Everything happens for a reason. What that reason is isn't always so clear, as the students of Ouran high school have discovered when their school is suddenly bombed. The school merges with Cross Academy, another high school across town, so that the students can keep up with their studies. To make things more complicated, more students from another town have joined in the fun at the Cross Academy, but what is the link that binds them all together?

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YokoCookieChan- Kura Satsuki

wolfdemonchild9- Hiroshima Hunter


"Yeah but she's passed out." the girl awnsered.

"Okay you want some help?" I offered.

"That would be appreciated can you take her to her dorm? I need to go get my brother and I'll be back," she said before handing her to me and running off.

"But I'm lost" I said but it was too late,she already left.I sighed."Come on Hunny, we'll find someway out of here."I said.Someone with silver hair walked through the trees."Excuse me! Please help me! My friend and I are lost!" I called.

~Michi's POV~

I smiled. "Your sister is coming" I told Nile.Sure enough, a few minutes later,she showed up.

"Hiya!" I greeted happily


"Hey! Are yopu okay?" someone called. I looked up from carring Satsuki all the way back from the forest and answered, "Yeah but she's passed out." The person was a girl with black hair.

"Okay you want some help?" she asked.

"That would be appreciated can you take her to her dorm? I need to go get my brother and I'll be back," I said giving the girl Satsuki and running to the moon dorms to get Nile.

Enter Sarina

I was walking around school grounds with Hunny, he had somehow got separeted fromm Mori. We were all lost.

"I want to go back to Ouran!" Hunny sniffled.

"I'm sorry Hunny but we can't. Let's just hope we can find someone and ask them for help. You know what we be good right now? Cheese." I pulled two pieces of cheese out of my pocket and gave one to Hunny sempai. As I was just about to start going back to try to find the gate, I spotted someone holding a fainted person.

"Hey!Are you okay?" I called, running over to them.

~Amu Sarina

Rest in Peace Mama Papa

Takuma went back to where he came from as it started raining. Satsuki mumbled something about loving rain. I stared up at the sky tears starting to fall down my cheeks. I looked over at Satsuki and saw she was falling backwards and was passed out. I caught her and dragged her underneath a huge tree. I sat down next to her and pulled my knees to my chest.

"Rest in peace, Mama, Papa," I said staring at the sky remembering the rain the day my real parents died. I pulled my jacket around me tighter.

Hunter </3

Passing out

"You can come down now Satsuki-chan! It's fine this spider's Enma's!" Hunter called in a few minutes. I went down, but even if it was Enma's spider Is still didn't want to be by it. It started to rain and the spider scuttled away. A took a deep breath in.

"I love the rain. It's calming and peaceful. It cools you down and sets you at ease. Its wonderful." I sighed happily. I smiled. Finally time to relax. It was so relaxing. It soothed all my nerves. It made me want to go to sleep, sleepy....sleppy...... I struggled to keep my eyes open. I passed out.