Welcome to The Show!
(Ladies & Gentlemen by Saliva)
This is the World of Music.
Every note, every cord, every instrument is at your disposal. All of your ears' desires lie here in this world.
CRUNCH,CRUNCH, and CRUNCH your heart out! This World is your studio!
But to clear any misconceptions
Here are the Rules (Even though music is unrestricted):
1. I hate the whole rating system, but please keep it within the site's (not this world, the SITES rules, please.)
2. I don't condone it, but I won't kick you off if you flirt with the limit a bit.
3. Do NOT bash other people's musical tastes. I hate that severly and I will drop you from this world and you can only come back if the person you've bashed has forgiven you.
4. I don't care what genre of music it is.
5. Please post the name of the band/artist, the name of the song, and album if you know it. Just in case anyone wants to search it.
6. This is optional (and since I like to got he extra mile, I do this), but if it is okay with you, can you please name the emotion you feel when listening to this song, where you found it, etc.
7. ALSO! By the TDE Definiton of the technical term, "CRUNCH"...A "CRUNCH" is when you listen to a song at least 5 times within 1 1/2 hours; this is world is supposed to be about a song that you cannot live without, but you don't necessarily have to CRUNCH the song. (This isn't a really important one)
8. Regarding arguably appropriate songs (aka anything depicting lyrical violence, illicit, or otherwise inappropriate content...You know what I'm talking about) please run them by me before you post them.

And since this world is about ALL music, and since I've CRUNCHED so many songs...I will not have a theme for this world.
But nevertheless, enjoy.

Crunch of The Year 2015 Part 1

Hi, people of the Crunch (what?).

Welcome to this year's official "Crunch of The Year" session!
I know its going to be a short session, but this is the first official session, so think of this as a christening post for our own Musical Awards.

This is the official layout for our "Crunch of The Year" layout, people; if there are any objections or additions, run 'em by me if you feel like this process could be bettered!

At the turn of every year there will be only 2 "Crunch of the Year" victors! These songs are the ones that have been replaying in my head the most, the ones that give me the most feels, the ones that I love to sing even though I hate singing, and the ones that I can bear listening to today.

The first Crunch of the Summer will be announced every July, and every song that is a candidate for a Crunch of the Summer must have been posted between January 1st and July 15th of every year. Every Crunch of the Summer must be announced in the second week of July, preferably July the 15th, because it represents the direct split of Summer and Winter seasons.
From here on, I will open up voting polls for Crunch of the Summer on July 10th or some time adjacent...From that time until the COTS is selected, there can be


The Crunch of the Summer is determined by scouring each Page on this post, and each Page gets 1 candidate that makes it to the finals. In total we had 10 finalists and they are:

  • From Page 10: "Spill the Wine" by Eric Burdon & War
  • From Page 9: "Kimi ga Inai Mirai" by Do As Infinity
  • From Page 8: "Unravel (the World)" by TK
  • From Page 7: "Wardrobe #6" by Diggy-MO
  • From Page 6: "The Blessing of Abraham" by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers
  • From Page 5: "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
  • From Page 4: "I Wanna Be" by Stance Punks
  • From Page 3: "The Distance" by Cake
  • From Page 2: "This is Halloween" by Marilyn Manson
  • From Page 1: "The Gracing Foliage of Hakuten Inari" by Kenji Tani, and more

From these 10 selections...The winner of the award for 2015's Crunch of the Summer is:


"I Wanna Be" by Stance Punks

What really gets me about this song is how the personality of Stance Punks is encompassed in this song--strictly speaking as a person whose encountered their music by anime viewing.
I will have to say that it has probably the greatest consistency and the best ending track out of all of these songs. Repeating the phrase "Ikou ze" 4 times has a magical cooling down that makes you know the song's over, but you love repeating that part because it hollows out the sound to a respectable end, whereas other songs tend to simply fade the volume and continue the instrumentals.

Even so, aside from being an anime ED, which already must be good to be able to be an ED to an anime, as a stand-alone song it has an easy pattern to follow and isn't a song that you just remember from what was played at the end of an anime, but you remember that whole song in its heavy rock howl.

"I Wanna Be" has officially been what it wants.
Superb and excellent in all of the meanings of the words, earning the Crunch of the Summer for 2015!!


I Was Him, Y'know

There's an awesome story behind how I found this song.

Name: Soolaimon
Artist: Neil Diamond
Found: An old woman in a bar told me about this (That's only part of the story)

Down At Your Core


Name: I Found You
(How ironic)
Artist: Interstate
Found: My dad's iPod

There were 2 versions of this song, I don't remember which one was the one I heard first but there are two vids for this one

Nature Valley

I rarely find good OSTs from Naruto games, but this one is great!

Name: The Gracing Foliage of Hakuten Inari
Artist: Kenji Tani/ Isao Kasai/ Makoto Suehiro/ Yasuhiko Akanishi
Found: Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles (PS2)

Focused Reinforcement

I keep hearing this damn song.

Name: Where are U Now
Artist: Skrillex & Justin Bieber (odd combination, don't you think?)
Found: Vine videos