Welcome to The Show!
(Ladies & Gentlemen by Saliva)
This is the World of Music.
Every note, every cord, every instrument is at your disposal. All of your ears' desires lie here in this world.
CRUNCH,CRUNCH, and CRUNCH your heart out! This World is your studio!
But to clear any misconceptions
Here are the Rules (Even though music is unrestricted):
1. I hate the whole rating system, but please keep it within the site's (not this world, the SITES rules, please.)
2. I don't condone it, but I won't kick you off if you flirt with the limit a bit.
3. Do NOT bash other people's musical tastes. I hate that severly and I will drop you from this world and you can only come back if the person you've bashed has forgiven you.
4. I don't care what genre of music it is.
5. Please post the name of the band/artist, the name of the song, and album if you know it. Just in case anyone wants to search it.
6. This is optional (and since I like to got he extra mile, I do this), but if it is okay with you, can you please name the emotion you feel when listening to this song, where you found it, etc.
7. ALSO! By the TDE Definiton of the technical term, "CRUNCH"...A "CRUNCH" is when you listen to a song at least 5 times within 1 1/2 hours; this is world is supposed to be about a song that you cannot live without, but you don't necessarily have to CRUNCH the song. (This isn't a really important one)
8. Regarding arguably appropriate songs (aka anything depicting lyrical violence, illicit, or otherwise inappropriate content...You know what I'm talking about) please run them by me before you post them.

And since this world is about ALL music, and since I've CRUNCHED so many songs...I will not have a theme for this world.
But nevertheless, enjoy.

Just imagining these guys playing Yugioh

So I got some more metal for all of you.

This is the title track from Amaranthe's album The Nexus!

I found it while looking for videos of an online Yu-Gi-Oh! Simulator called Dueling Nexus. And now I'm hooked! I've been a fan ever since.

Whenever I watch this, there's a scene where these two guys are at a table playing cards, and I jokingly reference with CGC that they're probably mirror matching Majes. But most of you here probably won't even get that joke anyway.

Man of the Show

This song is very gripping.

Name: Piano Man
Artist: Billy Joel
Found: I don't remember

Phantom's first

By the definition of Crunch, I hereby give you: symphonic metal!

This song comes from the Rhapsodies in Black album by Exit Eden, and is a cover of Incomplete by the Backstreet Boys. I found it on YouTube searching for a cover of the Backstreet Boys by Jonathan Young.

This album just came out this year, and I'm so glad it did. This song makes me feel a mix of sadness and happiness. I used to listen to the original when I was younger. I don't listen to the same music I used to, but music isn't the same as it used to be anyway.

This is my first post in this world, so I hope you all get to hear my music!

Pretty Much Me RN

This song is pretty much how I've been feeling lately.
I think I may have posted this a long time ago, but to reiterate how my feels are...

Name: Rolling Girl
Artist: Hatsune Miku
Found: I actually first heard this song on a video that was posted on this site

Me Too

This music video is awesome, in my opinion.
I get the feeling a lot of people don't like Bruno Mars, but this is one of his songs that I feel has great musical composition, and the video is fun to look at.

Name: That's What I Like
Artist: Bruno Mars
Found: Local radio