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I look around and thought about what he said, “I will always be trying to get you back Jessica no matter what.” I am in deep trouble what about Amy through and Rose. Well he won’t make her a vampire at all not happening. I will stop him if he tries to make me one to.
That night I couldn’t sleep I kept making sure I was awake by drinking lots of Dr. Pepper’s only thing is we ran out so I force my eyes to stay awake only the bad part is I couldn’t do it I was extremely tired and I had a test tomorrow so I fell asleep only too bad for me, I had the dream again and this time he wasn’t happy, “What happen my dear Jessica?” I look at him confuse, and if you haven’t guess by now we are dancing he always wants us to dance, “What do you mean?” “How did he get you away from me? What spell?” “I don’t know I don’t remember?” he looks at me concern then he laugh of course I am confuse again, “Of course, the oldest trick in the book ‘The Cloud disappearing act’ oh he won’t fool me again, now go and do good on your test and I will come and get you from school today!” I look at him wide eye then the dream disappears. I look around all I saw was the empty Dr. Peppers cans and the dark room. It was morning the day is going to be a bad day already.

Michael took me to school why he did that I am not sure at all but he did. It was quiet all through the car ride he didn’t talk to me all day and even after I took my final; today just going to be a bad day. At the end of the day I walk out in the parking lot and who would be there waiting for me, but Shawn and Rose. He was smiling I walk fast away from him, he walk faster and close to me, “What’s the rush?!” “Nothing I just have things to today and I really would like it if you don’t do this to me today please?” he smirks and whispers in my ear, “I am taking you and you’re not going to stop me. Now let’s go now.” I started to walk with him because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt at all that’s when I notice when I got inside their car that Michael saw what was going on at that moment Rose drove away, I don’t know what had happen next because all I remember was that I scream for Michael and I was knock out. When I woke up I was in the same outfit and the rope and the choker was back on. I look around and he was nowhere to be found I hurry to try to take them off, but they got tighter so it still has that damn spell on it that just what I needed. I look around there of all people to see was Rose, she was watching me like she wanted to say something but couldn’t. Then he came in Shawn, he just sighs and came over, “How many times must I tell you this Jessica, you can’t break through those spells I place on them so stop trying to take them off only I can do that!” he put his hands on my face and rubs against it; only thing is he smells really badly so I try my hardest not to smell him, ok have you been spray by a skunk? Well that’s what he smells like only ten thousand times worst. “So why do you keep me like a prisoner? I am nothing to you?” he turn around in shock, “My sweet Jessica, you mean everything to me and plus you will come to my side soon enough and you don’t have to be my prisoner anymore!” he smirk there was more to his story then he was leading on to, “And why do you say all of this?” he smiles at me bright like he about to say something stupid. Something tells me he is going to say something stupid, “Why you have to marry me my sweet Jessica!” come again? “Excuse me?” I look at him like he was stupid cause in one way he is kind of stupid and creepy if you get my meaning.

more of the water warrior

There was a click and I walk away from there, and then I heard some people talking, “She is related to Rose.” “Rose is dead, she can’t help us no more she was close of being the water warrior but not anymore she is died.” “That fire was someone fault it wasn’t Michael fault that girl you brought home might have fire in her…” “That is impossible she don’t have fire she smell like water then fire.” I watch from not too far, water what are they talking about? “I am telling you, I didn’t bring home a fire a water one just like Rose.” They knew Rose? “We shall see about that Michael and if you are wrong so help you.” “I better get her home now.” I gasp then I ran to my car I think they might have heard me, Michael was there already at my car before I got there, “Why do you keep doing that appearing out of thin air?” “It’s hard to explain but I need to take you home.”
He drove me home we didn’t talk on the way to my house. “Jess, I don’t know if you heard us…” “What the hell are you and I want the damn truth and don’t tell me you are a vampire I will know that is a lie… and how did you know Rosalie?” “Yeah you heard us talk, your sister was a reincarnation of a girl we were training she was going to be a water warrior and her name was Rose and well she looks like your little sister. Second of all I am not a vampire I am a witch who has fire power and I use my fire porter to get me to places fast.” “Well still yet it’s annoy and wait did you say the water warrior the legend of the water warrior is beyond great and you are looking for one?” I try to flirt with him, flirting is not my greatest. “Well yeah we are but you do have to promise one tiny thing,” “what?" “You can’t tell no one about us or we have to kill you and I really don’t want to do that right now,” “who would I tell they won’t believe me anyway. I won’t tell anyone I promise.” The water warrior the story and the legend are true.

He turns to my driveway. “Can you come in and tell my sister I was at your house for the project?” he just nodded and then walk me to my door Amy open the door, laughing “Ok Jessica where is my twenty bucks… who are you?” “I am Michael Zeller, Jessica senior project partner. She had been at my house sorry if I have been keeping her there too long.” Amy looks over at me I stretch my arm for my twenty, she gave it to me and continue to be in shock, “You are cute you know that?” great now she is trying to flirt with him and not just any man a witch that is just what I need. “Thanks I need to get going to my house see you tomorrow at school Jess.” And he left, “That is your partner? Girl that guy is smoken hot!” I just look at her, then my stomach hurted like no other I ran to the bathroom and got sick. Amy came in to the bathroom door, “Jess are you ok in there?” “No go away.” Something started to creep up my arm it felt like a spider crawling up me I try to shake it off, but it wouldn’t come off. I look at myself in the mirror my brown hair started to turn blonde very blonde and my outfit started to turn into a mini black skirt and my shirt was turning red and black with a black tie with a cross on it, “What the Goddess?” the thing that was crawling on me rested on my right arm now and it look like a blue swirl, then my phone vibrated, “Hello?” at least my voice didn’t change… “Hello, you are now a witch the water witch you might one day land up as the water warrior one day! Come over to the following address thank you…” I listen to the address then I look up at myself in the mirror then there was a knock, “You feeling any better Jess?” “No go away.” She left then I open the door and look out both ways and then I ran to my room and sneak out and went to the address soon as I got there it was the same place that I just left, Michael was waiting for me, he got wide eye, “Jess did you dye your hair? How did you get that outfit?” “You are asking me that? I don’t have a clue myself?” “Airi, you might want to get out here?” “What is it?” Airi came out of the house and walk to Michael and then she saw me, “Jessica is the water witch? Is this kind of a joke?” Jelie came down the stairs and came outside and saw me and smile, “Don’t you look wonderful!” Airi look at him shock then at me, “Well come on in.”
Ch.2 The Training Begins
I walk inside their house once more this time they had everything to train a warrior that means they are going to make me train with all of that. Oh great I am doom, Airi saw me looking at that stuff, then she turn around, “I see that you are looking at that stuff I really don’t think you would do great with this stuff we have a better thing in a different room come I will show you.” She took me to a different room and it had lots of bow and arrows and swords I touch a sword and it shock me, “Ow that hurt what the heck?” “Hmmmmm it must not like you the weapon picks you and it’s telling you that a sword is not good for you.” I walk around because I was really getting tired. That’s when it all happen I started to get into armor my red shirt turn into an armor with blue all over with spikes at my neck and I look like I was about to shoot a bow and arrow and on top of that there was a crown on top of my head.
Every one of the family members look at me and some arrows floated to my back and bow came to me; it was big and had a blue diamond on it and the end of every end of it. “Oh my goddess that is impossible…” Michael look at Airi confuse, “Why do you say that?” Airi look over at Michael, “It was foretold that the water warrior would have spikes at the neck a crown of blue diamonds on top of it and have the bow and arrow of justice, but she just a child this can’t be happening.” I look at her, “I am no child thank you how do I get out of this I have to get home before Amy gets worried.” “Just go with Michael he will show you how to use your water porter.” Michael and I left. “Just think of where you want to go and it will open and you will be there. See you tomorrow at school?” “yeah sure ok? Bye.” I thought about my house and it open and I walk in it and I was at my house.

There was something very strange with that family and now they made me part of it just great just what I needed to learn some freeking magic; “Jess I bet you didn’t except this at all and I bet you are blaming me for all of this too…” blaming him? You bet I am blaming his butt for turning me into some freeking monster. “What’s with that evil look?” he was looking at me like he was scared, I was indeed giving him a dirty look I am blaming him that is why I am giving you a dirty look. “Well first off you are the one who turn me into this monster that I am...” “First off I didn’t do that maybe my power did but not me.” I look at him confuse? Do what? I look around the place his power and what could be his power why do I smell fire like the one that burn my house with Rosalie in it? I put my head down I grab an arrow and turn around fast and point it at him I was pisst off, he just stood there, “Are you just going to stand there fight me, you burn are house down I just know it I smell fire and it is the same kind of fire that burn my house a long time ago, you kill my little sister, Rosalie.” “You are mistaken I did no such thing and I will not fight you either.” I look at the steps and the others were there they didn’t move. I didn’t care I wanted to fight this jerk alone, he still didn’t get into battle mood. “Jess put it down I didn’t do it I can prove I been right here the whole day.” “How can you prove it get your mom and dad to prove it? What nonsense.” Ha let’s see how this jerk can prove it to me. He sigh, “Well my mom and dad are died and they been died for over a hundred and thirty years now.” Wow that makes him sound so old? That’s confusing? “Are you sure you’re not a vampire?” he laugh, “Why would I want to be a vampire I told you I am a witch a fire witch and no guys can be called witches too.” He laugh oh brother can he ever stop it he freeking me out. I put down my bow and arrow. So he just sighs, “So what’s the verdict?” “I’m going home and in the morning this will all be a dream nothing more exercise me.” I walk home.

I walk inside my house and walk tried to my bed. I started to dream right away: “Oh Jessica, I can’t believe how beautiful you are I been waiting too long for you; come home to me please.” “Who are you tell me?” he smiles and strokes my face he was so pale, but also so beautiful his green eyes are so beautiful it’s hard not to look away. “Don’t worry we will meet really soon.” “How soon are we talking about?”
“Very soon my love very soon.” And like that he disappears in thin smoke. Whoever that guy was he was a mad man, “Jessica are you up yet cause if you’re not then I am coming in there.” Great that is all I need for my sister to come in the room when I have blonde hair, “NOT YET GEEZ GO MAKE SOMETHING OH YEAH DON’T BURN IT.” she starts to walk away, “Why would I burn it I don’t burn nothing…” there are three rules when eating here at my house rule number one, never ever eat my sister cooking its nasty. Rules two don’t ever let her see you with blonde hair… why are you asking because she just starts to laugh and never shutting up for a whole week about it. Ok now class rule number three run for your life when my sister cooks she really can’t cook last time she cook for me it was burnt I couldn’t eat for six days straight thanks to her cooking.

“JESSICA ARE YOU COMING YET?” not in a million years will I want to come. Oh well maybe if I dye my hair it will be fine and she won’t make fun of me, so that’s just what I did; I dye my hair to brown I came out of my room and their she was Amy, looking at me weird, “What have you been doing it smells like bleach were you trying dye your hair blonde cause if you are great luck with that you won’t look so great.” If only she would know THAT I ALREADY HAVE BLONDE HAIR THANKS A LOT TO THAT MICHAEL PERSON. I walk away from her I grab some toast and walk away went to school. Soon as I got to the door I threw the toast out and got to my car, and who do you think was in my car? “MICHAEL WOULD YOU STOP DOING THAT PLEASE!” he laugh to himself, “Well first off no I can’t it’s great to see you yell at me it’s very funny and besides that I need to protect you right now!” “What for?” “Cause I can and I want to is that ok?” “Ok so that’s means that I have to take you to school this is a crazy day its bad enough that I have blonde hair because of you.” He looks at me weird, “What are you talking about I never gave you blonde hair..? Oh wait are you talking about how you became the water warrior and stuff?” “NO I am talking about my car. YES I am talking about that. What the hell happen to me?” We got to the school he looks over at me then look over at the school. “Can we talk about it later please?” I rolled my eyes, “Fine, then you will tell me everything I need to know.” “That’s sounds fair. Well see you in first class.” I just growl at him, he looks over at me looks down and laugh then got out and we walk close to each other Amanda was so shock that she just stare at me the whole time. Soon as I got to English class all I did was think about how I got this water magic inside me. Michael was looking over at me the whole time he lean over, “Are you ok over there Jess?” I look at him, “Never better.” I rolled my eyes, “Ms. Nelson would you like to share with the class what you and Mr. Zeller is talking about back there?” everyone look over at us, “There is nothing to say unless you want to know about are senior project and when I need to meet up with him after school to do the project.” I just smirk at the teacher, he looks at the class, “See here now class those two actually work on their projects and talk about it in during my class, but for now you two wait till class is over to talk about your project.” I just nodded; Michael on the other hand just raises his hand, “Yes Mr. Zeller?” “What if it was too important that we really need to talk about it?” the teacher got wide eye, “Is it that important?” “Well yes it is.” “Take it outside.” So Michael and I went into the hallway, “What the heck Michael, this is not important.” “Actually I need to ask you something? Is that ok?” “Fine ask away?” “Water….” He sighs I just look at him confuse, “Water?” he looks at me, “Water equal fire forgive me, Jess I have to do this. Water make your presence here now in front of this fire lad.” Water crawl on me like a spider again, “What the hell what are you doing to me?” “Seeing if you are pretending to be the water warrior I don’t think you are but that’s just me.” I glow and water fill me I could feel so free like I never have before. It felt like my feet was not touching the floor then I felt the floor again and I saw Michael, “You happy now?” “You aren’t pretending now now” “what is going to hapm” I felt faint I fell on the floor someone pick me up and carry me away to the hospital in the school it felt like Michael cause I smell the fire.
Ch.3 Warrior or liar
I woke up at someone house it smell like earth, air, some metal I think and of course some fire, I was so lost over what was going on I heard some people fighting, “Michael what was you thinking you could have expose us and better yet we know that she a water because of the bow and arrows and her outfit oh for peak sake,” “Airi, I know what I was doing I really didn’t think she was the water warrior she just a kid.” “I know she is a child do you honestly think I would waste two hundred years of my life to know that the water warrior is a child.” Two hundred years old, but she looks only nineteen. How old are these people? Will I become this old? Airi look over where I was, “Jess your up, sorry if you heard that.” I just look at them in shock, “How old are you all you look like a bunch of teenagers?” Airi sigh and look over at Michael shook her head then look at me again smiling, “Well I’m two hundred years old, Jelie is only a hundred and ten, Nero is only about a hundred and eight, and Michael is only a hundred and ninety- three. He is older of the other two is because I found him before the other two I been alive too long and you will too I’m afraid whenever the transformation starts you are stuck this age till the leader of the coven is died and well I been in the leader of this coven and so far we been stuck in this era for a very long time, do you remember English class how the teacher knew “Michael father?” “Yeah what about that?” “That was not Michael, father that was indeed Michael himself he just went under a different name and it work great with us.” I look over at Michael. I really think I’m in the wrong century for all of this, “Oh one other thing, Jess.” I just look at her, “Don’t tell your sister about us or yourself is that a deal?” “Yeah that’s a deal.” I look over her shoulder at Michael, he was looking at me like a lover I look at Airi real fast, she look over at him then back at me, “Don’t worry you two would make a cute couple you know he been alone for a long time, but now it’s not the time it’s time to train.” “Train? For what?” she chuckle, “For everything that is evil out there don’t worry there is an evil out there we just don’t know what it is.” Jelie smirk I watch him then shook my head and look at Airi, “What kind of evil have you been fighting lately?” she look at me serious, “Vampires, some wolves but we got some friends in both, um some evil witches that kind of stuff you know.” I just look at her, vampires, werewolves, evil witches, I think I’m going to faint again. I think I did that because I don’t remember anything after that. When I woke up this time I was in a dark room nothing else just a black room then there was a light, it shown in my eyes I cover my eyes I got into full battle position, I didn’t like the looks of this at all. I got my bow and arrows out, something was not right. “Come out and fight us little girl!” little… “LITTLE I AM NO LITTLE CHILD, YOU SON OF A URG.” I shot my arrow all over the place it got dark again I kept shooting then hid behind some pillars it felt like. Then some lights come on its was very bright then I saw who it was, Michael was there and so was the others I just look at them and Jelie just clapped, “Bravo Jessica just bravo, my love, Airi your call to train the girl when she is clearly train hard!” I look at him surprise this was all training what kind of training is this? “Well she did better than you did when you first got here, but still yet it’s surprising to me that she hit every target!” I just look at them, “Maybe someone can tell me what is going on? How did I get here?” Michael looks at me, “Well first off this is where we train ourselves for battles, but it seems to me that we don’t need to fully train you, but I need to say Airi, she really needs training on how to blend in her armor is well it helps her blend in, but really it makes her look stand out.” I just growl at him, “I can blend in just fine thank you.” Airi laughs at Michael and I. I look over at her, “What so funny?” “You two make such a perfect couple!” they all walk away, expect Michael. For some reason all I wanted to do was to fight him, but also to kiss him. “Well I guess you want to train or to sleep you can pick.” I change back to that skirt form and my blonde hair, and shirt. I was feeling tired, “I guess I could sleep I really could use it!” Michael walks me to a room I saw a bed and I just fell down and slept and that’s when it happen that man with a voice, “I miss you, Jess how is my love?!” I look at him confuse, I look down and I was in a blood red dress and my hair was up in a good looking style! I look at the person, “What are you doing Shawn? This is not right.” He smiles, “My love, you look beautiful in that dress! Through this is right do you not trust me that I will take care of you?” he kisses me, I kiss back and then we started to dance! I don’t know if I trust him or not this all felt to real for me. Next thing I knew is that I woke up in sweat at my normal house, Amy came in, “Are you ok? Your friends sounded very worry about you even that Michael guy! Is your hair blonde or is that my imagination?” “Yes it’s blonde and well what did they say I need to know and don’t make fun of my hair I know.” Amy look down, and then out the window then back to me, “Well they say to make sure to lock every door and window you look like you been through hell what have you been doing?” “Oh training for my senior project.” I got up and walk to the window the cold air didn’t help much something was moving I close my eyes and then it happen I was in this castle and I was tied up in this chair and the guy from my dreams was there, “What now? We have her now what?” then I look up then at Amy she wasn’t looking at me, she was worry about something, “You better get some sleep Amy, I would be fine just go to bed.” She just nods and then leaves, I walk over to my shelf and grab a picture down it was me and rose playing on the lawn I put it back and got in my bed, “Jessica?” am I dreaming again crap I really don’t want to hear my name until I want to! “Jess would you open the window..” I look over at the window and there was Michael, I walk over to the window and open the window, “What Michael? I’m trying to sleep?” “I am just doing my job keeping an eye on you.” “Now? Don’t you sleep?” I was so wide eye that I just wanted to hit him, “You should know by now you can’t sleep well you can but you barley dream,” then I look at him very confuse, “Yes we can, I been having dreams since I got turn into this craziness.” He looks at me confuse, “That can’t be right I never could sleep at all when Airi turn me, which got to be the first. Do you need to go to school tomorrow?” “Yes, I do need to.” “Jess, you are now an immortal you can go to school whenever you want to. Anyway we want to train you tomorrow.” “For what?” “Anything.” “I will see you tomorrow I promise now if you can excuse me, I am going to bed.” And I went to my bed and fell back to sleep I didn’t have the same dream thank goodness for that, but I did have a nice dream about water roses they were very beautiful! I woke up it was morning time and I needed to wake up, but something was not quite right, I went to the kitchen with my pj’s still on, and who do you think was in the kitchen? “Michael what are you doing here?” he looks at me and smile, I just stood there, “Well I am helping your sister to cook before we go to school is that ok?” “Whatever.” I walk over to the table where the newspaper was in it, ‘Missing girl police is baffle on mystery’ Michael came up behind me and whisper in my ears, “We are going to investigate this mystery when we get to the house.”
CH. 4 The investigate begins
“Why are you dragging me to the house? I am not training no way I told you already I am going to school.” Michael just looks at me then stops and let go of my hand, then just looks at me, “I want to protect you and we really need to investigate this missing girl. Come on now,” Michael walk inside the house I would try to do a portal and go to school but I really don’t know how to work them. “JESSICA?” “I’M COMING GEEZ.” Nero is always is yelling at me to ‘get my butt in the house or he going to whoop me into shape whenever we train. “Jess what do you know about this missing girl?” I look at them confuse, “Nothing why?” Airi looked down, “Because that girl is your sister.” I look at them confuse, “That not possible Amy is at home she fine I just came from there?” “No not Amy. Rose she did survive that fire she was out back in the yard I found her and took her to a safe home, but she went missing.” Rose is alive? I don’t feel so great.
“I don’t feel so great…” I think I must’ve passed out cause there that guy again, “Jessica my love how is you?” “Stun my sister is alive out there and I never knew this.” We started to dance again, he touch my face gently, “Jess don’t you worry we will find your sister!” “Shawn how will I know what she will look like I am clueless what she might look like?” I really don’t know how I know this man name? “Wake up my love?!” I felt him or someone trying to wake me up I open my eyes and everyone was standing there looking at me, “Easy now Jess. Put her into the first room.” Michael pick me up I put my arms around him, he sat me down on the bed the room was all blue it felt like I was in the water and anything was possible! That’s when I heard it a loud crash in the front room, “Stay here Jess don’t use your magic your weak right now.” He ran out of the room before I know it someone crash down the door in my room… “What’s going on?” the person who crash down the door look at me, she had black hair black sunglasses on and she was pale, she pointed her sword towards me, “You, your Jessica Leah Nelson aren’t you?” I just nodded she smirks; “Excellent I finally found you!” she ran to my bed faster than anyone I know, she pull out a needle and stuck it inside my neck before I can say hey, “NO dammit YOU ARE NOT TAKING HER YOU STUPID VAMPIRE.” Vampire? I was getting dizzy I look around Michael was on the ground, he look pretty bad beaten up, “You’re not taking her anywhere over my dead body.” Then she ran over to him, “Oh Michael you are a fool to think that this Jessica girl can outsmart me! But my master wants her and I am taking her.” She looks at me I was losing my breath, I try to reach out for Michael for his help, but he was pinned down as well, “Why are you doing this to me?” I close my eyes. When I open them again I saw walls I try to touch my face but my hands were chain above my head, I couldn’t see much seeing how I was drug, then I heard clapping, “Well done my Rose!” Rose? My baby sister, Rose is a vampire? “Who are you?” “My love don’t you recognize me?” it was that guy from my dreams that guy name Shawn. “You’re Shawn aren’t you?” “Yes I am Shawn, I’m flatter that you remember my name!” I close my eyes this is not true. “My love open your eyes! Rose you can unlock her chains she fine for now.” Rose unlock the chains and I look down and I was in that blood red dress, great I really hope I have a plan here. “Don’t try to fight me please my love! You know that I am stronger then you right now!” I just look at him, he grabs my hands and we started to dance away it felt like I couldn’t control my body, “What do you want from me?” he smiles, “I don’t want nothing from you just your love!” we just kept dancing, “I found your sister she wasn’t far at all I found her and took care of her for you. She was supposed to come without trying to kill anyone. Did she kill anyone?” I just shook my head, he smiles, but why is it that I can’t talk? “Oh my love if only you can talk right now! I made sure you couldn’t talk I cast spell on you so you wouldn’t talk and make sure you didn’t call on of your friends!” I gasp that’s what happen he cast a spell on me so I can’t talk, Rose came in at that moment, he look over, “What is it Rose?” “They are here for her what’s the plan master?” MASTER? MY SISTER HAS A MASTER OH COME ON. He look over me and smirk, “Keep them at bay make sure they can’t reach her at all and if they don’t believe you threaten her life, but make sure they don’t get to me and to Jess go.” She bows and then ran out, I look at her then at Shawn, I pointed to my teeth, to ask Shawn if Rose was indeed a vampire. He smiles and nods, “Your sister is not a vampire, she just have vampire inside of her but she not a vampire at all. Don’t worry they won’t come after you my love!” and he took my hands tie them together and kiss my forehead, “Sorry about this my love, but seeing how I don’t want your friends to have you back you have to stay with me!” he put his hands over the rope, “I cast binding spell! Now if they even think of taking these ropes off it will just get tighter!” I heard crashes and a lot of cussing I might want to add, but why is he doing all this to me? I don’t know this man. Then I heard Michael voice he was closing in and he rush in, he saw me in that dress and he raise up his sword, Shawn just smirk and laugh evilly. I try to warn Michael, but I couldn’t talk, “Release her now or I kill you.” “Not a chance Michael, you see Jessica can’t talk and if you try to take these ropes off of her it will get tighter oh did I mention even her choker will choke her if you try to kill me! Damn I love this!” Michael sneer, “You sick bastard.” Then Shawn smile, “Oh I see you are in love with the girl yourself!” that made Michael more mad great just great just when I need my warrior stuff too. Then it happen I started to transform into my warrior stuff the only thing that didn’t come off of me was the choker and the rope but I had my weapon and stuff there to thing is I couldn’t stand I pass out. Why was I so strong for a little bit then very weak and pass out? When I woke up I was in a blue room with Michael looking at me. “How are you?” “I am fine oh I can talk again!” “Yeah I reverse the spell on you don’t worry he can’t find you at all.”

the water warrior some of it

The Water Warrior
Ch.1 The Start of New Friends
Every good story begins with something like ‘Once upon a time’ how many times have you heard that in a story? Too much? I agree. I bet then you don’t want to hear this story then… Oh wait my story don’t begin with ‘Once upon a time’ it starts off like this; “Welcome to West minister High School freshman we have a welcome meeting after third block. Have a great day!” I don’t feel sorry for the freshmans, sure I was one before, but now that I am a senior this year I don’t have to do that much stuff. The name is Jessica Leah Nelson! I doubt you will ever forget it, I mean it’s not that hard to forget, “JESS! JESS! OVER HERE!” oh crap there is one of my friends she really weird and she ask a lot of questions trust me she will get on your nerves; she already gets on mine. “OMG Jess how are you? Did you have a great summer?” “It was ok like normal; Amy didn’t do anything funny or great.” “Really? Amy is really funny I like her.” “Thanks for sharing Amanda. So how was yours?” then she jump up and down all happy this is going to be a long story, “Well the first thing I did was go to Las Vegas it was great, I didn’t get married I wish I did, anyway…” I look around the school and that is when I saw them it was like they were the leaders and they wanted everyone to bow to them that is so lame, I heard some snapping, “Hey, hey Jess over here? Are you looking at the people I think you are?” “And who will that be Amanda?” “That Zeller guy and Azumari?” the girl look over my way she looks at me then looks down then walk away. “I wouldn’t talk to them, they are just looking for trouble and you don’t need trouble.” “So what? come on we have class,” “Yeah about that I don’t have your classes no more sorry I have math first.” “Ok then see you at lunch.” “Ok see you then.”
I walk away as fast as I can to my first class which was English. Soon as I get in people was talking about their summer and talking like crazy. I went to go sit in the back; somehow people like to sit up in front but not me, soon as I sat down I look around to see who is sitting next to me, “You don’t like to sit up in front?” “No I hate it. Why are you not up front?” “I hate those kinds of noises it gets me all crazy.” “I feel you.”
“My name is Michael Zeller.” He holds out his hand for me to shake I look at it then at him then he put his hand in front of him, “I’m Jessica Nelson.” “Jessica that is a very beautiful name you got.” “Thanks I think?” he laughs to himself then look up front. The bell finally rang and the teacher came in; he was drinking his coffee he sat it down and pick up a board and read everybody’s name out, “Richard Nixon?” “Rick.” “Ok Mr. Rick, Tyler Adams?” “Here.” “Brian Atwood?” “Here my man!” “Very funny Mr. Atwood, Jessica Nelson?” “Jess.” The teacher looks up at me, “Jess, very nice name you have you know young lady!” “Yeah so I’ve been told.” “Michael Zeller?” “Mike.” “Mike? Are you by any chance related to Shad Zeller?” he was all, but smiling at Michael creepy, “Yes that was my father.” “Was he really that man was my best student and he was a great helper your father was great man.” “Yes sir that is true.” “How is your Father?” “He’s dead, died in a car crash two years ago.” “Oh I am so sorry to hear that. He was a great man.” “Thank you.”
“Any way Zach Major?” “Here.” As the teacher keeps calling out names I look over at Michael, he was looking at me through, I look back at the teacher I turn my head a little he was still looking my way. “Well students welcome to English 12A this year we will be learning all types of great stuff like doing a senior project you can have a partner on this or not but just be careful on who and you can do it on anything but it has to be school friendly. So nothing nasty or something you wouldn’t do try to get started. Heck pick a partner!”
“You want to be mine Jess?” he was smiling at me again this guy is so weird, “Sure, I guess...” “That is great I hope you don’t mind following me to my house after school today do you?” “To your house?” “Sure will that be bad or you want to do this project on a different day?” “No today is just fine.” “Cool!” he looks up front. I look up front this better not be one of those days were I just want to nap… oh wait it already is I don’t know what is with this guy but he is kind of cute… no focus on not trying to date you made it this far. The bell rang for next class, I started to head off to journalism class where I write for the paper, soon as I got in, “Ah Jessica do you mind training are new student today and I will give you one hell of a story next time?” he was so happy I couldn’t say no the new kid probably a freshman! “Oh you’re in this class too?” I look up and what do you know that Michael guy was in my seat, “Are you stalking me or something? And second of all that is my seat so get out of it.” He looks down at the seat and got up I went to it and sat down then look at him, “Sorry about that Jess really, I didn’t mean to I am just the new one in this class and well….” “Whoa, whoa, whoa, you are the new guy?” “Yeah why?” I got up and went to the other room where the teacher was, “DAVIS WHAT THE HECK MAN?” “What? Michael ask if he can be in this class and I said ‘sure why not!’ is that a problem Jess?” “No sir it is not.” “Good go train him be a good girl.”
The whole rest of the day I couldn’t stand finally my last block of the day! He better not be in this class or I am so getting different classes, the bell rang for class to begin and he was not in the class. Finally a class without that guy following me around he is so annoy just like Amanda. “Ok class just do your homework.” That is all I did the bell rang to go home now off to that Michael guy house great.

I went to my car that was across from this other car that was nice, but not my style I got into my red mustang and look around and before I can say welcome there was Michael in my car looking around in the car, “This is a nice car you have here Jess!” “Goddess… where did you come from?” “Oh sorry about that my sister is taking the rest of my family home and she didn’t want me to drive she thinks I drive badly,” “I so agree with her if you keep jumping out of nowhere, you almost gave me a heart attack.” “Sorry again. So are you ready?” “As ready as I ever will be.” I started up my car and left my parking spot; soon as we got onto the road he turn on the radio nothing good was playing so I turn it off. He didn’t mind he agree with me on the music. I look around and it did feel weird not to be going home like I normally did but I am sure Amy won’t worry she always told me to get a boyfriend. “Ok turn left and you are at my place.” So I did that and I wouldn’t lie this place was like a fairy tale there was a lake and there was a cottage near it and there in behind that cottage was a house enough to fit my house in it. I turn the car off and grab my keys and got out of the car, “You live here?” “Well yeah it’s no big deal we use the rooms a lot to practice stuff not that kind of way but for battle practice you know.” “Oh this place is huge.” “You kind of get used to it being big after a week.”
He walk in and there was the others who were at school with him even that girl that I saw earlier, “You must be Jessica Nelson, hi I’m Airi Azumari!” I shook her hand the guy next to Airi smile at me to, “What a pleasure indeed my name is Jelie Miller and this is my brother over there, Nero Miller watch out he is a little grump somehow.” He laugh to himself Nero did look kind of mad I don’t get why? I look around the place there was so many pictures from the past and some new ones and the house look ancient. “Jessica?” I look around to see who said my name and it was Nero, “You don’t happen to be related to Rosalie Nelson by any chance?” then I gasp I haven’t heard that name in so long, “Why?” “Just answer?” “She was my sister till she died.” He looks down, “I thought so I guess I will be in my room practicing.” He started to walk away; I look down and grab my chest Rosalie was my little sister till she died with my parents in the fire when I was young she never made it out alive only Amy and I did. “Jessica are you ok?” I look up at them, “Yeah fine never better, I just didn’t think anyone would know about my little sister.” I look down and saw Rosalie smile and her laugh. I smile then I look up at them, “So Michael what are we planning to do for are senior project?” “Well I was thinking maybe something like flowers?” you heard him; he wants to do it on flowers, “Flowers? I’m not following?” “Flowers if we can plant flowers or sell some flowers then this place will be able to look greater in the future!” Airi smile, “Agree with that flowers can help Mother Nature to do her stuff and help things grow…” “The rain does that part.” “Yes the rain does; yet I don’t see why that is a bad idea you like it through right?” “Sure I do the rain part yes, but flowers I don’t know I guess that is a good idea.” My phone started to vibrated, I look at the caller ID it was Amy, “Sorry I have to take this.” I went to a corner and open the phone.
“Hey what is it?” “Where in Goddess name are you? You were supposed to be home hours ago?” has it really been hours? “I am at a guy house that is in every class I have to do my senior stuff.” Silence fell in no one talk or breathe and then there was laughter, “Your kidding right there is no way that you can be at a guy house!” “You want to make a bet?” this always gets her... “Sure how much?” “Oh how about twenty bucks says I am!” there was still laughter, “you are so on.”

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