(foxes by XxArrancarFanxX)

Hello everyone Im Small Lady and heres a little bit about myself as well as my lovely adopted foxes~ I'll be using them a lot. The blue one is Rohdanthe the ascended. Male of course. The pink one is Sylvia the beloved. Female.


Name: Small Lady, Usagi, Usa, Chibiusa

Age: 25 (omg can you believe it? XD)

Marital status: Married (no kids xp)

Occupation: Student

Star sign: Leo

Year: Ram

Birthday: August 4

Likes: sweets, baking, anime, video games, animals, collecting plushies, playing mtg, cosplaying, reading, drawing, writing...

Dislikes: anything bigger than me, storms, spiders, leeches, lampree, ticks, stereotypes, judgemental people, strawberries, mushrooms, math x.x

Watched list:

Sailormoon (Crystal)
Cardcaptor Sakura
Fruits Basket
Dragon Ball (z) (gt) (kai)
Gumdam Wing
G Gundam
Gundam Seed
Cyborg 009
Air Gear
Yu Yu Hakusho
Cowboy Bebop
Dance of the vampire bund
Hellsing (ultimate)
Wolves Rain
Zatch bell
Death Note
Kill La Kill
Ghost in the shell
Vampire Knight
Soul Eater
Blue Exorsist
Kamisama Kiss
Shugo Chara
This ugly yet beautiful world
Please teacher
Tenchi muyo
Black butler
Sword art online
Black cat
Mew mew power
A little snow fairy sugar
Gurren Lagann
Fate/stay night (zero)
Your lie in april
Yuki Yuna is a hero
Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
.hack//sign (legend of twilight)
Black butler 2
Jing king of bandits

Read list:
.hack// legend of the twilight bracelet
Air gear
Black butler
Tokyo mew mew
Love hina
Return to the labyrinth
Kamichama Karin (chu)
Jing king of bandits
Dragon ball
Shugo chara
Fullmetal alchemist
Legend of Zelda (seasons, ages, ocarina, four swordZatchs)
Zatch bell
Zodiac P.I.
Vampire knight
Magic knight rayearth
Codename sailor V
Sailor moon
Soul eater
Blue exorcist
Alice in the country of hearts (clover)
Kingdom hearts (chain of memories, 2)
Ranma 1/2
1/2 Prince
Absolute boyfriend
A doll and his master

I live!... oh, and the floors finished...maybe?

Finally done with all the sanding, and staining x.x it was much harder than I originally thought it would be. Never arguing again when Okami says he wants to use stick tiles x.x on the downside, the entire time I was doing this something weird is going on with my back? For the past couple weeks, I've had moderate to severe pain in my lower back extending to my butt... which would then travel to my foot, but only on my left side. It got to the point I could hardly walk so I went to the doctor...... really hate going there. However, I've had a series of shots to dull the pain and if the pain persists after medication runs out I have to go back. Here's the thing, I have no idea what brought this on. Nor do I know what the results are from the x-rays yet either. -sighs- Oh well. At least for the moment, I can move around relatively pain-free.
As for the floors, they may be finished? We tried moving furniture in 14 hours after the coat of stain was put on and it got scratched....14 hours isn't long enough for the stain to dry? The damn can only said it needed six hours -_- so I'm a little salty about that but luckily it seems to be an easy fix. two make up brushes later, the scratches are filled and seem to be alright. We've had a fan on them for what will be 24 hours today so like, maybe it will be ok today? If I ever start talking about home improvement in the future someone, please, smack the hell out of me >.< I really don't wanna do this again.... lol anyway yeah, I'm alive and haven't died yet. Floors may possibly be done. Just wanted to drop by and give you lovelies an update on the bunny.


Summers coming!!!

This morning when I took Iris out fro her morning potty break (took her out front because we're remodeling the living room) I noticed a bunch of newly hatched cicadas! All tiny and so pale green they were almost white >w< and the red eyes... It's going to sound fantastic this evening! Summers finally almost here and I can hardly wait >w< screw off cold weather!!!

Also, we're remodeling like I said so that means I'm sanding our floor and refinishing it. So basically this is me taking an air break because I can't breathe through the mask xD but yeah, fun times lol At least it smells nice. I did notice something, correct me if I'm wrong because I've never done this sort of thing but... is it freaking normal to dip your fingers in the stain and leave rows of fingerprints on the floor??? I've found about four boards now where it looks like someone did that in even rows for about a foot and a half and then stop and move onto a different board... was the guy that "furnished" the house before we bought it drunk, or what? That is super odd to find right?

Anywho, yeah that's what's going on right now lol I hope everyone has an awesome almost summer day and stay safe!


angelic layer anyone?

I started rewatching Angelic Layer yesterday and I made my own angel because I'm a total nerd xD

Haven't decided on a name for her yet but here she is. Any ideas would be appreciated.

worry not! I haven't left you!

Good morning everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have not died lol finals week was pretty brutal on me to the point I have a couple physical issues, but that's sorted out and taken care of. I won't however, be able to get on much for a while because my tablet finally kicked the bucket. I'm strapped to the desktop for internet interactions xD so yeah, not dead just don't have a large window to communicate with you guys. I do however have a lot of free time before summer classes start so I'll work on stuff to post here ^^ I hope everyone is having an awesome day and happy summer!



Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I swear I'm not dead things are just surprisingly busy right now. Tests, bringing grades up, redecorating and helping mother-in-law move out x.x it's been crazy. Oh, also happy spring equinox/Easter everyone!.... even if it is a day late xD