Color: [X] Brown - $100 [] Blonde - $50 [] Black - $15 [] Bald - $5 [] Other-$75 Total: 100 Eye ...

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To all of you who care/are reading this, I'm sorry that I haven't been a very good subscription. I've been really really busy with school and I've drawn a lot, I just haven't uploaded. But I got better I hope?

Camella Hone

Name: Camella Hone Nicknames: Cam, Ella, Cammie, Lala Age: 17 Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Height: 5'8" Birthplace: London, England Weight: 132 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Green...

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Lauren Hone

Name: Lauren Hone Nicknames: Lauren, Lu Age: 17 Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Height: 5'7" Birthplace: London, England Weight: 129 Hair Color: Black with white streaks and white tips. Eye ...

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Vance Hone

Name: Vance Hone Nicknames: Vance, Babe (He is friends with a lot of females ;O) Age: 17 Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Height: 6'1" Birthplace: London, England Weight: 173 Hair Color: White ...

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