Welcome to The Show!
(Ladies & Gentlemen by Saliva)
This is the World of Music.
Every note, every cord, every instrument is at your disposal. All of your ears' desires lie here in this world.
CRUNCH,CRUNCH, and CRUNCH your heart out! This World is your studio!
But to clear any misconceptions
Here are the Rules (Even though music is unrestricted):
1. I hate the whole rating system, but please keep it within the site's (not this world, the SITES rules, please.)
2. I don't condone it, but I won't kick you off if you flirt with the limit a bit.
3. Do NOT bash other people's musical tastes. I hate that severly and I will drop you from this world and you can only come back if the person you've bashed has forgiven you.
4. I don't care what genre of music it is.
5. Please post the name of the band/artist, the name of the song, and album if you know it. Just in case anyone wants to search it.
6. This is optional (and since I like to got he extra mile, I do this), but if it is okay with you, can you please name the emotion you feel when listening to this song, where you found it, etc.
7. ALSO! By the TDE Definiton of the technical term, "CRUNCH"...A "CRUNCH" is when you listen to a song at least 5 times within 1 1/2 hours; this is world is supposed to be about a song that you cannot live without, but you don't necessarily have to CRUNCH the song. (This isn't a really important one)
8. Regarding arguably appropriate songs (aka anything depicting lyrical violence, illicit, or otherwise inappropriate content...You know what I'm talking about) please run them by me before you post them.

And since this world is about ALL music, and since I've CRUNCHED so many songs...I will not have a theme for this world.
But nevertheless, enjoy.

Y'all Need To Know

If you guys haven't at least heard of this song, I'm glad to inform you of such a thing.

Name: Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Artist: Marvin Gaye
Found: "Remember the Titans"

Not From KH; But They're Real

I don't necessarily like him, but he does make good music.

Name: Heartless
Artist: Kanye West
Found: An old disc my uncle had

Cleansing Blessing

I really love this song.
That chorus is powerful.

Name: Grace Like Rain
Artist: Todd Agnew
Found: A radio station that my mom often listened to

TDE's Crunch Of 2014

It's about that time again--
(What time?)

Time for me to reflect on all of the songs I've heard this year and decide on which one deserves the title of TDE's Crunch of The Year!

It's taken a lot of reflecting, and I believe I've made my decision.


And the winner of TDE's Crunch of The Year for the year 2014 is:

"Kokoro Jojoru"

I know technically this isn't a song, but what it is, is a very eloquently made choice of sound bytes and clips from the remake of the anime "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" (one of my current favorites) cropped to the tune of the song "Nobody Knows" by Kokoro Odoru.

Now I love the song "Nobody Knows" but this incredibly creative video dwarfs the awesomeness of this song a-thousand-fold!
This is one of those songs that gives me Goosebumps every time I hear it and I can't get it out of my head, and I don't honestly--I don't want to.

So congratulations to the maker of this amazing video--
For what its worth to you, you have won TDE's Crunch Of The Year 2014, you definitely deserve it! I know this video took a lot of time and effort.


Understand, M'Dear

This song is just too awesome, to have it not extended should be illegal.

Name: I Want You
Artist: TeddyLoid
Found: The HILARIOUS anime "Panty & Stocking"