20 years have passed since Eden was destroyed and the Chronos Organization disbanded. Now a new evil arises, along with the rise of a new Chronos and Sweeper alliance. The Gatekeepers of the End want to recreate life on Earth, as they see fit and only these two new organizations have what it takes to stop them...

~Existing Character Info~
Train Heartnet- Leader of Sweeper alliance
Sven Vollfied and Rinslet Walker- Private Detectives
Eve- Head of a Weapons Development Agency

Chronos Organization Leader- Zova(likes to be called Elder)-Itachiweasle's OC
Gatekeeper Leader-Artemis(Art)-Itachiweasle's OC
Chronos Numbers-------------GateKeepers--------------Sweepers
1-?------------------Izura Ne(ZelostheGreat)----Chase(xnotunderstood)
11-Dante Grosvenor(clueless101)

-Keep Posts PG-13
-No God Characters
-No Over-powering OC's(I don't want any Oc's that can blow up a mountain with there index finger)
-No racism, sexism, etc.
-No flaming other members
-Everyone can start with two characters

Dante Grosvenor- Chronos Number

Number: 11 Name: Dante Grosvenor Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5’11” Weight: 150lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color and Style: Blonde longish and spiky Personality: Kind of quiet, serious, funn...

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Sweeper Chase

Name: Chase Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 6'1 Weight: 145 pounds Eye Color: Brown in the left eye, green in the right Hair Color and Style: deep dark red color, hair in eyes with a swish to the right, his h...

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Gatekeeper's of the End Leader

Name: Artemis(also called Art) Age: 10 Gender: Male Height: 51 in Weight: 70 lbs Eye Color: pale yellow Hair color and style: short olive green hair with short bangs Appearence: wears a green long sleeved...

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Number:4 Name:Syaoran Age:17 Gender:Male Height:5'8 1/2 Weight:145 pounds Eye Color: brown with a tint of amber/gold Hair Color and Style: brown hair, short wild-ish hair, has hair crossing his face...

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sign up sheet Lisellotti - chronos number

Number:3 Name:Lisellotti Age:16 Gender:Female Height:5'7 Weight:120 lbs Eye Color: Green Hair Color and Style:Short black unkept hair, in a beret Personality:Has a split personality, Laid back and ap...

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