My Random Day

Hello there pplz!! This is the first of my posts!! I feel like putting what random stuff that goes on in my life. I'll start with the 8th of this month.

This happened two or so weeks ago. It was probably the most totally random day that I ever had! I'll try to list what happened in order.

The randomness pretty much started after I had left my Counseling 1 class. I was walking with my friend down some stairs, and then about half way down, I see my friend Ian, who I haven't seen in about two years because he graduated one class ahead of me! I was happy to see him, but our encounter was brief for he must of had to go to class. So when I get downstairs, I only walk a short distance when I see my friend Vuet, and I'm like "what the heck is he doing here!" in my mind, so I spend some time with him and our friends. ^^

Now the REEEAAAL randomness starts! In a way it's totally weird but overall very random. Okay. I was just sitting there in my Geography 40 class, kinda staring at the front, half paying attention, half not. Then I look at the guy sitting in front of me. He was sweating, most likely because the air wasn't on ass high as it usually was, and I kept staring at his back and you wouldn't believe what I saw!! On his back, his sweat formed an image of an anime character!! OwO I was so dumbfounded by this that I had to draw it!! You guys might not believe me, but this image totally formed on his back!! It was so freaky how my eyes saw this, and I even showed my friends the picture, and they were like "no way!!" ^^

The last random thing that happened that day was that as I was getting off the bus (on my way home), I put my jacket over my head 'cuz the sun was too hot on my face. Then before I crossed the alley way that intersected to the street, I looked left, right, saw a car coming slowly toward me, left again, and right again, and on this second look to the right, the car was at the point where it should be stopping to yield to me and on-coming traffic, but it didn't stop, and almost ran into me!! I'm like "what the heck are ya doin'!?!?" in my brain, trying to comprehend why they didn't come to a full and complete stop. When I was about half-way through, the car moved again, making me move more into the street! When I was on the other side of the car, I looked at who was driving, and it was a lady looking to be in her late 20s early 30s with at least two children in the car. She did apologize and I forgave her, being a nice person, but the guys across the street pretty much chewed her out about nearly running someone over.

Anyways, that pretty much sums my random day that Wednesday. I wonder if anyone has had a more random day than that? O.O

Meow! Chat to you guys laterz!!
Princess Yue