Name- Desaray
side- prisoner
gender- she-wolf
history- A whole year before the RP started she was the mother of 3 pups and lived under the rule of londer. She was arrested for living with to many adult wolves after her pups grew up. she has been in the prison ever since
family- Her two sons:Deren and olsreein and her daughter: Parina
crush- her mate was killed in a fire
fur color- Light brown
eye color- Blue
flower- Daisy

Name- Shayne
side- Prisoner
gender- male
history- His mother was killed by bears when he was still young. Finding food was scarce and he soon found himself stealing chiken and was being sent to the dungeon
family- His mother's name was Chrysanthalum
crush- none
fur color- Dark gray
eye color- dull green
flower- buttercup

Name- Halphy
side- prisoner
gender- male
history- Was a poisiner who became corrupted and sent to the dungeon
family- All dead
crush- none
fur color- Gray
eye color- yellow
flower- lily