An memorable outing

Sara was out walking in the park when someone came up behind her. It was a warm august morning. Something about this morning was different as she came out of the hotel. "This place is really nice and quiet. I do not know why but i like it here. I could stay here for awhile."

Judai had looked at her as she was walking around the park wandering where Yusei could be. He had not seen Yusei since this morning. This worried him and Atemu but he did not say anything as he looked at him.


Yusei was at the flower shop. He felt that something about today would change the way that he feels about someone close to him but he did not know happen. He looked at all of the flowers and smiled. He picked a blue rose and a red one and took them with him after paying to the park. He looked at the group as he returned and walked up to Sara in silence.

Sara heard footsteps behind her but didnt turn around as she looked up at the sky. There was something about the air today. She listened to the foot steps to tell who it was. "Hello there Yusei." She said to him. Judai & Atemu looked shocked as she knew who it was just by the footsteps.

"How did you know it was me?" Yusei asked her as he stopped next to her still holding the flowers behind his back. He looked over at her as knowing that this day was a sad day for her. He could tell by the look on her face. It was something that the man would know because he was able to tell these kinda things.

Sara looked at Yusei whom was standing next to her. "I could tell because your boots have a very distinct sound. That is how i could tell it was you." He seemed shocked that she was able to tell even though there was grass. He looked at her smiling and then held his hand out with both flowers. "These are for you Sara. I thought you could use some cheering up." He smiles at her.

Atemu & Judai looked at them and smiling at them. She was glad that he was being nice considering what the day was to her that nobody else knew. It seemed to be that Yusei knew what was going on and how she felt. Sara takes the flowers and looks at them smiling. "Well thank you Yusei. I appreciate the thought." She smiles and then walks to the spot in the park where his mother and father was.

Yusei Fudo, Atemu Yugi & Judai Yuki

This is where Yusei Fudo Meets Atemu Yugi & Judai Yuki

Yusei was riding his duel runner around Neo Domino city when he saw these two people walking & looking around. He stopped his duel runner got off & said " Hello there my name is Yusei Fudo. New around here in Neo Domino city aren't you?" They both walked up to Yusei. One held out his hand & Yusei took it. He said " My name is Atemu. This here is Judai Yuki.You could say that we are new here." They shook hands. Judai walked over to Atemu & Yusei then said " Hi there Yusei." Yusei said " Hey there. Nice meeting you." Atemu & Judai said " Like wise." Yusei & Atemu got to talking about the town & Judai noticed this girl sitting at a bench. He walked over to the girl & sat down. She looked over at him. Then she sat there looking else where. Judai said " Hey there Ms. My name is Judai Yuki.... Whats yours?" She replied " My name is Sara Jones. Well I'm just going to leave now Judai." Judai said " Why don't you come over here & meet my friends." " I don't know... besides its getting late." Sara started walking off. He said " come on we will be done before ya know it." She turned around & followed him over to Yusei & Atemu.
Atemu noticed that there was someone else beside him & said" Hello there Ms."
Sara said " Hi, you are?" He said " I'm Atemu. What is your name?"
Sara curtseys to Atemu & said " My name is Sara Jones."
Yusei said " Nice to be meeting you Sara."
Atemu said " You don't have to curtsey to me Sara. Stand up."
Sara stood up. Yusei said " Well i will meet Atemu & Judai at the park tomorrow. Sara you can meet us there too can't you.?" Sara nodded. Yusei continued " Well its getting late see you all tomorrow."
Sara walked off & Judai followed her. Atemu told Yusei that he'd see him tomorrow & when he turned around to tell Judai to follow him.... He thought ( Now were did Judai get to? Don't tell me he is following that poor girl.)
He walked off in the direction he had a feeling they went in.
When Atemu found them he listened to what Judai was saying to her. Judai said " Well Sara, you looked lonely earlier so i want to keep you company." Sara said " No Judai, besides what about your friend Atemu? He could be looking for you at this very moment." Judai opened his mouth to say something but Atemu said " There you are Judai. Come let us find a place to stay."
Sara sighed & said " I know a place where you two can stay if you follow me."
Atemu said " No we just met you & we don't want to take advantage of you."
Sara said " It won't be taking advantage of me , Atemu after all it is my decision to help you two.So come on." She started walking off. Then she stopped & said " Are you two coming?" Atemu said " Yes, though it still is taking advantage of you." Sara sighed & said " No it is not because i am helping two fellow Duelists in need." They started walking.
Later at the hotel she stays at
Sara walked up to the hotel manager's desk & said " Room's 13,14 & 15's keys please." The manager handed them to her. She said " Thanks."
She hands one key to Atemu & one to Judai. They follow her up to their rooms.
"If either of you need anything I'll be in my room."
Atemu said " Thanks Sara. We owe you one." Judai nodded in agreement then went into his room. " Atemu you two don't owe me. Don't worry it was nothing. Besides I has going to have people stay there in yours & Judai's room but they never showed. So I figured you two could use them." " Thanks again Sara." Atemu went into his room & Sara went into hers.
In Judai's room
Judai had already settled in & layed down to go to sleep. He fell asleep immediately as soon as he layed down.
In Atemu's room
Atemu was settling in & getting ready to go to bed when Yugi started talking to him.
Yugi said to Atemu " It was nice of her to let us stay here in this room."
Atemu said to him " Yes i know. I thanked her for us."
"still Atemu we need to pay her back."
" She said that she didn't want payed back. She said that she was just helping out a fellow Duelist in need."
" Someone that still believes in the heart of the cards."
Atemu nodded. Then he walked out the door.
Back at Sara's room
She was getting dressed when she got a knock on her door. She said " Just a minute...I'll be right there!" After she got dressed she went to the door & opened it. It was Atemu. " Come in Atemu, Please come in." Atemu walked in & said" what can i do to repay you?" " Like i told you earlier i'm not worried about being payed back.You & Judai can stay as long as ya want."
"Any way I only came over here to say goodnight & say thanks again for doing this." " You are very welcome Atemu." He walked out & went back to his room. Sara closed the door behind Atemu.
Back at Atemu's room
Atemu layed down. He heard " Atemu?" "yes yugi?" " So she doesn't want payed back period." " Nope."

The next day
They all woke up, got dressed & they went to meet Yusei at the park. When they got there Yusei wasn't there yet. Sara disappeared & went to find something to do. Yusei showed up & he saw Atemu & Judai. He asked " Where is Sara?" Judai shrugged his shoulders. Atemu said " She was here a few minutes ago." Yusei , Judai, & Atemu looked for Sara. Judai yelled " Hey guys i found her.... she is looking at flowers." They came over to her & she sat down & listened to them talk..... " well i'm not worth having around so. I'll just leave have fun you guys." Sara walked off. Judai chased after her & said " Sara stop. You are to worth having around.." "At times you could be really handy to help us with things." Yusei said. Atemu glanced at Yusei. Yusei noticed & said " well it is true. She could help us with testing our decks against hers." Atemu said " Right that would be okay." They went after Sara & Judai. Sara said " Well right now i need to be left alone in peace okay?!"
Judai followed her & asked " What is wrong Sara?" " Nothing Judai now go away & leave me alone."

Atemu walked up to her & asked her " Sara, will you tell me what is bothering you ? I just want to help."
" No Atemu. I know you do but i don't need help."
Sara walked off heading for the hotel. Yusei asked " Where is she going?"
Judai said " To her hotel." Yusei said " Thanks Judai. I'll go after her." Yusei ran to where his duel runner was. He put on his helmet & took off in the direction Sara was heading in.
He found her got off his runner & walked up to her. He said " What is wrong Sara ?" " Nothing you need to know now please go away....."
"I'm not leaving till i find out what is wrong." " Just leave me alone."
Sara walked into the hotel lobby without another word.Yusei followed in but he forgot that some people don't allow him in places because of his mark from the facility. He got threw out of the Hotel. He landed on his back , but got up & gets on his runner.

He went back to Atemu & Judai. He told them " I forgot some people don't like me in places like hotels." Atemu went to the hotel & up to her room.

At Sara's room

Sara was crying when she heard a knock on her door. " Go away please."
" It's me Atemu, please open up." Sara went to the door & opened it still crying. " What do you want?" " I want to find out what is wrong." " Fine if you must know... my parents have been dead for 4 years now. I'm just so lost."
Atemu said " I'm sorry to hear that... At times it is like we are lost, but yet we are just discovering who we are." Sara was still crying & Atemu said" Listen here. At times we feel like we lost some one ,but they are in our hearts the whole time.I'm not going to tell any one else about it." Sara nodded & sighed. Atemu said " I'll leave you be for now." He walked out the door & closed it behind him. She sat there & thought ( I know that they are trying to help ,but they need to stop trying to get me telling them what is wrong.)

Back at the park

Judai sat there & waited for Atemu to get back with the news on what was wrong with Sara.
When Atemu returned he said " Right now Sara is upset is all so she needs to be left alone for a bit."
Yusei nodded in agreement. Judai asked " What is she upset about?"
" I told her that i wouldn't say."
Judai thought ( Well I'll go talk to her.) He started walking in the direction of the hotel. Atemu said " Judai, no stay here... I'm staying & so is Yusei." He nodded again.

Yusei thought ( I wonder what made her upset.... Maybe it was something to do with us.) Yusei paced around trying to think.
Atemu & Judai just watched him pace back & forth.
Yusei said" I wonder if she needs anything or wants anything. Hey Atemu?"
Atemu said "Yes Yusei?" " Do you know what all she would like possibly?"
" No i don't sorry." " That is alright.... I'm gonna have to guess."
He went & got a card & something he thought she would like. Signed the card & give it to Atemu to give to Sara.

Sara's room
Sara was still kinda crying when Atemu knocked on the door three times.
She answered the door & noticed that Atemu had something in his hands.
He said " This is for you from a friend..... He thought that it would cheer you up a bit." Sara took it & said " Well tell him that he didn't have to do this for me." Atemu said " Go ahead & open the card first." Sara did as Atemu said. She opened the card & said " Aww... that was sweet of him." " Now open the gift."
Sara opened it & said " A wolf figurine. That is really sweet. How did he know i like wolves?" " I don't know it must have been a lucky guess."
She went & put the figurine up & came back " Tell Yusei that i said thanks."
" Don't worry i will."
Atemu closed the door again & went back to were Yusei & Judai was.
Atemu said " She liked the card & the figurine."
" I figured that she would."
They all said " well it is getting late. See you all tomorrow."
They all went to where they were before they went to the park.
Near their rooms

Judai & Atemu told each other good night & went to bed. Sara was already asleep in the room next to Atemu's on the right.