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Yuri Nendo Announced

It was announced today that a Yuri Lowell Nendoroid is to be released. More details to come later.

ToAsteria Part 5 Announced

The fifth part of Tales of Asteria, Avaron ni Nemuru Kiseki (something like "Shining/Sparkling Stone Sleeping in Avalon"--Kiseki as it's written here is also the word for pyroxene, but I went more literal for now because I'm not quite sure if that's what they were going for or not).
The main character for this part will be Ruca Milda from Tales of Innocence, who has been given a redesign:

ToCrestoria Character Trailer

During Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco showed off Tales of Crestoria a bit including this new video introducing the characters:

The characters are:

Kanata Hjuger
Voice: Kouhei Amasaki
Character Designer: Kousuke Fujishima

Voice: Yui Ishikawa
Character Designer: Mutsumi Inomata

Voice: Yuuma Uchida
Character Designer: Miyuki Kobayashi

Aegis Alver
Voice: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Character Designer: Miyuki Kobayashi

Yuna Azetta
Voice: Ayane Sakura
Character Designer: Daigo Okumura

Orwin Granberg
Voice: Hiroki Yasumoto
Character Designer: Daigo Okumura

ToCrestoria Concept Movie

Bandai Namco posted a concept video for their upcoming mobile game Tales of Crestoria. The description states the video is a collaboration between animation studio Kamikaze Douga and Yasutaka Nakata, a DJ/Songwriter/Composer.

Next ToStage to be Vesperia

After the first few Tales of the Stage performances covered Abyss' story, the next one announced at the Tales of Vesperia Anniversary Party recently will cover Tales of Vesperia.
The tentative title is Tales of the Stage: Brave Vesperia, but that could change in the future once more details are finalized.